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Summary Performance Report For Voda-voda_140

Project: Opus_Plava laguna 09.19.2018

Prepared By: 09:13

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30WG-140A Water to Water Scroll Chiller

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Unit Information
SEER 12/7°C Comfort low temp: 6,17 kWh/kWh Manufacturing Source: Montluel, France
SEER 23/18°C Comfort medium temp: 6,90 kWh/kWh Refrigerant: R-410A
SEPR 12/7°C Process high temp: 6,95 kWh/kWh Capacity Control Steps: 3
ESEER: 6,15 kW/kW Minimum Capacity: 33 %
SCOP (Low 30°C/35°C): 6,29 kWh/kWh Number of Refrigerant Circuit: 1
SCOP (Medium 47°C/55°C)*: 5,05 kWh/kWh Operating/Shipping Weight: 768/730 kg
All data related to seasonal efficiency are given for standard units. Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 1583/880/1574 mm

* ECODESIGN Compliance value as per (EU) N° 813/2013 Electrical Information

Unit Voltage: 400(+/-10%)-3-50 V-Ph-Hz
Standby Power: 0,03 kW
Power Factor: 0,85
Cooling Mode
Performance Information Electrical Electrical
Cooling Capacity: 155,1 kW Amps (Un) Circuit 1 Circuit 2
Cooling Efficiency (EER): 5,98 kW/kW Maximum Current In (A): 87 None
Heat Capacity To Reject: 180,3 kW Start Up Current (A) 166 None
Unit Power Input: 25,94 kW Current at Eurovent 59 None
Evaporator Information Conditions (A)
Fluid Type: Fresh Water
Fouling Factor: 0,0000 (sqm-K)/kW Accessories and Installed Options
Leaving Temperature: 7,0 °C Opt. 25 Soft Starter
Entering Temperature: 12,0 °C Opt. 70F External Switch
Fluid Flow: 7,42 l/s Opt. 86 Condenser Insulation
Total Pressure Drop: 27,4 kPa Opt. 149 Bacnet over IP Gat
Condenser Information Opt. 58 Master/Slave operation
Opt. 257 Low Noise
Fluid Type: Fresh Water
Opt. 265 Cond screwed Connections
Fouling Factor: 0,0000 (sqm-K)/kW Opt. 264 Evap screwed Connections
Leaving Temperature: 26,0 °C Opt. 274 Connection Outlet/Inlet on top
Entering Temperature: 21,0 °C Opt. 256 Suction Line Insulation
Fluid Flow: 8,62 l/s
Total Pressure Drop: 32,0 kPa

Acoustic Information (cooling mode)

Sound Power Level (LwA): 75 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level at 1,0m (LpA): 58 dB(A)

All performances are compliant with EN14511 – 3 : 2013. Sound power level according to ISO9614 – 1.

CARRIER participates in the ECP program for Liquid Chilling Packages and Hydronic Heat Pumps. Check ongoing validity of

Outside the scope of AHRI Water-Cooled Water-Chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating Packages Certification Program, but is rated in
accordance with AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI).

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