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 Influence of increment thickness on microhardness and dentin bond strength of bulk fill resin
 Effect of curing light emission spectrum on the nanohardness and elastic modulus of two bulk-
fill resin composites
 Laboratory mechanical parameters of composite resins and their relation to fractures and wear
in clinical trials—A systematic review


 Effect of selected mouthwashes on the surface roughness of resin modified glass-ionomer

restorative materials (10.1016/
 Surface roughness/gloss of a resin composite using different polishing procedures
 Roughness and microhardness of a composite after surface sealants application
 The effect of internal roughness and bonding on the fracture resistance and structural reliability
of lithium disilicate ceramic (
 Impact of machining on the flexural fatigue strength of glass and polycrystalline CAD/CAM
ceramics (