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Acer P1283

Captivating projection with sharp visuals

 XGA resolution and 3000 lumens brightness for a lively display
 Ready for hassle-free enjoyment of 3D games and movies
 Acer EcoProjection lowers power consumption by up to 70%
 Dust-Resistant Design prevents from impact of dust or sand

Product Specifications
Model name Acer P1283
Feature Highlights
Expressive display
Projection system DLP®  Acer ColorBoost II
Native XGA (1,024 x 768)  Acer ColorSafe II
Resolution  DLP® 3D Ready
Maximum UXGA (1,600 x 1,200), WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200)
 HDMI 3D Ready
Aspect ratio 4:3 (Native), 16:9
Enhanced usability
Contrast ratio 17,000:1  Acer Dust-Resistant Design
 Wireless Projection1
Brightness 3,000 ANSI Lumens (Standard), 2,400 ANSI Lumens (ECO)  Built-in Speaker
 Acer SmartFormat
5000 hours (standard); 6000 hours (ECO)  Closed captioning
Lamp life 10000 hours (ExtremeEco)
Installation flexibility
F = 2.41 ~ 2.55, f = 21.79mm ~ 23.99mm  Keystone correction up to 40 degrees
Projection lens 1:1.1 Manual Zoom and Manual Focus
Eco-friendly functionality
Keystone correction +/-40 degrees (vertical), manual  Acer EcoProjection
 Lamp life up to 10000 hours in
Noise level 31 dBA (standard); 28 dBA (ECO) ExtremeEco mode
2x Analog RGB/Component video (D-Sub)
1x Composite video (RCA)
Input interface 1x S-video (Mini DIN)
2x PC audio
USB (type B)
Control interface RS-232 1
Wireless projection is enabled through
Acer Wireless Adapter
Dimensions 314 x 223 x 93 mm (12.4" x 8.8" x 3.7")

Weight 2.5 Kg. (5.5 lbs.)

Sealed Engine Acer ColorSafe II

With the Sealed Optical Engine design, the projector can Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe II are virtually immune to color
be prevented from the accumulation of dust or even decay, such as the yellow or green tint on images displayed by
smoke, which may seriously impact the optical some projectors that have been used for extended periods of time.
performance, resulting the reduced brightness and faded Acer projectors take advantage of DLP® technology to guarantee
color of the displayed image picture integrity even with prolonged use. Extended lifespan and
consistent image quality lower the total cost of ownership and
translate to big savings.

Acer ColorBoost II
Acer projectors featuring ColorSafe are virtually immune to
Acer EcoProjection
color decay, such as the yellow or green tint on images Acer EcoProjection is a complete environment-friendly power
displayed by some projectors that have been used for management solution that reduces standby power consumption by
extended periods of time. Acer projectors take advantage up to 90%, from 5 W to 0.5 W. Also featured in the Acer
of DLP® technology and also Acer unique color EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management for customized
power-saving configurations.
compensation technology on the optical components to
guarantee picture integrity despite prolonged use. The
extended lifespan and consistent image quality lower the
total cost of ownership and translate to big savings.

About Acer
Since its founding in 1976, Acer has broken barriers between people and technology, enabling people to explore beyond limits. Acer ranks No. 2 for notebook PCs globally (Gartner data
2011). The Acer Group employs 8,000 people across the globe, and revenues for 2011 reached US$15.7 billion.

Acer's channel business model is instrumental to the company's success, while its multi-brand approach integrates Acer, Gateway, and Packard Bell brands in worldwide markets. Acer
designs environmentally friendly products and, with its vendors, has established a green supply chain.

Acer is proud to be a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement. That includes supporting the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and London 2012 Olympic Games.

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