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Good day!

I am a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program of I am currently

taking up Auditing 1 for the second semester of AY 2017-2018. In partial fulfillment to the requirements
of this course, I and my group mates were tasked to create an audit program for a business enterprise of
our choice which, at the very least, should qualify as small and medium enterprise (SME).

After a careful deliberation, our group has considered your company, Toyota Iligan, to be the subject of
the aforementioned project. In order to accomplish this task, the following activities are to be done by our
1. Inquire of management and other employees of the entity to obtain an understanding of Toyota’s
business and industry
2. Examine the entity’s financial statements and their underlying accounting data
3. Observe the entity’s system of record-keeping and its application of internal controls
4. Perform other appropriate procedures for the satisfaction of the project’s objectives

The conduct of these activities would necessitate the group to visit the entity’s physical business
establishment and facilities. As mentioned, the project would require an understanding of the entity’s
nature of business and its internal control. In order to do this, it would be helpful if our group can gain
access to certain financial and non-financial records and documents of the entity. These would likely
include business permits, product brochures and related documents, accounting records, sales invoices,
disbursement vouchers and other confirmatory documents.

With the information stated above, I would like to formally ask for your permission to allow us to do
these activities in your company. I also want to assure you that any information obtained from the
company would be used solely for academic purposes and would be treated by the group with utmost
confidentiality. Furthermore, the entity may, at its discretion, decide what information to restrict and
make available to the group. Toyota’s cooperation to this will contribute significantly to the success of
this academic endeavor.

This letter also includes the signature of the course professor as a confirmation to the validity of this

Thank you for your kind consideration. Hoping for your immediate response on this matter.