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First Masterclass: Progress Test 3 Units 9–12


A For questions 1–15, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits
each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).
Tourism, (0) which employs 200 million people, is probably the largest industry in the
world nowadays. Nearly 700 million people internationally (1) on holiday each year –
a figure (2)  is likely to double by the year 2020. The industry is particularly important
to less developed countries, (3) it is often their main source of income.
However, along with the economic benefits, this mass movement of people has resulted
(4) threats (5) the environment. Among the most serious of these is
the issue of carbon emissions from aircraft, which (6) directly to global warming.
Deforestation has cleared land (7) order to build hotels, airports and roads, and this
has destroyed wildlife. In some areas, water shortages are now common (8) of the
need to fill swimming pools and water golf courses for tourists. By pushing up prices for goods
and services, tourism can also be destructive (9) the people (10) live in
tourist destinations.
In response to these concerns, some travel operators now offer eco-friendly holidays. Many of
these aim to reduce the negative effects (11) tourism by only promoting hotels
that have (12) in equipment to recycle waste and use energy and water efficiently.
Increasingly, tourists are also being reminded to show respect (13) the customs of
the people (14) countries they are going to visit, and to support local businesses
such as restaurants and shops, which depend (15) tourism for their main income.

0 A where B who C which D in which

1 A come B go C move D leave
2 A by which B whose C that D when
3 A which B whom C where D when
4 A in B into C because of D by
5 A at B on C for D to
6 A act B result C cause D contribute
7 A in B as C for D to
8 A thanks B due C because D since
9 A as B to C when D that
10 A to B whose C which D who
11 A to B of C that D by
12 A installed B chosen C invested D bought
13 A for B to C with D at
14 A whom B their C that D whose
15 A from B on C of D to
/ 15 marks

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B For questions 1–10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of
each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at
the beginning (0).
I am always (0) doubtful whenever futurologists tell us how we will be living several years DOUBT
from now. Their (1) of jet-pack travel and robot maids came to nothing. More PREDICT
recently we were promised the (2) office, (3) television and the end of PAPER, INTERACT
high-street shopping. In some cases, they are wrong because (4) progress has been SCIENCE
slower than anticipated.
Airplanes, for example, are barely more (5) than they were 50 years ago. In COMFORT
other cases, the experts have (6) the number of things that must go right ESTIMATE
before an (7) changes our lives. It takes more than just one bright idea – INVENT
thorough (8) is needed when developing a new product. In (9) , SEARCH, ADD
social and psychological factors determine whether or not a new product or service will be
(10) adopted. WIDE
/ 10 marks

C For questions 1–5 below, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar
meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.
You must use between two and five words, including the word given. There is an
example at the beginning (0).
0 I haven’t seen John for several weeks.
It’s several weeks since I last saw John.

1 I regret spending so much money on that dress.

I wish I an expensive dress.

2 Unless the train is late, they’ll arrive at eight o’clock.

They’ll arrive at eight o’clock provided time.

3 My grandmother used to live in this house.

This my grandmother used to live.

4 There’s no beer in the fridge – it looks like they drank it all last night.
They beer last night because there is none in the fridge now.

5 I’ll come to the cinema with you this evening if my cold gets better.
Unless my cold improves, I the film with you.
/ 10 marks

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Write an answer to one of the questions below. Write your answer in 140–190 words in an
appropriate style.

1 You see this announcement in your college English-language magazine.

Book reviews wanted

Have you ever read a book in which the main character behaved in a heroic
Write us a review of the book, explaining what the main character did and
why it was heroic. Tell us whether or not you would recommend this book to
other people.
The best reviews will be published in the magazine.

Write your review.

2 The local radio station in your town is planning to broadcast a new one-hour programme
once a week in English, aimed at people of your age who are learning English. The radio
station has invited listeners to write reports suggesting what kind of material they would
like to hear included in the new programme.

Young adults learning English

We are planning to broadcast a new one-hour programme once a week in
English, aimed at young adults who are learning English.
Write a report about what kind of material you would like to hear included in
the programme.
The best reports will be announced on the programme.

Write your report.

/ 15 marks

Total / 50

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First Masterclass: Progress Test 3 Answer Key

1 B  ​
2 C  ​
3 C  ​
4 A  ​
5 D  ​
6 D  ​
7 A  ​
8 C  ​
9 B  ​
10 D  ​
11 B  ​
12 C  ​
13 A  ​
14 D  ​
15 B
1 predictions  
2 paperless  
3 interactive  
4 scientific  
5 comfortable  
6 underestimated  
7 invention  
8 research  
9 addition  
10 widely
1 hadn’t bought such
2 (that) the / their train is / arrives on
3 is the house in which
4 must have drunk all the
5 will not / won’t come to / and see

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