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Sale or supply shall cover the aspects of

Df: "Poison", "Poisons List" licensing, labeling, recording, storage, disposal

defined in s 2
Which licences? Type A and Type B
S7: inapplicable to PA'52
What consitute w/sale? Transactions of poisons as stated
(1)(a) exempted preparation in s15(2) (a) -(j)
(1)(b) 2nd Schedule W/sale record: s15(3) Poison w/sale Book as in r26 PR
(3) Sale / supply W/Sale Puchaser’s written order
Hospital S15
Posses a specific store
(a) Govt Tablet & capsule form of: Buprenorphine,
(b) Private Midazolam, Zolpidem, Zopiclone,
Prohibit to sell Dextromethorphan, Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine
Cough med.containing Pholcodine
S17 Prohibition of sale to persons <18
defined in s 2
Which licences? Type A ,Type D
Sales Specific premises
Sale under supervision, except for disp
s16 -retail sale of poisons Poison to be stored in a retail shop:
Import of poisons
{R 6} Proviso (a) in a cupboard/drawer
requires licence s8
under lock and key/ partitioned/
Who issue licence? Licensing officer as Retail seperated
in s26(1)
S16 s18(1)(b), s18(1)(c ) SALE /SUPPLY of
S26(1): appointed by DG of Health S18: by licenced RPh
Pt.II poisons
includes the Director General of Health s19- sale/supply by dental/ vet for purpose of medical/
may issueing dental/animal treatment of his patient only
Licenses Record of retail sale or supply
S23 Poison Book -for Gp D only
S24 Prescription Book for dispensed med (Poison Gp B & C)
Particulars to record: date,name of patient and address, name
Consent and qty. of medicine
PA'52 A
Type A license only included poisons. Import or export psychotropic
substances required additional authorization!
S 26 (3) -Every License must state the name of the person and the premise, period of the validity
S27: Register

s32(1) Failure to keep any book / false entry - Fine not
Drug Enforcement Officer (DEO) exceeding RM5K or imprisonment not exceeding 2 yrs
Pharmacist in public service appointed as DEO s31(1) or both.
Powers s32(2) Fine not exceeding RM3K or imprisonment not
investigate s31(2), take statements s.31(4)-(7), exceeding - 1yr or both
enter,search,detain s 31(8)
MASA'56: S6A-E
P(PS)R r25
"Dispensed medicine”
is medicine supplied directly done by regd med
Immediate personal supervision (IPS) pract /regd dentist/vet surgeon as s 19
S2 (2) PA52 - The person must be available for immediate NOT Gp A Poison
consultation by the person in the premises when doing compounding, Appropriate label → R9-14
mixing and dispensing of the medication . And the compounding,
dispensing, mixing must be checked by the person S26(2)(a) is medicine supplied for purpose of medical,
dental or animal treatment by a licensed pharmacist
S12(1)(a)(c) PA52 can dispense, compound, mixing under IPS on the premise specified in his licence
S16 (1) PA52 , S16(3) - sale and supply of poison can Dispensed Medicine 23(1)(a) - Prescription Book
be unde IPS subject to S18 PA52 S24 PA52
S18(1)(a) - only sale and supply under IPS for group F. Only dispensing,compounding,mixing of
But now no more group F . so no more sale and supply of poisons can be done under immediate personal
dispense medicine or poison under IPS supervision of pharmacists or rmp
definition of supply S2 PA52- supply of dispensed medicine
does NOT include IPS.
Immediate personal supervision CANNOT be applied in
dispensed medicines. Dispensed medicines must be done by licensed pharmacist/licensed medical practitioner
S19(3) PA52- The medicine which contained poison and sold by the practitioner, dentist or veterinary officer shall be prepared by or
under immediate supervision of such practitioner, dentist or veterinary officer
S16(3) PA52- every sale of the poison by retail must be sold by or under the immediate personal supervision of the person
named in such license
S18(1)(b) PA52- Part I poison can be sold by retail or by a person under the immediate supervision of a licensed pharmacist
R17 PPSR89 - only licensed pharmacist or pharmacist in the public service can dispense, mixing ad compound the psychotropic substances.
S 2 PA52- dispensed medicine can only be supplied by the practitioner, dentist and veterinary surgeon or supplied by the
pharmacist specified in the license for the treatment of particular patient
Provision - Labelling of dispensed medicines