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Manish Sharma

Contact: +91-8800563024

~ Seeking dynamic level assignments in QA/QC Dept. ~

Industry Preference: Oil &Gas Industry, Power Plant & Petrochemical


 Overall 11 years of professional experience in the Field of Oil and Gas Construction, Power Plant
Construction, Quality Control Inspection and Quality Assurance Documentation. Working knowledge of
construction codes and standards related to pipe materials, fabrication, installation, erection, welding
quality control. Conversant with International Codes and Standards such as ANSI, ASME, API, AWS
 Being dynamic, dedicated and pro-active inspector who has a passion in inspections and quality
engineering; I keep my motto as “Total Customer Satisfaction”.
 I have worked with the clients Bapco, Saudi Aramco, PDO, EPC companies Petrofac, L&T, GAMA, Worley
Parsons, TR Engineering, Daelim and Third Parties i.e. TUV, Vellosi, Intertek/Moody, etc.
 A total of 11 years of experience gave me confidence to approach various situations in systematic and
reasonable manner, and dealing with ‘management by facts’ for results.


2007: B.Tech. In Mechanical Engineering from DVIT, Kurukshetra University, Haryana


 Certification: CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1 – Level 2. Certificate No: 642597

 Certification: BGAS Painting Inspector Gr. II, Certificate No: 642597.
 Completed course of CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) from ISNT (Certificate No.-WT/2010/39)
 Completed ASNT Level II in Non-Destructive Testing under Radiography Testing (RT), Magnetic
particle Testing (MPT), and Dye penetrating Testing (DPT).

 Safety Courses from Major refinery /Power Plant/ like ORPIC & PDO--Oman
1. HSE leadership for frontline manager/supervisors.
2. H2s Training
3. Permit to work - Signatory
4. Authorized gas tester.


Ramsis Engineering (Bahrain) (April-2017- Till Date)

Sr. QA/QC Engineer

BAHWAN Engineering Company (Oman) (Feb’2015 – April-2017)

Sr. QA/QC Engineer

L&T Power Limited, Vadodara (Feb’2011 – Jan’2015)

Sr. QA/QC Engineer

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ISGEC JOHN THOMPSON Pvt. Ltd., Noida (May’2010 – Jan’2011)
QA/QC Inspection Engineer

TOYO Engineers India Ltd., Panipat Refinery Project (Feb’2008 – Mar’2010)

Jr. QA/QC Engineer

Ramsis Engineering (Bahrain)
1. Project: Aramco-Bahrain Pipeline Project
Client & Owner: - BAPCO & ARAMCO

Role: Project QA/QC Lead

 Take leadership in implementing project quality management system at site, perform internal audits,
Manage client liaison and subcontractor quality performance and coordinate completion of all QA/QC
Activities. Manage continual improvement and supporting staff.
 Ensure all the site inspections are performed on timely basis as per approved Inspection & test plan.
 Proactive approach to improve quality of works at site, minimize rework and demonstrate continual
quality improvement.
 Monitoring the welder’s performance and control welder’s repair rejection rate by proper education to
 Initiates Non Conformance Report (NCR), Site Observation Memo (SOM) and monitor the corrective action
to close it.
 Review Packages before lowering, Line checking and punch listing. Punch list verification at site and sign
the necessary documents to close the punch list item.
 Providing Leadership to welding/NDE team and ensures compliance to all quality control activities on
shop & field are fully implemented and maintained throughout all stages of contract execution in
accordance with project specification and code requirements & Ensure correct implementation of QA/QC
systems and procedures.

