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09/20/11: Neace Lukens 11/13/12: Gosnell Insurance 08/01/13: GBP Risk Solutions

Louisville, KY Charleston, SC Tucson, AZ & Phoenix, AZ

11/23/11: SKCG Group, Inc. 11/16/12: John Dillard Insurance Agency, Inc. 09/16/13: Dwyer Franchise Insurance International, Inc.
White Plains, NY Bowling Green, KY Cleveland, OH
12/13/11: Jamison Special Risk, Inc. 12/5/12: Schroeder Insurance Agency 10/3/13: AJM Insurance
West Orange, NJ Rushville, IN Mt. Laurel, NJ
12/30/11: Berryman Insurance Agency, Inc. 12/07/12: Webb Insurance 10/9/13: AP Advantage/Preferred Concepts
Hartford, KY Asheville, NC Hartford, CT
01/17/12: Pell & Associates 12/13/12: Schifman Remley and Associates 10/28/13: Eastern Insurance Group
West Nyack, NY Mission, KS Hazleton, PA and Wilkes Barre, PA
01/20/12: Dawson Insurance, Inc. 12/21/12: Davis-Garvin Holdings 11/11/13: Lee F. Murphy, Inc.
Cleveland, OH Columbia, SC St. Paul, MN
02/01/12: Jenkins Insurance Services, Inc. 12/31/12: Insurors of Kentucky 11/12/13: AHM Insurance Group
Jeffersonville, IN Bowling Green, KY St. Louis, MO
03/26/12: Arison Insurance Services, Inc. Owensboro, KY and Newburgh, IN 11/14/13: MGA Property & Casualty Insurance Agency
Louisville, KY 12/31/12: Alliance Plus Sarasota, FL
04/16/12: Matrix Benefits Westbury, NY 11/22/13: Stoutamire-Pavlik & Associates, Inc.
Ft. Wayne, IN 01/03/13: Wade & Egbert Insurance Partners Monticello, FL
04/25/12: Insurance Systems, Inc. Nashville, TN 12/13/13: Evans Insurance Agency, Inc.
Ona, WV 01/11/13: Tobias Insurance Group, Inc. Akron and Dover, OH
05/02/12: Morehead Insurance, Inc. Indianapolis, IN 12/16/13: Alliance Marine Risk Managers, Inc.
Scottsville, KY 02/01/13: Doug Gordon Westbury, NY and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
05/09/12: Benefit Concepts of Indiana Louisville, KY 01/07/14: Leonard Insurance Services
Indianapolis, IN 02/08/13: CFC Insurance North Canton, OH
05/11/12: First Carolina Insurance Cincinnati, OH 01/08/14: InSight Aviation Insurance
North Charleston, SC 04/02/13: Alan James Richmond, VA
07/14/12: GCM Consulting, LLC Ft. Lauderdale, FL 01/20/14: Commercial Insurance Services
Bedminster, NJ 04/11/13: Buckley & Co. Charleston, WV and Morgantown, WV
07/31/12: American Insurance Agency Lexington, KY 01/31/14: Insurance Back Office, Inc.
Cape Coral, FL 06/07/13: Douglas Bays & Associates Overland Park, KS and Lawrence, KS
08/31/12: Jon-Wesley Insurance Evansville, IN 02/05/14: AirSure Limited, LLC
Mount Vernon, OH 06/17/13: AxisPointe Golden, CO and Plano, TX
09/25/12: Moore and Johnson Agency Raleigh, West Orange, NJ 02/07/14: Anna Berman Agency, LLC
NC 07/17/13: Donald F. LaPenna Associates, Inc. North Brunswick, NJ
10/26/12: Crawford Insurance Clark, NJ and Newark, NJ 02/18/14: Creech & Stafford Insurance Agency
Bellevue, KY Lexington, KY

Acquisitions are listed by date. Please contact for references.
02/25/14: Bateman Agency, Inc. 12/10/14: Sheehan Insurance Service, Inc. 05/08/15: Jones, Raphael & Oulundsen, Inc.
Somerville, NJ Haymarket, VA New Britain, CT
03/24/14: Spencer Lloyd 12/19/14: American Westbrook Insurance 05/10/15: Witherspoon & Associates
Fort Lauderdale, FL Westchester, IL Franklin, TN
04/01/14: Property & Casualty and EB lines 12/30/14: A.J. Lupas Insurance Agency, Inc. 06/01/15: CoLiance Risk Advisors, LLC
from Hancock Holding Company Plains, PA Indianapolis, IN
New Orleans, LA 12/30/14: BRG Insurance and Bonds 06/04/15: WorkforceTactix, Inc.
04/03/14: MHB Insurance Lake Mary, FL Sparks, MD
Peekskill, NY 01/05/15: Brady Insurance Group, LLC 06/09/15: StoudtAdvisors, Inc.
