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Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activity 7 – Blog

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Academic Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course Name English B1
Course Code 900003
Course Type Methodological Can be re- yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Type of the Number of

Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ 5
activity: weeks
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermediate: ☒ Final ☐
Evaluative score: 40 Delivery Environment: Collaborative Learning
Starting date: March 29th, 2017 Closing date: May 05th, 2017
Competence to develop:
The student is able to design his/her own blog.
Topics to develop:
Design a blog.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop:
Phase 1: Design a blog.
Phase 2: Public a blog.
Phase 3: Share the link.
Activities to carry out:
Step 1 Design a blog through Google. Choose a photograph of a trip with friends,
family or alone. It is necessary that you appeared. Describe that trip. Tell us if you
travel by earth, sea or air. Talk about weather, food, activities that you do in this city.
Touristic place in the city and describe them.
Step 2 Write a short story about an anecdote in this place (You can creating it) :

Step 3 Create a video in which the student will explain an ideal trip for him, choose
a different place than you don’t know. Include the video in the blog.
for the Collaborative Learning
Products to
deliver by The following information must be provided: Full name, group number
student and the link of the blog.

4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric
Activity type: ☒ Collaborative Activity ☐
Moment of
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Assessed Performance levels of the individual activity
Aspects Low score Media score High score
Took into
Designed the Blog
There is no account only
taking into account the
evidence of blog some elements
indications given in the
Design design. while designing 30
the blog.
(up to 15
(up to 0 points) (up to 30 points)
The blog partially
The blog does The Blog fulfills with
fulfills with the
not meet the the requirements
Organization established proposed in the 10
proposed in the
parameters. activities guide.
(up to 0 points) (up to 5 points) (up to 10 points)
Final score 40