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Drilling Slurry Pro Cons

Bentonite -Normally used in many countries - A bentonite platelet filter

(mineral) cake constantly builds up with
time and can become a
concern on skin friction and
load bearing capacity of a
- Applying hydrostatic pressure from slurry - The slurry must be circulated
in the shaft to stabilize coarse through a mechanical solids
unconsolidated soil. removal system or be replaced
by fresh clean slurry before
placing with concrete.
- Normally used for D- Wall - Need to wait to pass the
density and sand content
specs before pouring cement.

Polymer - Self- Cleaning, much easier to mix and -Polymer slurries should not
(Synthetic) even be mixed in the shaft. been used in
very permeable soils where
the cake would not have time
to form. In soils without fines
it can be necessary to add a
few kg of bentonite per m3 as
an additive .
In all cases a polymer slurry
should be checked like a
bentonite slurry.
- Much Cleaner to work with, no residual
muddy mess around the pile.
- Disposal is much easier cause can simply
broken down with an oxidizer e.g. calcium
- Clay inhibitor, prevent swelling and
sticking of clay.
- quickly broken down when in contact with
cement’s high alkalinity and calcium