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Forward Planning Document

Year Level Unit Title Salvation Topic Aspect of Human Development
4 God knows everything Church Wondering at our learning gifts

Overview –
Students understand that people come to discover God who calls them; through their human experiences of the universe, including the world around them, and their human heart
questionings and yearnings which can only ever be satisfied by their Creator. They are guided by God who gave us the gifts that we possess in our everyday lives.
Students understand that Catholics are empowered to live like Jesus as they draw on the power of the Kingdom through Sacraments, Scripture, prayer and other ways Jesus taught.
Key Understandings and Learning Points

A Wondering at the Creator of Truth B The Promise of Christian Salvation C Christian Response
A1 Wondering at our learning gifts B1 Jesus used his imagination to teach truths C1 Jesus appointed Church leaders to promote and
A1.1 Identifies ways the imagination helps them to learn. B1.1 Identifies that Jesus used his imagination in the preserve his truths
A1.2 Names ways they use the gifts of curiosity, memory, telling of parables, to help people use their imagination to C1.1 Names the Church leaders, and their mission,
thought and imagination so that they can understand. 
 understand truths. appointed by Jesus to promote and preserve his truths. 

C1.2 Names and lists the roles of the people to whom the
A2 Wondering at God who created learning gifts B2 Jesus gave his truths to the Church Apostles handed on their spiritual gifts. 

A2.1 Expresses wonder at God who created learning gifts. B2.1 Identifies that Christians have been handing on the C1.3 Researches the successor of St Peter. 

teachings of Jesus to others. 
 C2 Members of God’s family believe the basic teachings
A3 Attribute: God is the Revealer of Truths B2.2 Contrasts the world today with what the world of Jesus
A3.1 Celebrates God the Revealer of Truths. would be like if everyone knew about the truths taught by C2.1 Names the Four Pillars of Faith.
 C3 Jesus calls his followers to share his teaching with
C3.1 States examples of how people live the Eighth
Commandment by teaching others truths revealed by

C3.2 States examples of people doing wrong by
deliberately not observing the Eighth Commandment. 

C4 Continuing to wonder at our ability to learn and
important truths revealed by Jesus

