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Grade (s) 10th

Subject(s) Biology

Key Goal/Enduring Understanding SWBAT understand and explain back what

which organelle does and how they work.

Essential Question What is the importance of the


Learning Standards (Common Core/Georgia SB1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate

Standards of Excellence and ISTE Standards for information to analyze the nature of the
relationships between structures and
functions in living cells. a. Construct an
explanation of how cell structures and
organelles (including nucleus, cytoplasm,
cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplasts,
lysosome, Golgi, endoplasmic reticulum,
vacuoles, ribosomes, and mitochondria)
interact as a system to maintain

Objectives To comparing and contrasting the different

organelles in the cell

List of Materials (if any) 3D printer, 3D printing pen X 32, Cell

models, virtual reality projector, Cells, smart board and technology, 32

Technology Uses Minimal Technology Infusion of Technology

Cell model With the use of the

3D Pens, students
can draw and create
their own cell

Cell difference and Virtual reality

organelle video projector would
allow the students to
actually be in a cell,
seeing how each
organelle works and
looks like, as well as
descriptions of what
it is and does

Cells Cells

Formative Summative
Evaluation/Assessment (formative and
Students can do a Students will be
summative) How will you know that students
“ticket out the door” required to do
learned the objectives and met the standard)
of diverse questions individual Kahoots,
that are about the with increased levels
difference of the of thinking and at
organelles and what the end a written
they do in the cell, essay style question
students can work “Construct an
together. explanation of how
cell structures and
organelles interact
as a system to
Lesson Plan Description (Highly detailed Lesson Design – Minimal Technology:
description, it should be clear what the teacher and
students are doing throughout the lesson; see
Students will start off with a video about
comparing and contrasting the different
cells and different organelles, during the
video, the two cell models will be passed
around, so the students can physical hold
and see how the organelles are. After the
video, the students will be passed a
worksheet asking them to draw, label, and
describe the organelles in the cells. Then at
the end of the period the students will do a
“ticket out the door” with questions about
the difference of organelles.

Lesson Activities Using Technology:

Students will start off with a video about

comparing and contrasting the different
cells and different organelles. During the
video, I can pass around a 3d printed model
that allows for the individual organelles to
be pulled off and looked at. After the video,
each student will be asked to grab a 3D
printing Pen and create their own individual
cell, their choice of either animal or plant
cell. During the creating of their own cells,
students can have up cell to
check what each organelle does and where
it is in the cell. After the students are done
creating, each student will compete in a
kahoot to test comprehension.