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During the interview:

During the interview you showed a great commitment to ECO you hadn’t no work
with it , you were a good listener and communicator , you had a great level of ability
to learn , you were the only one who know a lot about human resources content .
you had a great level of self confidence but I felt you were egocentric . you were a
sociable and can deal with different types of persons. You had a good time
management , on the other hand your level of creative thinking was poor you need
to development , you can to lead a team due to your leadership skills .

During the project :

We all have to tell you that you were a smart member due to your amazing efforts ,
when I asked you about anything you responded me always .

During the training of trainee :

in the beginning of the project (ToT time ) you showed a bad commitment due to
your courses but you didn’t capitulate and did your tasks always , you attended the
first and second general assembly and dealt with your committee members .

during interviews time :

you pleased me more cause of your performance with the interviewers , you were
committed during this days and you gave me a good impression about you , you
finished your profiling well and in the sessions you care about your participants
carefully and not of you only but all the participants , you noticed their interactions ,
silence , during workshops and feedback times

during the sessions :

, the first day of sessions you were the day coordinator you showed a not bad
organizing and your partner helped you well , but you asked me more in this day due
to that was the first day and we have to learn from our mistakes, you were
committed during this days and in the second session you presented about human
resources system, your power point was Amazing and full of with pictures although
you prepared it the day before the presentation but you couldn’t do rehearsal cause
you were tired , within presentation you played well but you were monotone so all
the audience get boring and you need to improve your movement , about your eye
contact and body language were good , if you asked about anything you don’t know
it you have to get away by a respected way , your performance was perfect in the
rest of sessions and in the donia`s Refaat day you came despite of your illness I want
to thank you for it you didn’t absent in any day . you interacted well with your team
and always gave them a confidence to continue perfectly . finally i`m pleased to deal
with you .

During the conference : if I mention your efforts with your team I need
a lot of files to document it , you carry all responsibilities of your team and they
presented well in this day especially the sketch which written by you.

You careful to send me the negative feedback rather than positive feedback and asked us to
remove this mistakes for development so I hope to see you in position of vice HR or AC
member in a project .