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Abadinsky Probation & Parole: Theory & Practice

Adams Introduction to Criminal Justice System (Adm)

Adams Police Field Operations
Adler Criminology
Applegate Kill or Get Killed: Riot Control, Techniques, Manhandling & Close Combat for
Police and the Military
Applegate Riot Control: Material and Techniques
Arnold Juvenile Misconduct and Delinquency
Bankoff Crime, Society and the State in the 19th Century, Philippines
Barker Police Systems & Practices: An Introduction
Bartollas Juvenile Delinquency
Bequia White-Collar Crime: A 20th Century Crises
Berelson Human Behavior
Bernardo New Criminal Procedure
Bersani Crime & Delinquency: A Render
Blintiff Training Manual for Law Enforcement Officers
Bliss Study Guide to Accompany Kerper's Introduction to Criminal Justice System
Blumenthal More About Justifying Violence: Methodological Studies of Attitudes & Behavior
Boulder Legal Handbook for Special Agents
Boulder Special Reaction Teams: Selecting, Training & Equipping Elite Counter-Terrorist
Bristow Field Interrogation
Brown The Art of Questioning: Thirty Maxims of Cross Examinations
Carlie Prisons Around the World: Studies in International Penology
Cavadino The Penal System: An Introduction
CBSI Edit'l Land Transportation & Traffic Code and Civil Aeronautics
Chapman Police Patrol Readings
Coffey The Prevention of Crime and Delinquency
Cohn Police Community Relations: Images, Roles, Realities
Cox Police Community Relations: Critical Issues
Cunliffe Criminalistics and Scientific Investigation
De Leon Security Guard's Manual
De Leon Police Intelligence Guide
Del Rosario Forensic Ballistics (Firearms Investigation & Identification)
Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment
Douglas Crime Classification Manual
Duffee Corrections: Practice and Policy
Echaves Evidence in Philippine Jurisprudence
Edwards The Police on Urban Frontier: A Guide To Community Understanding
Fox Introduction to Corrections
Gayon Police Photography
Gilbert Criminal Investigation
Goddard Crime Scene Investigation
Goldstein Problem Oriented Policing
Gottfredson Positive Criminology
Gunther The Identification of Firearms : From Ammunition Fired therein with an Analysis of
Legal Authorities
Hagan Introduction to Criminology: Theories Methods & Criminal Behavior
Hagan Research Methods in Criminal Justice & Criminology
Hale Police Patrol
Hellreigel Management
Hurboda Police Correspondence Issuance
Iannone Supervision of Police Personnel
Joseph Handbook of Crime Scene Investigation
Kakonis A Practical Guide to Police Report Writing
Kobrin Community Treatment of Juvenile Offenders: The Experiments
Krantz Corrections and Prisoner's Rights
Lee DNA & Other Polymorphisms in Forensic Science
Lee Advances in Fingerprint Technology
Leishman Core Issues in Policing
Leonard The Police of the 20th Century
Leonard Police Organization & Management
Livigio Crime & Delinquency
Lyman Practical Drug Enforcement: Procedures & Administration
Mabitad LEA 2: Traffic Management & Accident Investigation with Traffic Codes of Cebu
Mabitad Criminal Justice System
Mabitad Police Science (Police Photography)
Marenin Policing Change, Changing Police International Perspectives
Matson Effective Expert Witnessing
Maxfield Research Methods for Criminal Justice & Criminology
McShane Community Corrections
More Behavioral Police Management
More Effective Police Administration
NAPOLCOM NAPOLCOM Resolutions & Memo. Circulars, 1991 to 1997
Newburn Crime & Criminal Justice Policy
Newman Introduction to Criminal Justice
Pace Concepts of Vice, Narcotics & Organized Crime
Pfaltzgraff Intelligence Policy & Security
PNP PC/INP Crime Laboratory Manual
Post Security Administration: An Introduction
Price Principles of Psychology
Quinney The Problem of Crime
Radelet The Police & the Community
Rapp Deep Cover: Police Intelligence Operations
Reckless The Crime Problem
Redsicker The Practical Methodology of Forensic Photography
Reid Truth & Deception: The Polygraph (Lie Detector) Technique
Rosenbaum Community Crime Prevention:
Saferstein Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science
Sage Criminal Justice System Annual Vol. 22 Rules & Regulation Implementing the
DILG Act of 1990
Sangco Handbook on Probation
Sansone Police Photography
Saul The Psychotic Personality
Sennewold Effective Security Management
Sibal Philippine Legal Encyclopedia
Siegel Criminology
Siegel Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Practice & Law
Siegel Criminology Theories: Patterns & Typologies
Snarr Introduction to Corrections
Solis Legal Medicine
Solis Medical Jurisprudence (The Practice of Medicine & Law)
Solomon A Reader in Criminological Theories
Souryal Police Organization & Administration
Sunico Elements of Criminalistics
Sunico Forensic Texicology
Sutherland Criminology
Sutor Police Operations
Swanson Criminal Investigation
Sykes Criminology
Sykes The Patrol Operation
Thygerson The Science of Fingerprints : Classifications & Uses
Townsend Wiretapping & Electronic Surveillance
Tradio Handbook of Criminal Investigation
Tradio Introduction to Criminal Justice System
Tradio Introduction to Criminology
Tradio Law Enforcement
Trojanowiez Community Based Crime Prevention
Trojanowiez Understanding Crime: Experiences of Crime & Crime Control
Waegel Delinquency & Juvenile Control: A Sociological Perspective
Walsh A Dictionary of Criminology
Welch Correction: A Critical Approach
Weston Criminal Investigation: Basic Perspectives
Weston Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice: An Introduction
Weston The Police Traffic Control Function
Wickman Criminology Perspectives on Crime & Criminality
Wilson Police Planning
Wilson Public Administration
Wiseland The Managing of A Police Organization
Wolfgang The Sociology of Crime & Delinquency

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