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1 Summary

This is one of the most important components of the report. It should begin with a clear

statement of what the project / report is about so that a lay reader can understand the

nature and scope of the project.

It also should include a clear summary of the application's background and relevance to

other work and give pointers to the remaining sections of the report, which contain the

bulk of the technical material.

1.1 Problem Statement

Students are expected to include the current problem an organization or a user is facing,

the opportunity, and the needs of developing the proposed system

1.2 Objectives
Students are required to clearly indicate the purpose of the proposed solution/system.

Objective should be written in point form and it can be measurable.

1.3 Project Scope

Students are required to explain about the system scopes. System scopes should include

functionalities that the students would like to provide.

1.4 Project Timeline

Students need to attach their proposed timeline (Gantt chart) for this project. Students

may propose their own timeline or agreed in the discussions with your supervisor.


2.1. Introduction

The purpose of this chapter is to summarize the early findings related to your projects.

Find information from books or articles about what is development methodology.

Students are expected to discuss the CHOSEN methodology ONLY and each phase

should be explained by relating the activities to your project development. You may

include figure, such as below in figure 2.1

Figure 2.1
2.2. Theory Behind the Project

Explain the working theory behind your project title. You may need to use several

graphical images, graphs or maybe equations to provide a thorough explanation to your


Any simplification to your working model, such as is wire-line diagram, block diagram

or simplified Free Body Diagram (FBD) are preferred for better representation of your


2.3. Previous Work

Please explain any working model or previous work that other people had done pertaining

to project title. You may also summarize the advantages and disadvantages of several

working model that you have found in your research.

2.4. Summary

Summarize your chapter, by justifying your selection of working model that you have

chosen for your project that you believed suitable in order to achieve your project



3.1. Introduction

The purpose of this chapter is to document the development process and technique

employed in solving the problem statement.

3.2. Project Development Methodology

In this subchapter, explain, how you decide to achieve all of your objective(s). It should

be a thorough, step-by-step format of explanation. Each of the objective may need their

own sub-subchapter for details explanation

3.2.1. Methodology for achieving objective 1

3.2.2. Methodology for achieving objective 2

3.2.3. Methodology for achieving objective 3

3.3. Tools and Technology

Students are expected to briefly describe the tools and technology to be used in

developing the prototype / model / software

3.4. Summary

Summarize your methodology, and relate the methodology in your timeline / gantt chart.


4.1. Introduction

In this chapter, students are expected to list and describe an overall summary of the result

of your projects

4.2. Result and Discussion

Students have to describe the output of your projects in this subchapters. The output

maybe in term of working model / prototype / software / simulation results. Students have

to be details explaining all methodology chosen, by describing results each of the


4.2.1. Result of Methodology in achieving objective 1

Describe your methodology, and analyse your results in this sub-sub chapter for

your objective 1. Discuss trending / relations / between any parameter that you

have observed in your results.

4.2.2. Result of Methodology in achieving objective 2

Describe your methodology, and analyse your results in this sub-sub chapter for

your objective 2. Discuss trending / relations / between any parameter that you

have observed in your results.

4.2.3. Result of Methodology in achieving objective 3

Describe your methodology, and analyse your results in this sub-sub chapter for

your objective 3. Discuss trending / relations / between any parameter that you

have observed in your results.

4.3. Issues and Problems

Finally, it is a good idea to add a sentence or two to share your problems in achieving the

targeted results.

4.4. Summary

Summarizes your overall results, discussion and issues related to your methodologies.


5.1. Introduction

This chapter summarize your conclusion for your project. Highlight, whether all of your

objectives are achieved or not.

5.2. Project Conclusion

Details out each of your objectives with its results. Were each of your objectives achieved

? Which objective achieved, which objectives are not? Be very specific in your


In this section, you can relate your findings to the issues you raised in the introduction.

Note similarities, differences, common or different trends. Show how your study either

supports, extends, refines, or conflicts with previous findings.

You may include problems encountered throughout your development process:

5.2.1. Problem 1 with explanation

5.2.2. Problem 2 with explanation

5.3. Recommendation

The future work section is a place for you to explain to your readers where you think the

results can lead you. What do you think are the next steps to take? What other questions

do your results raise? Do you think certain paths seem to be more promising than others?