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Nursing Leadership and Management

1. Organization She scheduled a meeting to Indicates a functional

discuss her platform of group with a formal
governance of the intentional structure of
department and to level off roles and position
expectations from the
nursing personnel in the
2. Administration She emphasizes her vision Focused on establishing
to transform the department goals and on integrating
to one that provides quality work units to achieve the
care in a total healing organization’s mission.
3. Leadership The staffs recognize her The use of the newly
legitimate right to give appointed manager’s skill
command as their manager. to influence her staff.
4. She had her orientation to The manager underwent
Management/Manager the policies, procedures, process to achieve
guidelines and rules of the organizational goals.
hospital and the department.
5. Authority She was informed by the She was given the
Chief Nursing Officer that as legitimate right to give
a manager, she has the commands and make
legitimate right to give decisions.
command to her staff.
Moreover, as a manager,
she can give sanctions for
non-compliance to her
6. Power She scheduled a meeting to She was able to motivate
discuss her platform of and organize
governance of the informational and
department and to level off material resources to
expectations from the accomplish a task.
nursing personnel in the
7. Influence The staff admire her ability She was able to change
to change their perceptions, the perceptions, attitudes
attitudes and behavior to do and behavior of her staff.
what she deems vital to the
attainment of their goals and