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The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine,
4th Edition
The updated edition of this authoritative, comprehensive, in-depth medical guide features
information on more than 1,850 medical topics in language accessible to adult laypersons.
Disease/disorder articles typically cover definition; description; causes and symptoms;
diagnosis; treatments; prevention; and more. Test/treatment articles typically cover
definition; purposes; precautions; preparation; risks; normal and abnormal results; and
much more. Biographical and historical sidebars appear throughout the text.
Medical updates include information on the new mammogram guidelines, CPR procedures
and the status of H1N1 – as well as many drug recalls. In addition to details on managing
diseases and conditions, this set contains valuable information on nutrition and wellness.

The Gale Encyclopedia • 108 new entries and more than 500 updated entries
of Medicine, 4th Edition • More than 1,850 total entries (500 to 4,000 words) written by medical
4th Ed. specialists and reviewed by expert medical advisers
About 5,000 pp. in 6 vols.
Ready June 2011
• 765 full-color illustrations, photographs and tables
Print ISBN 13: 9781414486468 • Biographical sidebars give extra information on historic and living figures
Print ISBN 10: 1414486464
in the medical sciences
• Resources section comprised of books, periodicals, websites and
contact information for national health agencies and organizations
4th Ed. • Comprehensive subject index and glossary of terms
Ready June 2011
eBook ISBN 13: 9781414486918
eBook ISBN 10: 141448691X

Praise for
The Gale Encyclopedia
of Medicine
— RUSA Outstanding Reference
— Reference Books Bulletin/
Booklist Editors’ Choice
Best Reference

The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 4th Edition covers more than 1,850 topics – including medical
conditions, ailments, afflictions and test results – from abdominal ultrasounds to Zoonosis.

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• Alagille syndrome • Epilepsy • Photodynamic
• Anti-aging diet • Epstein-Barr virus therapy
• Anti-cancer diet • Fainting • Physical therapy
• Antioxidants • Fecal occult blood • Pneumonectomy
• Aortic valve test • Preparing for surgery
replacement • Female orgasmic • Prescription drug
• Asperger syndrome disorder abuse
• Avian flu • First aid • Provenge
• Bandages and • Gastric bypass • Psychotherapy
dressings • Gastroesophageal • Red reflex testing
• Basal cell carcinoma reflux disease • Retropubic
• Bedbug infestation • Germ cell tumors suspension
• Body image • Gluten-free diet • Sex reassignment
• Bone scan • Gum disease surgery
• Borderline • H1N1 influenza A • Sexual abuse
personality disorder • Heart disease • Sexual addiction
• Breastfeeding • Hiatal hernia • Single photon
• Breastfeeding • Human emissions computed
problems papillomavirus tomography
• Calcium • Hypoactive sexual • Sleep deprivation
• Cancer vaccines desire disorder • Sodium
• Childhood obesity • Infectious disease • Speech therapy
• Colitis • Influenza vaccine • Spirometry
• Complete blood • Inhalants and related • Squamous cell
count disorders carcinoma
The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, • Congestive heart • Laminectomy • Stent
4th Edition features 765 full-color illustrations, failure • Late effects of • Stereotactic
photographs and tables.
• Craniopharyngioma cancer treatment radiosurgery
• Dental fillings • Light therapy • Stomachache
• Dental implants • Lobectomy • Swollen glands
• Dental sealants • Low sugar diet • Tanning
• Dental x rays • Lumbar puncture • Teething
• Detoxification diets • Mediterranean diet • Trans fatty acids
• Digital rectal • Memory loss • Transplant surgery
examination • Mercury poisoning • Triglycerides
• Distal • Methamphetamine • Umbilical hernia
pancreatectomy • MRSA infection repair
• Dyspareunia • Neurological surgery • Undernutrition
• Ear, nose and throat • Nicotine and related • Urinary tract
surgery disorders infection
• Eating disorders • Occupational therapy • Vaginismus
• Eczema • Organ donation • Vascular disease
• Endoscopy • Organic food • Vascular surgery
• Enhanced external • Orthodontics • Vomiting
counterpulsation • Palliative care • Zellweger syndrome

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