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Fall 2018

Prayer Requests Ministry Update

Welcome WOLBI Students!

 Pray for Paul as he
prepares to teach this
semester, in New York, As the Fall season approaches, Word of Life
Uganda, and Hungary. Bible Institute students are starting classes
around the world. How exciting it is to think
 Pray for the incoming of the thousands of young people who will
WOLBI students around be studying God’s Word this year! The WOL
the world, as they grow Global Bible Institute is comprised of ten
in the Lord this year. accredited teaching sites, including New
York, Florida, Ontario, Quebec, South
 Pray for an effective Korea, Hungary, Uganda, Recife (Brazil),
year of ministry as we Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Belem (Brazil), with
seek to pour into these more sites to come on board in the near
young people’s lives. future. As Academic Dean of the Global
Bible Institute, Paul has been busy preparing
 Pray for Paul as he for the exciting school year ahead. Some of
continues his Ph.D.
studies with Baptist Paul’s responsibilities include leading the
Bible Seminary. He is faculty, curriculum, and library committees,
finishing his dissertation teaching on New York’s campus, as well as the international teaching sites, vetting and
very soon! recruiting new guest teachers for WOL’s various teaching sites, as well as evaluating and
improving upon WOL’s first and second year academic programs around the world.
 Pray for Paul to have
wisdom in leadership as One of the more practical improvements that Paul has spearheaded is the implementation of
Academic Dean of the a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. An LMS is a software
Global Bible Institute. application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and delivery of an educational
program. Canvas will allow the Bible Institute to streamline many processes, resulting in a
more efficient academic program and more enjoyable educational experience. Paul hopes
Praises that Canvas will be able to be utilized at all of our teaching sites around the world. Currently
it is being tested on just our New York and Florida campuses.
 A successful and safe
summer camping
season at Word of
Life. Many salvations
and commitments to
the Lord!

 Our children’s
continued growth and

 New LMS system for

the WOLBI academic

 God’s continuous The WOLBI New York campus is celebrating its 48th school year! This past weekend 367
blessing upon our lives students flooded the NY campus with books, suitcases, and great expectations for the school
and ministry. year ahead. The annual Opening Weekend Conference was a great success. Dr. Wendell
Calder, Founder of Local Church Evangelism, was our Opening Conference speaker. He
 Wonderful supporters started our year off right, by inspiring our students to make the most of their time at the
like you!
Bible Institute. It is so exciting to think of the ways God is going to use these young people
for His glory. Already we can see great potential in this class, and we are humbled to think
that we have even a small part in their spiritual growth and future ministry. What a joy it is to serve the Lord and these students this year!
Fall 2018

Dissertation Update: Paul spent much of the summer wor king on his PhD disser tation. He took sever al study
trips to Princeton University, Indiana University, and Clarks Summit University to do research and have access
resources which are only available in theological libraries. He is glad to be nearly half-way finished, and he hopes to
officially complete the dissertation this school year. His work is entitled “Archaeological Discoveries of Ancient
Corinth and the Exegesis of First Corinthians: From Archaeology to Exegesis.” He has completed 120 pages, and
expects to write another 150 pages. Please continue to pray for Paul as he juggles ministry, family, and PhD work. We
want him to finish well (and soon)!

Family Update: J er emiah Paul is now 20 weeks old. He is holding his head up, and is
showing signs of rolling over very soon. You can tell from the picture with his daddy that JP
is a very happy baby. He brings great joy to our little family, and we can’t remember what
life was like before he came along! Caroline is a very busy 2.5 year-old. She loves to play
outside, sing songs, read books, and color. We are truly blessed, and thank the Lord everyday
for our children.

From the heart of a mother: As I sit her e wr iting this

newsletter, Caroline is rummaging through the pen drawer,
looking for “card making” supplies, and Jeremiah has spit
up all over his third onesie for the day. Sometimes I feel as
though my whole day is spent cleaning up messes! I have
been struggling lately feeling like a “non-person,”
wondering if anyone out there even sees me (I am sure this
has been the experience for every mother at sometime). How thankful I am, however,
that in this season of life I am growing even closer to the Lord. I have been spending
extra time on Bible passages dealing with love. While it may sound cliché, I’m not
sure I fully understood what love was before having children. Sure, it’s easy to love
them in the snuggly times, but what about when they use your favorite lipstick as a
crayon? God is continually reminding me that love is not circumstantial. It is a
purposeful decision, and it should be an outpouring of the love that Christ has for me!
I cannot help but love others when I am reminded of His sacrifice. I want to be an
example of God’s love to not only my children, but to all those around me.

Coming up!
Fall Semester: Teaching Bible Study Methods and 1 & 2 Thessalonians at WOLBI New York
September 29: Main speaker at a Prophecy Conference in Pulaski, NY
October 28–Nov. 9: Teaching the Gospel of Matthew at WOLBI Hungary
November 4: Preaching at an alumnus’ church in Slovakia
November 18–23: Teaching the book of Hebrews at WOLBI Uganda
November 27–Dec.5: Teaching the Book of Daniel at WOLBI New York

We would love the opportunity to share at your church too!

Please let us know if you would like to hear how God is using WOL Bible Institutes around the world!

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