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Comments from the Chair and records on places visited and an overview of appreciation of the
progress by the client.

Agenda for the Meeting

1.0 Confirmation of the previous meeting minutes

2.0 Matters arising.
2.1 General
 Project information in matrix and would provide information on Vos issued
 Payment Certificate amount certified
 Time Elapsed
 Works - % completed
2.2 Certificate and Payment
2.3 Programme of works and cash flow projection
2.4 Insurances
2.5 Performance/advance payment Guarantees
2.6 Mobilization -status
2.7 Tax and Duty Exemption
3.0 Progress of Works
3.1 Design Review
3.2 Construction of Works
a. Dam
b. Tunnel
c. WTP
d. Pipeline/Tanks
e. Others
4.0 Planned works for the following month
4.1 Design review
4.2 Construction works
5.0 Any other business
6.0 Next Site Meeting.