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“Delivering life’s essential services for our Island”

Shift Charge Engineer – Power Generation

The Organisation
Manx Utilities is a £100M turnover business, with a committed team of 360 people serving 49,000

The organisation is responsible for providing safe, reliable, efficient and economic supplies of electricity,
wholesale natural gas and clean water; as well as processing waste water, and delivering flood risk
management services across the Isle of Man.

Generation plant operated by Manx Utilities includes Gas Turbines, High Pressure and Low Pressure Steam
Generators, Steam Turbine and Diesel Engines which are operated in conjunction with a 90kV subsea cable
connected to the UK electrical system

The Position
 You will report to the Operations Manager
 The primary purpose of the job is to support Generation Division’s main objectives of providing a
safe, secure and economic supply of electricity to our customers.
 Ensure conduct and activities pay particular regard to Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality
 Ensure full compliance with Power Generation Division Safety rules and Manx Utilities procedures
 Ensure safe operations at all MU Power Generation sites

The Candidate
 Will have strong interpersonal skills, have a practicable approach to engineering and be able to
demonstrate the ability to work as a team leader, team member or independently.
 Should demonstrate enthusiasm for undertaking development, refresher training and mentoring of
 Should be self-motivated and demonstrate the ability to use initiative.
 Must have a flexible attitude to work scope and patterns.

Please submit a completed application form available on our website with your CV, marked
“Private & Confidential” to Human Resources Department at the address below.

Closing date: 29 January 2016

“Delivering life’s essential services for our Island”

Manx Utilities • PO Box 177 • Douglas • Isle of Man • IM99 1PS

e: • t: 01624 687687 •
What we are looking for…
Core responsibilities

Undertake and Delegate Operational Activities including:

 Ensure that Operational Procedures, Policies and Philosophy are applied appropriately to any given
Operational circumstances
 Maintain operational safety and efficiency
 Monitor the operation of main and auxiliary plant during normal running conditions including alarms
and fault annunciators and protective relay equipment
 Record and report divergences and faults and take action to correct defects and/or abnormalities
 Start/stop power generation plant either in manual or via DCS control, synchronise and load plant
as system or contractual demands dictate
 Control of System Voltage and Reactive Power flows and, when in Island mode, System Frequency
 Carry out adjustments and settings on running plant
 Carry out maintenance and fault finding on all items of plant and equipment, if operational
conditions allow
 Report on plant condition as required
 Operate communications, data transmission and display equipment
 Monitor Fire and Security systems for MUA sites
 Operate mechanical aids and use portable equipment and machine tools.

Perform the role of Senior Authorised Person and Control Person as defined in the Generation
Safety Rules including:
 Review and assess work packs (method statements, risk assessments etc) and prepare Safety
Documents in accordance with work planning procedures
 Issue, transfer, suspension and cancellation of Safety Documents as appropriate
 Control and Coordination of safety activities to achieve Safety from the System
 Isolation and De-isolation of equipment including dissipation of stored energy, purging and earthing
as appropriate
 HV and LV switching following instructions or in response to fault conditions.

Management activities including:

 Direct the work of Operational staff and others as required
 Liaise with the Trading Team to ensure the MUA maximises its revenue earning potential, minimises
costs and liabilities and meets contractual and legal obligations
 Chair and minute weekday Operations meetings
 Manage the response to unplanned occurrences at any Power Generation site acting as Incident
Controller when required

Manx Utilities • PO Box 177 • Douglas • Isle of Man • IM99 1PS

e: • t: 01624 687687 •
 Maintain clear communications with colleagues at all levels and ensure all relevant information is
handed over and understood at the start / end of any shift
 Line management and development of staff within the post holder’s assigned shift team
 Provide training and support training initiatives within the generation division.

Undertake and Delegate other tasks which may be assigned in accordance with capability and
competence and at any grade, including:
 Any necessary lifting and handling associated with plant items being worked upon
 Drive vehicles / mobile plant, clean them and carry out roadworthiness checks
 Carry out all reasonable requests to assist the Power Generation team in achieving, or exceeding
objectives and industry best practice
 General housekeeping activities to ensure that Power Generation plant, equipment, buildings and
environs are kept clean and tidy
 Undertake such training as necessary to allow for skills, competence and capability to be maintained
and developed.

Knowledge, skills & experience

 The candidate will be a time served craftsman or equivalent and have a minimum of either a BTEC,
HNC or HND qualification, preferably at a QCF level 4 or equivalent in either mechanical or electrical

 Have knowledge and experience of operating and maintaining in the Power, Process or Utility
Industries with a minimum of 5 years’ appropriate experience, all or some of the following:
CCGT, Gas turbine, Steam Turbine, Industrial Diesel Engines.

 Have achieved the status of SAP and have experience of High Voltage systems

What you can expect…


 Supervise Power Generation Division Operations Team

 Liaise with Power Generation Division Maintenance Team
 Liaise with Manx Utilities departments
 Liaise with external 3rd parties

Working Conditions

 The role will require the need to potentially work at any of the Power Generation Division sites
 To be a Shift team member operating within a 24hr / day, 7 days a week rota system


Manx Utilities • PO Box 177 • Douglas • Isle of Man • IM99 1PS

e: • t: 01624 687687 •
Essential/ Methods of
Desirable assessment
 Time served or has completed a modern apprenticeship with either a E CV
BTEC, HNC or HND qualification, preferably at QCF level 4 or
equivalent in either mechanical or electrical engineering.

E CV/interview
 Operation, Maintenance and fault finding on CCGT, Gas turbine,
steam turbine, industrial diesel engines, EC&I, HV electrical
equipment in a power generation or other high technology
D CV/interview
 The operation and application of safe systems of work in an
industrial environment
CV / Interview
 Team leadership, supervision or management of staff

Knowledge & Skills:

 An up to date knowledge of Health and Safety legislation. E CV/Interview
 Maintenance of mechanical / electrical, control instrumentation,
allied trades, fault finding and diagnostics experience in the power E CV/Interview
industry (preferably on CCGT plant).
 Knowledge of industrial diesel generation plant. E CV/Interview
 Senior Authorised Person status. E CV/Interview
 Breadth and depth of understanding across a wide range of E CV/Interview
engineering fields.
 IT competent

 A self - motivated individual with high personal standards and a E Interview
thorough and inquisitive approach to problems.
 Decision maker able to apply sound judgement independently and E Interview
under pressure when necessary.
 A willingness to continuously develop by undergoing new and E Interview
refresher training, review and assessment, for general and specialist
maintenance and operational activities. E Interview
 A willingness to cooperate with and pass on experience and provide
training to other staff. E Interview
 A proactive, flexible and “can do” attitude. E Interview
 Customer focused.

E Interview &
 Physically fit and in good health
 Holder of a valid driving licence. E CV

Manx Utilities • PO Box 177 • Douglas • Isle of Man • IM99 1PS

e: • t: 01624 687687 •