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JOSETTE : Former US President Abraham Lincoln once wrote, “[And] in the end,
it’s not the years in your life that count. [But] the life in your years.”

STACY: Today is a celebration of both the years and the life of our very own
Mayor, honourable Lloyd Millare Antiporda.

JOSETTE: Birthdays are celebrated to remind us of the magical moment of love,

the epitome of a meaning in life, a manifestation of God’s love towards all of us.

STACY: Good morning everyone, I am Stacy Camille Talosig

JOSETTE: And I am Josette Mae Atanacio

BOTH: And we will be your host for today.

STACY: All of us gathered here has been a part of Mayor Lloyd’s life- one way or
another. Kung baga, memory lane ang theme natin today as we reminisce the
good years Mayor Lloyd has shared with us.

JOSETTE: Today is all about you, Mayor. Madami pa pong naka-prepare na

surprises para sa inyo. Because today, we celebrate you.

STACY: To start our celebration, I would like to call on Sangguniang Bayan

Member, Honorable Ana R. Aclon to lead us a prayer. -----------


Thank you Ma’am.


JOSETTE: A businessman by distinction, a public servant by heart, born on August

12, 1970 in Quezon City to Ma’am Eva Millare Antiporda and ex-Mayor Sir
Licerio Arellano Antiporda, Jr., our celebrant is the eldest among 4 children. He
had his High School at St. Paul School of Aparri, finished college with a degree of
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and completed Bachelor of Laws
at University of Sto. Tomas, Manila. He is married to his compassionate,
supportive, ever-beautiful and young looking wife, Ma’am Ma. Rachelle
Bautista Antiporda and they were blessed with a charming and lovely daughter,
Lara Marie Bautista Antiporda.
STACY: Growing up, our celebrant has been very hardworking. At his very young
age, he became the Municipal Mayor of Buguey. Up to the present, his passion
and energy seem to know no bounds and has proven to be committed to public
service. Through his hardships and compassion, Buguey had received numerous
awards, one of the outstanding awards received is being Top 4 finalist for
Presidential Award for Child-Friendly Municipality last December 12, 2017; he
also received the Seal of Good Local Governance last November 27, 2017.
Recently, he completed the 2-week Temasek International Water Leadership
Program in Singapore. Being used to performing various tasks and
responsibilities simultaneously, it is no doubt that this man will become one of the
famous leaders not only in our country but to the whole world.

JOSETTE: Being as dedicated to his family and career, our celebrant deserves this
day to celebrate his special day with people who matters to him. It is our great
honour and privilege to introduce to you a man of STATURE

STACY: A man of Dedicated service

JOSETTE: A man of compassion to the people

STACY: our beloved, the Mayor of the Municipality of Buguey,


---------------HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG!-------------

JOSETTE: As in every birthday celebration, we have the blowing of candles. May I

request everyone to please stand up and we sing a happy birthday song to our
beloved Mayor.

-----------------------INTERMISSION NUMBER--------------------

STACY: And now, to heighten up our energy and excitement, may we give a
resounding applause to LGU for an intermission number.



STACY: To make this celebration worth remembering, may we hear a birthday

messages and wishes to our very own gwapong Mayor, Mayor Lloyd!
So, first to give his/ her birthday message, may we call on ---


-------------------------------RESPONSE FROM THE CELEBRANT---------------

This celebration wouldn’t be as fruitful as it is without the support and