In BAHWAN Engineering Company

1. Project: Sohar Refinery Improvement Project, Oman

Client & Owner: - Daelim Petrofac JV & ORPIC

2. Project: Siah-Rawl Combine Cycle Power Plant Project, Oman

Owner: - PDO (Petroleum Development of Oman)

Role: As QA/QC engineer for Piping

 Prepared of all Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) for Wet H2S service, CS, LTCS, Alloy Steel like P11,
P22, P5, P9 etc. And Monel, Inconel, 90Cu-10Ni & Haste alloy.
 Responsible for Reinstatement/Restoration after testing if piping is restored and signs off relevant items
on punch list.
 Contribute on the dedication of company to Incident and Injury Free Program to ensure that all workers
back home safely.
 Liaise with client QA/QC representative.
 Ensure all activities are carried out with due regard to safe working practice, protection of personnel and
the integrity of the plant.
 Line checking if necessarily totally completed pipeline, punch listing together with the client and owner’s

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 Quality control intervention both in field and shop welding activity e.g. material verification, pre-welding
inspection, in process welding inspection, pre-heating, post heating, proper handling/storage/issuance of
welding consumables, welder’s performance rejection rate & NDT as per line class requirements.
 Review the following documents: Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR);
Welding procedure Specification (WPS), Method of Statement, Quality Control Plan, NDT Reports, PWHT
chart/reports. Hydro test Packages and other related documents.

As QA/QC engineer for Mechanical

Assigned as QA/QC Mechanical Inspector and having knowledge about following activities:
 Internal installation inspection of column/vessel (vertical and horizontal) Chimney tray (collector tray)
seal plan, parting box, Distributor, Gas injection support (GIS), Random packing, bed limiter, feed pipe,
Flash box spray nozzles, bubble cap trays, Valve trays, H1F1 Trays, Flexi trays, Even Flow, Demister (Mist
eliminator) etc. E.g. Koch-Glitsch, UOP .
 Pump alignment inspection with dual indicator or Laser (Rim & Face, reverse indicator)
 Stage wise inspection of all type of rotating / static equipment installation, assembly and maintenance
activities at site.
 Installation of Fin fan unit, Tip clearance, Blade angle, Bolt torqueing, Shaft levelling, Pulley alignment,
Greasing connection, Belt tension etc.
 Howden & Mitsui reciprocating & Centrifugal compressors (Hydrogen & Nitrogen)
 Foundation preparation, Pad plate elevation, Anchor bolt installation for crank shaft case and crank shaft.
Installation of Piston and case for 1st stage, 2nd stage & 3rd stage.
 Crank shaft piston installation, crank shaft deflection check, piston run out inspection, piston run clearance
inspection and torqueing inspection.
 Installation of suction snubber, Discharge snubber, Pipe connection and Flange Parallisam & Fly wheel and
turning gear.
 Motor shaft with crank shaft alignment, installation of vendor scope materials, duct, filter, blower etc.

In L&T Power Limited

 Completed 2X660MW BOP Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh & 3X660MW Nagpur, Maharashtra with the all
quality aspect by taking to create awareness of Quality requirements of projects.

