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At the end of the discussion, the student should be able to:
a. explain the theme of the story entitled “The Vision of Mirzah” to their own
b. sequence the major event in a selection and
c. appreciate the morale of the story

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: The Vision of Mirzah by Joseph Addison

b. Reference: English Stream: The Neoclassical Period pages 100-102
c. Materials: Pictures visual aids and video

III. Procedures
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
A. Routinary Activities

1. Greetings
“Good morning class.” “Good morning teacher”

2. Prayers
“Kindly stand – up and let’s pray.” (Students are praying)

3. Arrangement
“Before you take your seat please pick up “Thank you teacher”
the pieces of paper under your chairs and
arrange your chairs properly. You may
now sit down.

4. Checking of Attendance
Who are absents today?

A. Review

What we have tackled last Friday?

“About affixes ma’am and root words”

“Very good”

“Can you give an example of suffix, prefix

and root words describing your feeling at
the moment?”

B. Motivation

(One student share his/ her feelings)

Who is here knows Mr. Joseph Addison?”

“Ma’am, he is the writer of essay which

entitled as The Visions of Mirzah”
(teacher will post a picture of Joseph

“Please read and explain”

“He was a man of cheerful and amiable

disposition. He was a master of the art of
living with his fellowmen. He set himself to
strip off the mask vice to show ugliness
with all its deformity, and to reveal the truth
with all its loveliness. He is the writer of
essay which entitled as The Visions of

“Very good.”

“I have told you to read The Vision of

Mirzah, right?”

“So anyone here can share briefly what is

the story all about?”
Mirza is the speaker of the essay where at
the top of the mountain, he heard a genius
man who can really play good music. Only
him who has a chance to see him visible,
this man tells everything to him about
natures and their meanings.

“What is the genre of the story?”

“The vision of Mirzah is an essay, more on
narrative essay”

“Describe the setting of the story?”

“The setting of the story is on the peak of

the mountain.”

“Can someone enumerate the visions?”

The first vision is valley with a tide of water
which means misery and eternity. The
Second Vision is a bridge which means a
human life. The third vision is the birds
which is simply means unusual factors that
infest human life... The fourth vision is the
things hidden by that thick mist such as
innumerable islands covered with fruits
and flowers, inhabited by several trees and

“Very good!”

A. Generalization
“What is the theme of the story and what is
significance to you?”
“The story helps me to realise my values in
life, the things I did in every day, things
which make me human. Did I spend my
life on the most purposive and worthwhile?

B. Application / Valuing

Group yourself in to four and draw

an object or anything that you like
that symbolizes life. Each group will
should have a representative to
present and explain your works.

Group 1: Present trees which means the

serenity and solemnity of life.
Group 2: Air which means our necessity in
Group 3: Dogs which are the servant of
Group 4: Money and material things which
means evil

IV. Evaluation

. Evaluation

DIRECTION: Arrange the following events in order as they happened in the story
read. Write 1-5

V. Assignment

Read pages 111-114 “Elegy Written in Country Churchyard

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