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Inside an organization it is essential to have suitable personnel to handle workgroups of which generate aims of an ideal way and in the minor
possible time. It is common to think that one makes call chief, the typical one who alone gives orders and wait n that his employees never fulfill
the achievements does nothing to improve always there is constant his way of treating the others nastily. But lately, as well as the technology has
evolved the aptitude to be a chief of this type this one) disappearing since it was not generating the results waited for the companies and for this
change regularly this post to initiate again efficient processes. These persons can be the same or leaders can come these persons with aptitudes
to generate impact on his workgroup, where to generate a good labor environment and establishes relations pleasant and capable of creating
bows of work increasingly forts. This type of prominent figures is that an organization needs since they administer all kinds of resources what does
that his results see reflected and certainly fulfilled, it is where they are demanded on the labor market you present with certain capacities of
leadership that few ones have and possibly they are difficult to find. To come to this point is necessary to establish directly essential characteristics
in the managerial field since there have to be fixed aims that could be achieved by the minimal quantity of resources and in the minor possible
time also it is important to generate in the equipment of work the most important qualities or it is the specialization of each one of the employees
in order that they adopt tares in they them are good and like that to be more rapid, that is to say, to extract the only unique value and I authenticate
of every person to obtain a stronger impact. For generating it every person dreams of being supervised by an organization, to turn into chiefs and
to give the orders but they do not know what exists behind all that since with account with the capacities needed to lead, in personal a leader is a
member who plays a determinant role for the organization but there have the same importance the persons who are behind the big leaders since
they do part of a great team that works as a whole for common aims, to be a leader it is necessary to form, work hard and humility to relate to
the others.