 Completed 24” Dia X 18 kg/cm2 pressure Water pipeline 42 km, API-5L X60 material.
Worked as Pipeline QA/QC Engineer includes the job responsibility for operational & Technical
involvement includes coordination with the client QA/QC manager, review of QAP/ITP procedure and
client specifications. Review of daily inspection reports of inspectors and also handled non-technical issues
(like land owner issues) which effect site work. Issuing NCR and confirming the corrective action taken or
not and close out of NCR. Involving in civil activities like pour card/cube test report and grouting material
filling in cased crossing sections. Also involved in painting of bare pipes, field joint painting & repair works
of damaged area. Final Clean up pigging and final hydro testing. Final film handover to client with proper
clean and dry pipeline.
 Worked with more than 18 nos. of Tanks i.e. Oil storage tanks and Water storage tanks in Refinery
and Power plant Projects {8 nos. Oil Storage tanks, 6 nos. DM water storage tanks, 2 nos. Caustic tanks &
blow down tank (Different Diameter having Fixed Cone roof, Dome roof)}. Responsibilities includes to
Steered the implementation of quality Procedure/specifications, Daily monitoring of site activities,
preparation of WPS/PQR & Weld map acc. to API 650. Witnessing WQT. Daily inspection of fit-up &
welding. Nozzle orientations & markings. Plumpness Inspection. Bottom Plate Vacuum Box test, Water fill
test & Roof Leak test etc. Achievement- Reduced Weld repair ratio up to 1% that instilled basic quality
philosophies of doing things right the first time, resulting in a reduction in company rework cost in
Structure & Pipe line works.
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 Supporting the execution and quality team in the healthy progress of project activities through timely and
sequential submission of documents
 Review the following documents: Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR);
Welding procedure Specification (WPS), Method of Statement, Quality Control Plan, NDT Reports, PWHT
chart/reports. Hydro test Packages and other related documents.
 Ensuring daily coordination for regular inspection with Consultants & Clients
 Mentoring the Contractor Quality Team for consumable controls like re-drying, storage and electrodes
 Preparing and qualifying the site required WPS & PQR and WQT
 Conducting Hydro testing of piping and Equipment’s.
 Administered grit blasting, profile checking, peel test, holiday detection test &inspection of field joint
 Preparation of Documents dossier for Handing over to client.
 Imparting training to the Quality Team to raise awareness on quality like WPS, PQR pre & post heating
inter-pass temperature and PWHT
 Experience in fabrication & erection of heavy structure Likes Column, beam, truss & Crain girder of turbine
building & tanks.
 Involving in inspection of Rotary & Static Equipment for Vertical Turbine Pumps and Horizontal Pumps
 Conduct Final Inspection together with customer and owner’s Representative for Final Acceptance and

In ISGEC John Thompson Pvt. Ltd.

 Examined stage wise inspections at various vendor place of equipment’s like static vessels, De-aerators,
Vertical columns and trestles, structural fabricated items, Hydraulic couplings, Pumps, Hoppers, Various
types of Chutes, Static and Rotating Equip. Like screw feeder, Drum feeder, Coal Chain Feeder, Storage
Tanks, Chain Conveyors, Water Walls etc. with the third party and clients
 Engaged in site internal audits & Responsible for implementing corrective action if there is any occurrence
of deviation or discrepancy to the applicable drawings, codes, standards and specification. This includes
issuance of Non-Conformance reports (NCR)
 Co-ordinate with CLIENT to arrange the material and equipment in time to avoid any delay in execution of
planned activity.
 Maintain Records Likes work schedule, project monitoring, and rework monitoring. Register for drawing,
Field observation record, and Mechanical clearance of loop from client.
 Conducting material inspection in compliance with purchase order and ensuring review & verification of
material test certificates for various materials.

In TOYO Engineers India Ltd.,

Project: - Panipat Refinery Naphtha Cracker Project
Owner & Consultant: - IOCL & EIL

 Conduct daily field surveillance to all mechanical activities to ensure the work be done accordingly at a
maximum level of quality as possible and not beyond the minimum level of quality requirements.
 Qualifying welding operators & Inspection on weldments of all piping and structural.
 Day to day Co-ordination and regular inspection activities with consultant and client.
 Maintaining quality documents and controlling of welding consumables
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 Monitoring the performance of welders involved in the projects and maintaining the records
 Line check inspection together with sub-contractor & Client Inspector to confirm the completeness of
the line


Date of Birth & Status: 9th Feb, 1986 & Married

Languages Known: English & Hindi
Nationality: Indian
Permanent Address: House No-2035, Part-II, Sector-4, Karnal (132001), Haryana
Passport No: P7131515 & Valid Up To- 14/01/2027
Present Address: Flat-14, Building No-820, Road No-131, Riffa-0901, Bahrain
Notice Period Not an Issue.
Having GCC Driving Licence- 100992959 Issued at Sohar, Oman (2015/09/22)

I hereby declare that all the information provided here are true and correct to the best of my Knowledge

Manish Sharma

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