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After a Life Altering Ski Accident, Unlikely Author Publishes Series of Books,

"Thoughts From Sunrise," to Impact the Subconscious Mind

New inspirational contemplative picture book series by Clayton Jarvinen. After a spiritual
awakening he shares inspired thoughts to help the reader work with the subconscious mind.

Chicago, IL, September 21, 2018 --( After a spiritual awakening the new author captures
thoughts from “the great mind,” as he puts it, in a series of contemplative picture books. Book sets will be
available for delivery on September 25th.

After a life altering ski accident Clayton Jarvinen spent years suffering inner turmoil trying to cope with
his new life conditions. Losing nearly every possession while unable to walk, work or do anything he had
done effortlessly a short while before he was forced to take a deep look inside.

While fighting suicidal depression he happened across a local meditation facility. With little practice
Clayton delved into a months long meditation practice with astounding results. Two and a half months of
silent meditation revealed to him, the nature of consciousness.

Mr. Jarvinen has taken this inspiration and “spiritual awakening” into his daily life. While writing his
memoir, Mirror Mirror, he has compiled this series of picture books as a fun and accessible way for
others to connect to a deeper sense of themselves; to “uncondition the mind from habitual thinking.” His
unconventional approach to spirituality makes often difficult esoteric concepts easier to understand.

Thoughts From Sunrise™ captures the morning sun outside his home at the lakefront of the northern
Chicago neighborhood of East Rogers Park. Each photo is accompanied by an inspired daily thought from
the field of consciousness.

Clayton Jarvinen can be found on Facebook and Instagram sharing his inspirational thoughts: search
awake38. Book reading dates and locations will soon follow.

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