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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Two Year Full Time Master’s of

Business Administration

Submitted by - Under the Guidance of –

Charu Chauhan Faculty Mentor’s- Manoj kumar jha

Industry Mentor’s- Mr. Saurav kumar

ITS Mohan Nagar Designation-(TL)

Roll no- 1603870038




I hereby declare that this Summer Internship Project is my own work and that, to the best of my

knowledge and belief, it reproduces no material previously published or written that has been

accepted for the award of any other degree of diploma, except where due acknowledgement has

been made in the text.

(Disha Dobriyal)

Roll No. No.-1603870038


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Date: ………….


This is to certify that Mr. /Ms…………………….is student of Institute of Technology and

Science, MBA Batch 2016-18 has successfully completed his/ her summer internship under the

guidance of Mr./ Ms………………………(Industry Mentor’s Name) for a duration of

…………………..weeks, from…….to…………, 2017.

During his/her tenure with us, we found him/her ………………………..

We wish him/ her all the very best for future endeavours.




Organization seal


This is to certify that Ms. Disha Dobriyal, MBA(Batch 2016-18) a student of Institute of

Technology and Science has undertaken the project on “Analyzing Recruitment And

Selection Process At Spectrum Talent Management”. The project has been carried out

by the student in practical fulfillment of the requirements for the award of MBA, under my

guidance and supervision.

I am satisfied with the work of Ms. Disha Dobriyal

Date : Faculty Mentor’s Name: Dr. Charu Choudhary



The present work is an effort to throw some light on Recruitment and Selection procedure in

SPECTRUM TALENT MANAGEMENT. With deep sense of gratitude I acknowledged the

encouragement and guidance received by my Project Guide Mrs. Priyanka , in his valuable guidance. She

has been a constant guiding force and source of illumination for me. She was very generous in giving me

this opportunity to work under shape. I would like to thank her for her valuable advice and guidance. Her

supervision, assistance, inspiration and cooperation the work would not have been possible to come to the

present shape. Further I would thank all the staff members of HR division who have been very courteous

in providing all other information about company .I am also thankful to all the respondents who spared

their valuable time for filling up the questionnaire and helped me out with this project. I convey my

heartful affection to all those people who helped and supported me during course, for completion of my

Project Report.

1. Executive Summary 7
2. Introduction to project- Recruitment 8-9
3. Sources of recruitment 10-12
4. Creating Talent Pool 13
5. Selection 14-16
6. Objective of the study 17
7. Scope of the study 18
8. Study -Recruitment process of Spectrum done for clients 19-27
9. Key responsibilities in Spectrum 28-29
10. Learning Outcomes from Internship 30
11. Company profile 31-56
12. Research Methodology 57-58
13. Analysis and Interpretation of Data 59-79
14. Findings 80
15. Limitation of the Survey 81
16. Recommendation 82-84
17. Conclusion 85-86
18. Bibliography 87
19. Annexure 88-94


I interned with Spectrum talent management which is a comprehensive HR services company

offering solutions spanning the entire talent life cycle including Recruitment, On boarding, Payroll and

Flexible Staffing. The main objective is to study the recruitment and selection process followed by

the organization for their clients and understandthe barriers to effective recruitment and selection

process at Spectrum.

The sources of project depends on accurate data which is collectedboth primary and secondary

data collection method .A sample size of 50 employees. Internal Promotions and Job Portals are

mostly used recruitment source. Concerned departmental head is given special attention while

selecting a candidate of the department.

To be conclude, Management should structure and systematically organize the entire recruitment

processes. It should offers tolls and support to enhance performance, solutions and optimizing

the recruitment processes to ensure improved ROI. Due to time constraint in-depth study could

not be carried out.As the strength of the company is big, it was not possible to draw sample from

each and every department.



The action of finding new people to join an organization or support a clause is generally called as

recruitment. Recruitment is a process of analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting

employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new

employees into the organization through various induction programs.

Companies, governments and non profits organizations do recruitment for their various job roles.

Recruitment thus becomes an essential part of an organization in its growth process. It can be

said as the core function of human resource management. It is the first step of appointment.

Generally, managers, human resource generalists and recruitment specialists carry out the task of

recruitment in organizations, but in some cases public-sector employment agencies, commercial

recruitment agencies, or specialist search consultancies are used to undertake parts of this


Recruitment process generally happens in three stage process. The three steps of recruitment are-

Job analysis, Sourcing, and Screening and selection. Job analysis includes analysing the

requirement of the particular job and then drafting up a job description or job specifications.

