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Procedure for "Realdisp 4"

ver. Jul2012
This tool shall be used under given approval from customer who owns
appricable equippments.
Overall machine operating / machine conditions shall be confirmed and
cralified prior to you'll use this software for proper utilization.
1. Purpose
Realdisp 4 is the tool for monitoring parameters inside of UM500 controller for KOMTRAX Plus.

Following items are required for using Realdisp 4
a) Laptop PC
Confirm "Temp" folder in C Drive in the Laptop PC.
(Create "Temp" folder if it's not available)
b) Downloading cable for KOMTRAX Plus (P/N: 799-608-3220)
c) Serial-USB converter*
* In case of Laptop PC which does not have serial (RS232C)port
3. Interface to be used

Download port and cable for KOMTRAX Plus data to be used for Realdisp 4.
(RS232C interface )

Fig.1 Downloading port (Machine side)

Serial-USB converter
(Aftermarket parts)

Downloading cable

Fig.2 Downloading cable

4. Procedure

a) Run "Realdisp4.exe" on your laptop PC.

It's better to prepare "Shortcut" for the software on desktop of the laptop PC.

b) Click the button shown below to select 'template' when

control window will be appeared on the laptop PC

Click here for select


c) Select template for model which you will connect and monitor with Realdisp4.

Open File



NOTE: Templates for following models have been available at this stage.
HD785-7, HD1500-7, WA600-6, PC1250-7
Contact WebCARE support center if templates for another model is required.
d) Click start when you select a template. Excel screen (template) will be coming up.


Template screen
(Reading parameters)

e) Connect the laptop PC to the machine for monitoring.

It is recommended to connect between "Downloading port inside of operators
cabin" and your laptop PC for Realdisp4.
Grand-downloading port is not recommendable for Realdisp4 due to safety reason.
f) Select COM port for connection. Check "Log" for recording data into your laptop PC.

Select COM port

Check "Log" for recording data

Click Start button

NOTE: Realdisp4 is supporting either "COM1" or "COM2" on your laptop PC.

Confirm COM setting on your PC and change it properly in case of your COM setting
is out of range( COM3 and up) .

g) Confirm parameter leadings on the template opened.

Local time of the controller.

Parameters are changed

valuably while activating

NOTE Monitoring interval of Realdisp4 is vary depend on network condition

of the machine.
(Every 1 to 3 seconds at normal cases)

f) Click "Stop" button to stop monitoring.

g) Check "Temp" folder in the laptop PC to check recorded file.

"testlog.csv" is the receded data by Realdisp4.

NOTE: Same file name "testlog.csv" to be used for recording the data by Realdisp4.
Recommend to change the filename in case of data recording more than
twice. Old data will be overwritten without changing the file name.
Procedure for "Realdisp 5"
ver. Jul2012
This tool shall be used under given approval from customer who owns
applicable equipments.
Overall machine operating / machine conditions shall be confirmed and
clarified prior to you'll use this software for proper utilization.
1. Purpose
Realdisp 5 is the tool for monitoring parameters inside of UM500 controller
for KOMTRAX Plus via Ethernet connection.
1. Preparation

-PC(Laptop) Ethernetポート(RJ45) OS Window 2000/XP/Vista/ 7

-Ethernet Cable between UM500 and Laptop PC ( Refer Appendix: Ethernet cable for Realdisp 5)
-RealDisp5 Software
-Template file (MS excel) It's deferent depend on model which you'll connect this system.
-DC/AC inverter (for powersource to PC, if necessary)
* DC12V-AC100V or DC24V-AC100V

2. Network configuration of PC for Realdisp 5

IP address and subnet mask need to be set for communication between

UM500 and laptop PC
ID address: 192.168.200.X (X = any number from 1 to 254 except 200 )
Subnet mask:

3. Connection
Connect UM500 controller and your laptop PC with using Ethernet cable.

Prepared cable

AMP040 connector
on UM500 controller
RJ45(LAN) (CN-5)
4. Real-time monitoring / recording

4.1 Turn machine Key SW ON.

4.2 Start Realdisp 5 software

(Recommended to make "short-cut" on desktop of your PC)

Window of Realdisp 5 will be appeared as below.

4.3 Getting IP address of UM500 on machines

Click "Search Target" on the Realdisp 5 and window of search result to be appeared.

Hit "OK" after confirmation of

machine info (Model, S/N) and it's
Do NOT change port
4.4 Setting of data log.

Check "Log " checkbox on Realdisp5 for data recording in your PC.

Window of "Set cycle time" will be appeared. Set sampling time as you preferred, and hit set button after
( Minimum sampling time, 500 msec, 100msec interval for adjustment)

NOTE: Log cycle (sampling interval) may vary depend on your PC spec.
Too small interval may result missing of log data in recorded info.

4.5 Setting file selection (template)

Click a button in Realdisp5 window as shown below.
Select proper template for model connected to your PC and hit "Open" button.

NOTE: Contact KOMTRAX Plus monitoring support center of KLTD for confirming availability
of template for any models.

4.6 File Open

Click "Open" button of Realdisp 5 after you'll select template , excel file will be appeared.

Monitoring item will not be available when you input ";" (Semicolon) on line A
Do not change contents of template. Data may not be monitored/ recorded.
4.7 Starting of monitoring / recording
Click "Start" button on Realdisp5 for monitoring and recording KOMTRAX Plus data.
Start counting current time and
elapsed seconds, you can
confirm the system is
communicated with machine.

NOTE: Do not click within Excel window. Realdisp5 will be stopped abnormally with clicking any cells in Excel.

NOTE: Do not close laptop . Realdisp will not be operating under stand-by condition.
(Setting of power source need to be set if you need to close laptop)

4.8 Stop monitoring / recording KOMTRAX Plus data.

Click "Stop" button on Realdisp 5.

* Recorded information to be stored in following directory as "testlog.txt"

C¥Documents and Settings¥(Login user name)¥Local Settings¥Temp¥

* All log data to be recorded to same file "testlog.txt" Rename recorded data
if you need to separate recorded data each time.
* Timestamp is made every 1 minute, Sampling interval may vary depend
on communication machine and condition of the network on number of data monitored.
(You can confirm sampling interval from how number of data were recorded in 1 minute)

Starting time of data

Item name (set as template)

Time stamp (every 1 minute)

4.9 Close Realdisp5

Click "Close" button on Realdisp5
5. Appendix: Ethernet Cable for Realdisp 5 (Ethernet communication)

UM500 (Machine) side

Laptop PC side

AMP040(12Pin) RJ45