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What’s On the

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I n the back of this book is the accompanying CD-ROM. It

contains the following items:

✦ Scripts to create the sample schemas used in the book

✦ Example scripts and files for Chapter 10, “Using
✦ Example scripts and files for Chapter 12, “Using Fine-
Grained Access Control”
✦ Oraxcel Lite, a software product that is described in the
last section in this appendix

Sample Tables and Objects

The CD-ROM contains scripts that create and populate the
tables used for the examples in this book. You can install the
sample tables into your own Oracle8i database. When you do
that, three new users are created:

1. SEAPARK — Owns the sample relational tables.

2. HAROLD — Used occasionally for examples involving
multiple users.
3. AMY — Owns the object types and object tables.

Follow these steps to install the sample tables:

1. Log on to SQLPlus Worksheet as SYSTEM. The default

password is MANAGER.
2. Open the maketables.sql script on the CD-ROM. The
script is found in the Make directory.

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1060 Appendixes

3. Press the Execute button. The script will then create the users and tables, and
it will then populate the tables with data.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, but this time for the file named makeobjects.sql.
5. Close SQLPlus Worksheet.

Note If you don’t have SQLPlus Worksheet installed, you can also run the scripts using

When the maketables.sql script creates the SEAPARK, AMY, and HAROLD users, it sets
their default tablespace to USERS and their temporary tablespace to TEMP. If you
don’t have tablespaces with these names in your database, either create some to
match, or modify the script to use tablespaces that do exist in your database.

Chapter 10 Scripts
The folder on the CD-ROM named sql_loader_examples contains all the files used in
the examples for Chapter 10. See the readme.txt file in that directory for detailed
information on the individual files.

Chapter 12 Scripts
The folder named fine_grained_security_examples contains the scripts used in the
Chapter 12 examples. You can use these to follow along as you read through the

Oraxcel Lite
Oraxcel Lite is a utility that gives you easy access to Oracle data from Microsoft
Excel. To install Oraxcel Lite, unzip the file named, and follow the
instructions in the readme.txt file. Oraxcel Lite is developed and marketed by
Gerrit-Jan Linker, who wrote Appendix A, “SQL Statement Reference,” for this book.

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