04/11/14: Landry Harris & Co. Lakewood Ranch, FL Lancaster, PA
Lafayette, LA 01/15/15: Omni Risk Management, Inc. 06/10/15: Johnson-Locklin & Associates Insurance
04/16/14: CBS Coverage Group, Inc. Smithtown, NY Birmingham, AL
Plainview, NY 01/16/15: RSI of Florida 07/01/15: Pelition-Omnivest Benefit Advisors, LLC
07/03/14: Ramsey Insurance Agency, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Denver, CO
Charleston, WV 01/16/15: Rocky Mountain Strategic EB 07/01/15: Founders Insurance Group, Inc.
07/30/14: The Wright Group Services Denver, CO Torrington, CT
Denver, CO 01/16/15: Commercial Insurance Group (Chapple) 07/15/15: Waltz Sheridan Crawford, Inc.
08/06/14: Lucantha Marine Insurance Wichita, KS Forest Grove, OR
New Gloucester, ME 02/03/15: MCM 08/05/15: Insurance & Benefits Group, LLC
09/01/14: Cygnet Underwriting Agency, Inc. Seattle, WA Sedalia, MO
Chicago, IL 02/23/15: Amtech Insurance Brokers, Inc. 08/05/15: Bandy, Van Cleave & Williamson, LLC
09/01/14: Crawford Advisors, LLC Latham, NY Nashville, TN
Hunt Valley, MD 03/26/15: Platinum Planning (dba Walsh Benefits) 08/20/15: Western Rivers Corporation
09/01/14: Casualty Assurance of Chaska Fair Haven, NJ Paducah, KY
Chaska, MN 04/01/15: Greater South Insurance 08/21/15: Bohannon-Meyer Insurance, Inc.
10/01/14: Turner & Hamrick Columbia, SC Versailles, KY
Troy, AL 04/01/15: Scott Equine Agency, Inc. 08/27/15: Thomas J. Sisk and Company
10/01/14: Hukill Hazlett Harrington Agency Sun City, AZ Denver, CO
Cincinnati, OH 04/07/15: Advanced Benefits Advisors 09/04/15: DM Lovitt Insurance
11/04/14: Premiere Coastal Insurance Group Denver, CO Tucson, AZ
Bluffton, SC 04/15/15: Colonial Insurance Agency 09/23/15: Moscker Insurance Agency, Inc.
12/01/14: Baronsmead Partners, LLC Montgomery, AL Severna Park, MD
London 04/22/15: T.A. Cummings Jr. Company 09/28/15: Wilson H. Flock Insurance
12/01/14: First Palmetto Insurance Skokie, IL Wyoming, PA
Murrells Inlet, SC 05/01/15: Husarcik Companies, LLC 10/09/15: Alliance Insurance Partners
Phoenix, AZ Eugene, OR
Acquisitions are listed by date. Please contact for references.
10/15/15: Insurance Marketing Center 02/19/16: Clark Associates Inc. and Employee 07/06/16: Florida Insurance Specialists, LLC
North Bethesda, MD Benefit Services, Inc. Lake Mary, FL
11/20/15: Redmond General Insurance Birmingham, AL 07/11/16: National Healthcare Access
Agency, Inc. 02/19/16: ELM and Pat Moore Youngstown, OH
Redmond, WA El Segundo, CA 07/15/16: Linry Insurance
12/07/15: The Kleeber Agency, Inc. 03/10/16: AssureSouth, Inc. Raleigh, NC
Valatie, NY Spartanburg, SC 08/16/16: Sowell Insurance Agency
12/21/15: Roehrs & Company 04/04/16: The Hooven-Pohlmeyer Company Vidalia, GA
Exton, PA dba Riverbend Insurance Agency, 09/01/16: Benefit Specialists
12/30/15: Glenn/Davis & Associates, Inc. Dayton, OH Lake Oswego, OR
Statesboro, GA 04/01/16: The Bynum Company, Inc 09/08/16: Southern Risk Insurance Services, LLC
12/30/15: McKibbinAgency Sumter, SC Anderson, SC
Sanford, FL 04/07/16: Daly Merritt, Inc. 09/16/16: Kentucky Insurance Group
12/30/15: Church Insurance & Financial Wyandotte, MI Lexington, KY
Services, Inc. and The Church 04/26/16: Commercial Insurance Service Corp. 11/7/2016: Chisholm, Richards & Hart Ltd.
Agency, Inc. Lexington, KY London, UK
Akron, OH 05/02/16: Maxim Insurance Services, Inc 11/7/2016: Tucker, Johnson & Smelzer, Inc.
01/04/16: Archer A. Associates, Inc. Houston, TX d/b/a TJS Insurance Group
Plainview, NY 05/10/16: P&C assets from Rogers Insurance Pittsburgh, PA
01/13/16: Suydam Insurance Agency, L.L.C. Gulfport, MS 12/26/16: Kel Petersen & Associates
Somerset, NJ 06/20/16: Bache & Associates, Inc. Kansas City, MO
01/15/16: Van Zandt, Emrich & Cary, Norwalk, Ohio 01/03/17: Zetterower – Crystal Accounts
Incorporated 06/30/16: Armada Administrators LLC Dallas, TX
Louisville, KY Hunt Valley, MD 01/25/17: Phillips Agency, Inc.