Links to General Capabilities

Literacy – Numeracy ICT – Critical and Creative Ethical behaviour – Personal Competency Intercultural
Analysing stories, reading Researching, Analysing, Thinking – Discussing and coming up Recognising and discussing Understanding
different Bible stories Creating visual posters Creating stories using with strategies for their own gifts and how Discussing how God loves
and Story mapping the images, comic strips to revealing truths in our we use our own gifts. everyone equally no
characters etc. describe scripture stories society today. matter their culture, race
etc. or gender.
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Assessment/
6 A1.1 Identify ways the A1.2 Name ways they use the A2.1 Expresses wonder at A3.1 Celebrates God the A3.1 Celebrates God Anecdotal
imagination helps them to gift of curiosity, memory, God who created learning revealer of Truths the revealer of Truths Notes
learn thought and imagination so that
they can understand. The students create a mobile Continuing Truth God of Truth
Brainstorm the gifts they which celebrates God, who mobiles. Mobiles.
think help them to learn. Students name some of the Students will identify the gifts reveals Truth. Card of various Students are to write
that God has given and wonder (Template)
Teacher lists the words. various activities they complete colours and shapes could be down two wonder
E.g. Memory, imagination, during a day, for example, eat about the gifts that God would used. Students write the Truth questions that they have
creativity, knowledge, breakfast, catch bus to school, possess. Students will create a revealed by God on one side about God. These will be
curiosity, thought etc. complete maths sheet etc brainstorm of “Gods Gifts” and and questions they have reviewed at the end of
What is an imagination? Next to each activity identify the write down all the gifts they about God the Revealer of the unit.
What is curiosity? particular learning gift required to believe God posesses. Truths on the other side.
What is memory? complete the activity.
What is thought?
Students will complete the
following sentences:
“We can use our
imagination to…“
7/8 B1.1 Identifies that Jesus B2.1 Identifies that Christians B2.1 Identifies that Christians B2.2 Contrasts the world B2.2 Contrasts the Word Sleuth
used his imagination in have been handing on the have been handing on the today with what the world world today with what (Religion
telling of parables to help teachings of Jesus to others. teachings of Jesus to others. would be like if everyone the world would be like Books)
people use their knew about the truths if everyone knew about
imagination to Students construct a word sleuth Read Mark 3:13-19 taught by Jesus. 
 the truths taught by Apostles
understand truths. naming people in their family, Discuss the Apostles with the Jesus. 
parish, and school who have students. Brainstorm what an Read the following stories: Students will illustrate a (Religion
The students complete handed on the teachings of Jesus apostle is, what they did for (Matthew: 18:21-22) scenario in which they Books)
‘Parable of the Sower’ to them. Jesus and how they impacted (John 15:12) saw or imagine someone
on our religion. Students are to divide a page showing the truths taught
They will create a comic Students will then swap with a in their RE books into by Jesus.
strip that details the class member and complete it. two. They illustrate an
meaning of the story and example of the selected truth E.g. Forgiving someone
how it relates to our gifts. not being lived in the for doing wrong, loving
world today. On the other half thy neighbour etc.
Class will discuss how of the page they illustrate how
Jesus uses his imagination the world would be a happier
to help people use their place if people did live the
own and understand the truths taught by Jesus.
8 C1.1 Names the Church C1.2 Names and lists the roles C1.2 Names and lists the roles C1.2 Names and lists the C1.3 Researches the Pope Poster
leaders and their mission, of the people to whom the of the people to whom the roles of the people to whom successor of St Peter. (Religion
appointed by Jesus to Apostles handed on their Apostles handed on their the Apostles handed on 
promote and preserve his spiritual gifts spiritual gifts their spiritual gifts
truths Students will use the Job
Invite Father Joe to speak with the Video: The students continue to write Vatican web page – Description
Read Mark 3:13-19 students in regards to the role of a job description Sheet.
Discuss what the apostles the Bishop or the Priest – Speak ?v=cHEzyxxIktY explaining the role of bishops to create posters on the (Template)
learned from Jesus. to Siobhan. and priests and current Pope as well as
Provide the students with the why the Apostles shared the past Popes. They will
Read Matt 28:19-20 Students discuss the importance Teacher Background Material, special spiritual gifts Jesus view photographs of
What did Jesus tell them to of the Bishops and priests, and list pp.17-20, on bishops and gave them with others. the current Pope, as well
do? their roles and responsibilities priests. as previous Popes to
Discuss the spiritual gifts within the Church. connect their
Jesus gave to his apostles The students write a job understanding of the
and why he trusted his description explaining the role of handing down of Jesus’
teachings with them. bishops and priests and why the teachings.
Apostles shared the special
spiritual gifts Jesus gave them
Students brainstorm with others.
questions to ask
Father Joe. They will need to include job
title, job description, duties, roles
and responsibilities, gifts and
how they reveal the gifts of God
to others.
9 C2.1 Names the Four C2.1 Names the Four Pillars of C2.1 Names the Four Pillars of C3.1 States examples of C3.2 States examples of Four Pillars
Pillars of Faith Faith Faith how people live the Eighth people doing wrong by Headings
Create an artwork on one of the Commandment by teaching
deliberately not
Teacher will use Continue 4 pillars of faith. 4 pillars of faith. others truths revealed by
background material to Students also draw an illustration Jesus. observing the Eighth
discuss the four pillars of of each pillar and what they Students are to choose one Commandment
faith and why we need to believe it represents to them and pillar and create a wall display to Students will give examples of
know them. their own faith. be put up under the headings. how we can follow the 8th Using the situations as
- Creed commandment and teach stated in the TBM pg. 28
Video: - Sacraments others the truths revealed by Students state examples - Our Father Jesus. for each of the scenarios
atch?v=5KkY7db_moM - Jesus’ Commandments regarding the 8th
Students are to create 4
titles of the Pillars of Faith Discuss:
in their religion books. Why might the 8th
- Creed Commandment be
- Sacraments difficult to follow at times
- Our Father
- Jesus’ Commandments
10 C4 Continuing to wonder C4 Continuing to wonder at our C4 Continuing to wonder at our What do you
at our ability to learn and ability to learn and important ability to learn and important think – Self
important truths revealed truths revealed by Jesus truths revealed by Jesus
by Jesus
Review the Wonder Students are to complete the Students to continue self-
Questions from A3.1. self-assessment “What do you assessment
Students will review their
think?” Pg. 66. They are to draw
own Wonder Questions
about their learning gifts an illustration of their favourite If finished:
and add to them if they scripture story throughout the Students will use a cartoon strip
have any questons which unit. to illustrate one of the stories
may have emerged from heard over the unit.
the remainder of
the unit.