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Open Meeting on Research in International Education

NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 ~ 1:45pm to 3:00pm
Convention Center, Auditorium 2
Chaired by David Comp,

The format for the open meeting on research will be that of two twenty minute dialogue “roundtable” sessions where
participants will choose from a variety of topics. Each roundtable will have an assigned moderator who will help facilitate
the dialogue and will take notes which the will be used to summarize the discussions. The roundtable summaries will be
incorporated into the Research/Scholarship network as a practice resource and/or network discussion starters. The goal will
be to have a minimum of five different topics for participants to choose from.

Potential table themes:

 Outcomes assessment in education abroad

 Where and how can I publish in the field?
 What are the research gaps and what are the future research needs?
 Research on international students in the U.S.
 Graduate students and mid-career professionals interested in conducting research
 Incorporating theory into practice
 Where do we go from here?

A very brief demographic survey will be distributed to roundtable participants.


NAFSA, Teaching, Learning & Scholarship (TLS) knowledge community

Networks: Intercultural Communication and Training
Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus
Research & Scholarship
 Educational Research Ethics & Standards
 Research Bibliographies
 Research Databases
 Research Trends, Needs, and Funding
 Data Collection in Education Abroad
 Advocating for International Education

IHEC-International Higher Education Clearinghouse

NAFSA is partnering with the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College (directed by Philip Altbach) to
provide scholars and practitioners in the field of international higher education with sources of current online information. At
this site you will find extensive information about international higher education, bibliographies, online newsletters and links
to other sources of information. You can access the IHEC site here <>.

Mell Bolen (Ed.), Guide to Outcome Assessment in Education Abroad. Carlisle, PA: The Forum on Education
Abroad/Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 2007.
 Additional information about the Guide is available here: