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In the summer holidays I went with my friend María to visit her grandparents' house in the
countryside, we traveled in an open-topped car, it was very fascinating to feel the breeze
on our faces, when suddenly we found two ways we stopped immediately Maria did not
remember very well of the way, I take the map and he made me turn to the right after a
long way we arrived apparently to the house of his grandparents we were very afraid
because the house was neglected with cobwebs seemed house of ghosts.


One Sunday night I played parks with my friend Isabel in my house suddenly it started to
rain it was very fun to play with her, suddenly a thunderstorm started that caused the
light to be cut, it caused us a lot of amazement to be in the dark I immediately turned on a
Sail and continue playing very happy because she was winning the game, Isabel was very
scared to see the hand of a person who climbed out the window.

a challenging Interest

a frightening Interest
Experience Challenge

an amusing situación excite

an interesting ormuse


1) the pólice officer protecting the rain with the newspaper.

2) the child looks to tv.

3) the lord leads two pizzas.

4) A couple take a cup ofcoffe.

5) the taxi driver is talking on the headphones.


Juanes premieres Pa within, the beginning of his new musical path
The artist paisa surprised with the release of a new video in which he mixes the folklore of
the Colombian Caribbean with African rhythms.


The Rock made a stop in his training of the shooting of 'Jungle Cruise' to give a surprise to
the actor.

Chris Hemsworth just turned 35 and Dwayne Johnson could not resist the desire to
congratulate the actor in the funniest way possible. In his Instagram account, La Roca has
published a video in which he modifies the classic happy birthday song by a version
adapted for the actor of Thor

Shakira postpones her concert in Los Angeles due to illness

The Colombian singer Shakira said in social networks that, due to illness, must postpone
the concert he had scheduled for Thursday in Los Angeles, United States.


A thief usurps the identity of Daddy Yankee and steals two million in jewelry at his hotel in

Last Tuesday, August 7, the Puerto Rican singer and actor, Daddy Yankee suffered a most
peculiar theft while staying at a hotel in Valencia. When he returned to the room, he could
see that two million euros of jewelry and diamonds had been stolen. Someone had gone
through him to enter his room without raising suspicion and had requested to open the
safe in the room, as they say.

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