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An International Journal for Social and Organizational Accountability

David Cooper Tony Tinker
Faculty of Business Baruch College
University of Alberta City University of New York
Alberta, Canada New York, USA

P. Armstrong (University of East Anglia, Y. Jinnai (Tokyo Keizai University, Tokyo,
Norwich, UK) Japan)
E. Arrington (University of Iowa, lowa City, D. Knights (UMIST, Manchester, UK)
USA) C. Lehman* (Hofstra University, New York,
A. Briloff (Baruch College, New York, USA) USA)
R. Bryer (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK) A. Loft* (Copenhagen Business School,
W.-F. Chua (University of New South Wales, Copenhagen, Denmark)
Sydney, Australia) S. Lukes (European University Institute,
S. R. Clegg (University of St. Andrews, Fife, Florence, Italy)
Scotland) N. Macintosh (Queen’s University, Kingston,
M. Covaleski (University of Wisconsin, Canada)
Madison, USA) B. Merino (University of North Texas, Denton,
J. Dillard (Ohio State Universitv, Columbus, USA)
USA) M. Neimark* (Baruch College, New York, USA)
M. Freedman (State University of New York at W. Nord (University of South Florida, Florida,
Binghamton, New York, USA) USA)
A. Giddens (Kings College, Cambridge, UK) B. Ollman (New York University, New York,
J. Guthrie (University of New South Wales, USA)
Sydney, Australia) J. Olsen (Norwegian Research Centre in
J. Haslam (London School of Economics, Organization and Management, Bergen,
London, UK) Norway)
D. Held (University of Aberdeen, UK) A. Puxty (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,
E. Herman (University of Pennsylvania, UK)
Philadelphia, USA) M. Rosen (Sundered Ground Inc., New York,
W. Heydebrand (New York University, New USA)
York, USA) M. Wartofsky (Baruch College, New York, USA)
T. Hopper* (University of Manchester, P. Williams (North Carolina State University,
Manchester, UK) Raleigh, USA)
R. Jensen (Trinity University, San Antonio, H. Wilmott (UMIST, Manchester, UK)
S. Jijnsson (University of Gothenburg,
Gothenburg, Sweden) *Associate Editor

CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES ON ACCOUNTING: ISSN 1045-2354. Volume 2, 1991 published

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