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Actual features from their website

Lantech sales will tell customers that the Q300 is the only Stretch
Wrapper that is Truly 100% No Maintenance Required system.

Old Technology

(1) 48" diameter urethane race (1) Metal-to-metal contact of

provides broad balanced cam followers to steel
support. turntable cause noise and
(2) Sealed-for-life bearings. high wear.

• No maintenance, no (2) Chain and sprocket

lubrication. systems require proper
• Dependable belt drive. lubrication and adjustment.
• No metal-to-metal wear. Chain will sag and cause
• Washdown capability. uneven wear of sprocket.
•Note the Belt Drive

• 4 year old Lantech Q300 Base

They mention that they have

36 support bearings, but it’
Only 12 with 3 per support.

•But the most important non-

non-feature is no bottom support
plate, uneven floors will cause their turntable to wear unevenly
as you can see here…
here….and this is the reason they can’
can’t lift their
machine from the FRONT.

Note the Metal to Metal wear.

This is their belt drive system that
they say is used on Harley Davidson
Motorcycles, if it can handle that is
can drive a turntable. The belt is not
heavy duty, does crack and break, and
we have seen hundreds slip because
of load weight and wet – slick
This is what happens when you drop a load
a little hard and at an angle

•Chain Tensioner

Yes true, We drive our

turntable with a chain
and sprocket. This type
of drive system will last
forever with little to no

SML-150 Base
4000 LB
24 Supports •Bottom support plate

•Right angle supports

•Chain Tensioner

SML-200 Base
5000 LB
32 supports

•Chain Tensioner
No rust problems
with Wulftec’s sealed
bearing non-metallic
lube-free supports

Lantech’s Steel casters can

rust – not 100%
maintenance free if you
have to change out the
rusted casters
Our High Profile Drive.
Overcoming the Lantech Propaganda….

• Boxed top and bottom for support • Exposed components

and strength. susceptible to damage and
• Structural steel tubing. can cause operator injury.
• Steel cross member • Maintenance access is
reinforcements. difficult.
• ABS panels allow easy
service access and will not
rust or dent.
ABS Panel cracked…we have
Frame without ABS Plastic Panels literally seen hundreds of these
No matter what they call it…… panels crack, missing, hanging,
ABS is still PLASTIC !!! and never looking like when they
bought it.
Now with their Auto Turntables

• 38" precision ring bearing for high speed / • Typically 20"-25" ring gear bearing.
heavy duty applications (6000 lb loads). • Smaller diameter bearing does not
• 38" slew bearing. distribute weight of load effectively.
• 33" bearing on some high speed
• Kevlar reinforced belt will not stretch, • Emergency stop can shear pinion
dry out or tear. Used in bullet proof vests. gear teeth.
• Idler pulleys provide consistent positive • Ring and pinion drive is expensive to
drive, allow no slippage, do not tear and reset.
no maintenance needed. • Can cause machine damage in
emergency stop condition.
25” diameter, 2” Thick Ring Gear
Driven by a Pinion Gear
10 Yr Warranty.
E-Z Thread™ roll carriage loads film • Top latching gate is difficult to
correctly every time. close and may malfunction.
• Side mounted roll carriage is • Welded bottom hinges can
easy to load and reduces risk of warp and break.
back and hand injury. • Film payout opposite operator
Film Carriages
No Cost EVER

$450 to buy, every

three years they
wear out, more if
you cut them.

Their EZ Thread is actually the Our No Thread Carriage is

hardest to thread carriage in the actually just that. And with our
industry. You must feed it through a new spring loaded gate you can
roller in the farthest point on the be assured that your prestretch
carriage, because of it’s side mount level is consistent forever.
$1,100 to replace
the panel

Membrane style control panel is like Standard Allen

all other membrane panels….usually Bradley Push
broke with hard use. As you can Buttons
see with the warning “”Do Not Press $23 to replace
a button
Buttons with Sharp Objects”.
Overcoming the Lantech Propaganda….

(1) Counterweight (1) Roll Carriage

(2) Roll Carriage (2) Chain Drive

• Counter-weighted roll carriage • Chain driven roll carriage exerts

reduces cumulative downward downward force equal to weight of
force to less than half the weight of roll carriage plus downward force
roll carriage. of chain drive.
This is an actual belt sheared in two

We have also seen belts wrap

the opposite way on the
rollers, causing direction to
In 15 years of service, our dual
chain lift system has never
failed. Not once.
It keeps speeds constant
and can lift 30 times the
weight of the film carriage