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EMPLOYMENT CONT! T JEFFREY NEECE, SUPERINTENDENT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC This agreement made by and between the CITY OF CHICOPEE, a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, hereinafier referred to as the City, and Jeffrey Neece, Superintendent of the City’s Department of Public Works, hereinafter referred to as the Superintendent, The City and the Superintendent for consideration stated herein mutually agree as follows: ARTICLE SCOPE OF SERVICES ‘The Superintendent shall, in a full time position, be the head and have the general supervision of the Department of Public Works. The Superintendent shall perform all functions reserved to said Superintendent in the Department of Public Works Ordinance adopted by the City of Chicopee. ARTICLE I TERMS OF SERVICE This agreement shall begin on June 17, 2013 and terminate on June 30, 2018, a period of five (5) years and thirteen (13) days. The Superintendent may be removed from this position only for documented just cause by the Mayor, with the approval of seven (7) members of the City Council, after public hearing held by the Mayor, upon a seven (7) day notice in writing at the residence of the Superintendent, setting forth the cause and the time and place of hearing. ‘The Superintendent of the Department of Public Works shall not be a Civil Service position. The Superintendent shall be deemed to be a managerial and confidential employee defined in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 150E and shall not be included in a Collective Bargaining unit or entitled to coverage under said Chapter. ‘The terms and conditions of this contract shall be automatically extended and shall remain in effect until the approval of any subsequent contract. ARTICLE THT COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS ‘The compensation for the Superintendent shall be as follows: Fiscal Year 2014 - $90,000 Fiscal Year 2015 - $92,000 Fiscal Year 2016 - $94,000 Fiscal Year 2017 - $96,000 Fiscal Year 2018 - $98,000 ARTICLE IV C IN The Superintendent shall have a paid vacation as follows: Four (4) weeks per calendar year. Vacations shall be scheduled with the approval of the Mayor upon fourteen (14) days prior notice, however, the Superintendent shall be allowed to schedule a vacation day or days with less notice with an oral request to the Mayor and the Mayor’s approval shall not be unreasonably denied. If the Superintendent has started his vacation and is called back to work, he shall be compensated for such reasonable costs incurred due to said callback to work, for example; plane fare, hotel costs, and such reasonably related expenses. Time utilized to attend professional conferences and other related meetings will not be charged to vacation or sick leave time. ARTICLE V CK LEAVE AND LEAVE OF Al ‘The Superintendent shall continue to receive his regular compensation during the period of his absence from duty because of total disability resulting from personal injuries, sickness, or illness not arising out of and in the course of his employment. Compensation for such disability shall be limited to 1-1/4 days for each month of setvice in the preceding Twelve (12) months, but no more nor less than Fifteen (15) days in any twelve (12) month period. ARTICLE VIE HOLIDAYS ‘The Superintendent shall have the following paid holidays: Ye day before New Year’s Labor Day Now Year’s Day Columbus Day Martin Luther King Day Veteran’s Day Washington’s Birthday Thanksgiving Day % day Good Friday day after Thanksgiving Day Patriot’s Day ¥ day before Christmas Day Memorial Day Christmas Day Independence Day In addition to the foregoing holidays, all such additional holidays as may be established by the President of the United States, the Congress, the Governor or the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shall be celebrated in the same manner. ARTICLE VIII INSI iC ‘The Superintendent shall be eligible for such medical, dental, and life insurance coverage and rates as is currently provided to all municipal employees or such successor medical insurance coverage as may be implemented for said employees. ARTICLE IX BEREAVEMENT LEAVE ‘The Superintendent shall be granted leave without loss of pay in the event of death in his immediate family, Such leave shall be five (5) days for spouse, mother, father and children and three (3) days for all other immediate family members, excluding the day of the death and shall be for the purpose of attending the services for the deceased. For the purpose of the Article, the term “immediate family” shall ‘mean and include the following Spouse Brother Grandmother Grandfather Child Mother Father Son-in-Law Daughter-in-Law Sister Grandson Mother-in-Law Father-in-Law Brother-in-Law Sister-in-Law Granddaughter Stepchildren