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An Internship Report

General Banking Activities of National Bank Limited (NBL) -
Subidbazar Branch, Sylhet.

Supervised By:-
Obidulla Raju
Department of Business Administration
Metropolitan University, Sylhet

Prepared By:-
Fahim Hossain Chy
ID: 143-116-066
Batch: 34th
Major in Finance
Department of Business Administration
Metropolitan University, Sylhet.

Date of Submission: 16th August, 2018

Letter of Submission

12th August, 2018

Obidulla Raju


Department Business Administration

Metropolitan University, Sylhet

Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “General Banking Activities of National

Bank Limited, Subidbazar Branch”.

Dear Sir,

It is my great pleasure to submit the Internship report entitled “General Banking

Activities of National Bank Limited” to you. Working for three month in General Banking
Activities on National Bank Limited, helped me to fulfill the requirements of obtaining
practical learning and subsequently prepare of this report. All the work presented here is
done with utmost sincerely and honestly.

Thank you very much for your kind co-operation without which this internship report
cannot be completed. I like to take every opportunity to express my gratitude of
indebtedness to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Fahm Hossain Chy

ID: 143-116-066
Batch: 34th
Program: BBA
Major in Finance
Metropolitan University, Sylhet.
Certificate of Approval

I am pleased to certify that the Internship Report on “The General Banking Activities of
National Bank Limited (NBL) - Subidbazar Branch prepared by Fahim Hossain Chy
bearing ID NO: 143-116-066 of the Department of Business Administration (Major in
Finance) is approved for Presentation and Defense. Fahim Hossain Chy worked with
“National Bank Limited (NBL)” as an intern under my supervision. I am pleased to certify
that the data and the findings presented in the report seen to be authentic.

Fahim Hossain Chy bears a good moral character and a very pleasing personality. It has
indeed been a great pleasure working with her. I wish her all success in life.

Obidulla Raju
Department of Business Administration
Metropolitan University, Sylhet

At the very beginning, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the almighty Allah
for giving me the strength and the ability to finish the task within the scheduled time.

I am deeply indebted to my Internship Supervisor Obidulla Raju, Lecturer of Department

of Business Administration, Metropolitan University for his whole-hearted supervision
during the Internship period. His valuable suggestions and guidance helped me a lot to
prepare the report in a well-organized manner.

I would like to give my sincere thanks to Md. Zashim Uddin (Head of Branch), Md. Gazi
Salauddin (Operation manager) & Delwar Hossain Sayeedy (General Banking
Department), of National Bank Limited for sharing their valuable experience and insight
with me. I also express my gratitude to the employees of National Bank Limited for their
continuous cooperation and guidance in the work environment.

Finally I would like to thank all my co-workers of National Bank Limited, I also thanks to
my Friends, Classmates & Family Members for their overall support and cooperation
during my internship in the National Bank Limited.

The internship is designed to bridge the gulf between the theoretical knowledge and real
life experience. It is designed to have a practical experience while passing through the
theoretical understanding. The report is the result of 3 month internship program in
National Bank Ltd – Subidbazar Branch. Today, necessity of a bank as a financial institution
is undeniable. These institutions play a vital role in the field of financial stability of a
country. Banking sector is one of the most stable financial institutions of any economy.

In the 1st chapter I have discussed the Introduction. In 2nd Chapter I have discussed the
overview of banking industry. In the 3rd chapter I discussed overview of National Bank Ltd
(NBL). overview by which we will know history, important vision and mission and
objective of National Bank Limited. & also I have discussed General Banking Activities. On
the next chapter I have discussed my work related activities in National Bank Limited –
Subidbazar Branch. On next, I discussed application of knowledge gained during BBA
program to accomplish each task.

Lastly in 6th Chapter , I have given Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion.

Overall, I have tried my best to present the important steps/measures taken by General
banking Activities of National Bank Limited.
Table of Content
Contents Page
Letter of Proposal i
Letter of Submission ii
Certificate of Approval iii
Acknowledgement iv
Executive Summary v
Table of Content vii-
Chapter 1: Introduction 01-05
1.1 Background of the Report 02
1.2 Justification of the Report 02
1.3 Why National Bank (NBL) 03
1.4 Objective of the Report 03
1.5 Methodology of the Report 04-05
1.6 Limitation of the Report 05
Chapter 2: Overview of Banking Industry 06-16
2.1 Introduction 07
2.2 Definition of Bank 07-08
2.3 Features of a Bank 08
2.4 Origin of Banking 09
2.5 Evolution of Banking 09-10
2.6 The Banking History of Bangladesh 10-11
2.7 Types of Banks in Bangladesh 12-16
Chapter 3: Overview of NBL Bank Limited 17-27
3.1 Background of NBL Bank Limited 18
3.2 Vision Statement 18
3.3 Mission Statement 19
3.4 Objectives of the Bank 19
3.5 Slogan 19
3.6 Values 19
3.7 Board of Directors 20
3.8 Management Information System 21
3.9 Correspondent Relationship 21
3.10 Organ Gram of NBL Bank Limited 22
3.11 Departments of NBL 23
3.12 Human Resources Management of NBL 23-24
3.13 Product and Services 24-25
3.14 An Overview of Subidbazar Branch of NBL 25-26
3.15 Organizational Structure of NBL's Subidbazar Branch 26
3.16 Subidbazar Branch at Glance 27
Chapter 4: Description of the Task Completed During 28-34
Internship Program
4.1 Internship at NBL 29
4.2 The Daily Work Routine 29
4.3 Team Work 29
4.4 The specific Activities I Performed 29-33
4.5 Learning 33
4.6 Things I Have Learned 34
Chapter 5: Application of Knowledge Gained During BBA 35-37
Program to Accomplish Each Task in the Internship
Chapter : 6 Findings, Recommendations & Conclusion 38-41
6.1 Overall Findings 39
6.2 Recommendations for NBL Bank Limited 40
6.3 Conclusion 41
References 42
Appendix 43

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