01/20/16: Encompass Risk Solutions, Inc. 06/30/16: Ferrario Insurance, Inc. Lees Summit, MO
Warminster, PA Scranton, PA 01/27/17: Dealey, Renton & Associates, Inc.
02/08/16: MRW Group, Inc. 06/30/16: L.J. Stein and Company, Inc., Oakland, CA
Hauppauge, NY Lakewood, NY 03/10/17: M.F. Irvine Companies
02/11/16: Michael J. Hall & Company 06/30/16: Gerrity, Baker, Williams Conshohocken, PA
Poulsbo, WA Flanders, NJ 03/10/17: Janice Anderson Consulting Inc.
02/17/16: Charles Lee Fitch, Ltd. 07/01/16: LegacyTexas Insurance Services, Inc. Littleton, CO
Seattle, WA Richardson, TX 03/17/17: Fleet Risk Management, Inc.
02/17/16: Bridgepoint Insurance Group, Inc. 07/01/16: Centennial Surety Associates St. Simons Island, GA
Philadelphia, PA Millersville, MD 03/21/17: Joe Anderson BOB – Bell-Anderson
Agency, Inc.
Boise, ID
Acquisitions are listed by date. Please contact for references.
04/01/17: Keenan & Associates 12/01/17 Owen & Company (Owen-Dunn 04/13/2018 Cornerstone Insurance Group LLC
Torrance, CA Insurance Services) St. Louis, MO
04/12/17: Preferred Guardian Group, Inc. Sacramento, CA 05/01/2018 NIS of Wisconsin, Inc.
Dallas, Texas 12/04/17 Insurance and Risk Management Brookfield, WI
05/18/17: Craft Insurance Center, Inc. Services Inc. (IRMS) 05/03/2018 Peoples Insurance Agency Ltd.
Greensboro, NC Naples, FL Waverly, IA
06/01/17: Alkali 12/06/17 B.B. Miller & Company 05/17/2018 TN McDaniel LC
Plano, Texas Elizabeth, NJ Dallas, TX
06/09/17: Benefit Resource Group LLC 12/21/17 Lindsay Insurance Group, Inc. 06/01/2018 Main Street Insurance LLC
Reno, NV Blue Bell, PA Huntington, WV
06/30/17: Front Range Insurance Group, LLC 01/12/18 Delco Insurance Group, LLC 06/01/2018 Bell Insurance Group, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO New Orleans, LA Dallas, TX
08/01/17: Naught-Naught Insurance 01/12/18 DeVenne Insurance LLC 06/11/2018 B&W Brokers
Agency Inc. Columbus, OH London, UK
Jefferson City, MO 01/12/18 BWE Insurance, LLC 06/11/2018 Lundy & Clark Insurance Group, LLC
08/03/17 Dale Patrick McCurley, Nashville, TN Fort Lauderdale, FL
d/b/a Midlothian Insurance Agency 01/12/18 William Adams & Associates, Inc. 06/11/2018 Collins Insurance Specialists, Inc.
Midlothiam, TX Norcross, GA Statesboro, GA
08/09/17 Triton Insurance Group, LLC 01/22/18 CCIM, Inc. d/b/a Capitol City Insurance 06/12/2018 Kincel & Company, Ltd.
d/b/a Womack Insurance Agency Austin, TX Dunmore, PA
08/24/17 Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance, Inc. 02/01/18 Dominick Fanuele BOB 07/02/2018 Financial Directions Group, Inc (EB only)
Greenville, SC Fair Haven, NJ Cary, NC
10/04/17 Synergy Professional Associates, Inc. 02/01/18 Regal Aviation Insurance 07/02/2018 B&W Brokers
Fairfield, NJ Hillsboro, OR London, UK
10/06/17 Hope Aviation Insurance 02/09/18 Beimdiek Insurance Agency 07/03/2018 Hutson Group, Inc.
Columbia, SC Carthage, MO Dallas, TX
11/01/17 The Hartfield Company, Inc. 03/09/18 Insurance Associates of Magee, Inc. 07/03/2018 Safeguard Insurance, LLC
New Albany, IN Magee, MS Las Vegas, NV
11/01/17 Arthur Sachs Insurance Agency, Inc. 03/09/18 Insurance Associates of Lamar County, LLC 08/01/2018 Ranew Insurance Agency, Inc.
d/b/a Sachs Walsh Insurance Hattiesburg, MS Melbourne, FL
Westport, CT 03/27/18 AgentLink 09/04/2018 Biddle Insurance Services
11/10/17 English Insurance Group, L.L.C Louisville, KY Newton Square, PA
Rockwall, TX 04/06/18 The Elan Group, Inc. 09/06/2018 Evolve Consulting Group, Inc.
11/14/17 Odom, Scruggs and Associates, LLC Tampa, FL Crofton, PA
Lexington, SC

Acquisitions are listed by date. Please contact for references.
09/06/17: Schaefer Financial Group, Inc.
Bethesda, MD
09/07/17: Ricci Associates, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Acquisitions are listed by date. Please contact for references.