Sourcing is the use of one or more strategies to attract or identify candidates to fill job vacancies.

Screening and selection process helps in finding out the suitable candidate and employers are

legally mandated to ensure them so that they meet equal opportunity and ethical standards.

Thus we can say that ‘Recruitment is the activity that links employer and job seekers’.

In sourcing:

Companies recruit the candidates and, employ them, train and develop them and utilize the

human resources of these candidates. This strategy is called In-sourcing. Companies formulate

and implement this strategy when the corporate strategy is stable.

Out sourcing:

Some service companies depend for their human resources on such external organization whose

core business is to provide human resources. This strategy is called Out-sourcing. Out-sourcing

strategy is more suitable for both the fast growing and diversifying companies.

 To search for talent globally and not just within the company.

 To design entry pay that competes on quality but not on quantum.

 To anticipate and final people for positions that do not exists yet.

Subsequent step. Employee selection is the process of putting right men on the right job.

It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and

qualifications of people. Effective selection can be done only where there is effective

matching. By selecting best candidate for the required job, the organization will get

quality performance of employees. Moreover, organization will face less absenteeism

and employee turnover problems. By selecting right candidate for the required job,

organization will also save time and money. Proper screening of candidates takes place

during selection procedure. All the potential candidates who apply for the given job are


Sources of Recruitment

Sources of recruitment may be classified into two broad categories, namely intenal external


Internal Sources

Present employees-permanent, temporary & casual employees already on the payof the

organization are a good source. Vacancies may be filled up from eachemployee through

promotion, transfer, upgrading & even demotion.

Retired & retrenched employees who want to return to the company may be rehired. Dependents

& relatives of deceased & disabled employees.

External Sources

 Educational and training institutions

Various institute like IIMs, IITs, engineering college, medical colleges, ITI's, & universities are a

good sources for recruiting well qualified executives, engineers, medical staff, pharmacists,

chemist etc. They provide facilities for campus interview & placement.

 Placement agencies

Several private consultancy firms perform recruiting function on behalf of the client companies

by charging fee. Employment exchange-

Government of India has established public employment exchange throughout the country. These

exchanges provide information about job vacancies to the job seekers and help employers in

identifying suitable candidates. They contain a data bank of candidates of different types of jobs.

Whenever they get notice from employers the concerned candidates are informed. A list of such

persons is sent to the employer. The employment exchanges Act 1959 makes it obligatory for

both public sector enterprises to fill certain types of vacancies through employment exchanges

also provide vocational guidance and job counseling to jobseekers.

 Labor contractors

Manual workers can be recruited through contractors whomaintain close links with the sources

of such workers. This source is often used to recruit labor for construction jobs. The

disadvantage of this source isthat when the contractor leaves the organization, people employed

through him also go.

 Employee recommendations

Office bearers of trade unions are often aware of the suitability of candidates. Management can

enquire these leaders for suitable jobs. In some organizations, there is formal agreement to give

priority in recruitment

 Press advertisement

Advertisement in newspaper & journals is a widely used source ofrecruitment. The

advantage of this is that it has a very wide reach. One advertisement in a leading daily can

cover millions of persons throughout the country. Cost per person is very low. This method

can be used for clerical, technical and managerial jobs


As mentioned earlier in the report, creating Talent pool is also one of the main task of the talent

acquisition team of HR dept. of any organization. Talent pool is defined as the database of

individuals created by the recruiter during the recruitment process. It is usually made within an

Applicant Tracking System. It could be mainly based on experience, job title, designation and

skill sets. This process of creating a talent pool for an organization is highly helpful to the

recruiter as it as beneficial tool to help locate talent in the database, quickly and effectively. It

further reduces recruitment costs, agency costs, and reduces the time to hire.

SPECTRUM also has its own talent pool system. The HR team has another team in the talent

acquisition team itself which takes care of creating talent pool and maintaining the talent pool for

CBRE. Technology has already marked its importance in every field today and today the talent

acquisition teams also take the help of this technology in creating the talent pool also. Software’s

are available in market for recruiters to create a talent pool and SPECTRUM also uses one of this

software to maintain its talent pool. The software used by SPECTRUM is known as CSM



Once the recruiting effort has developed a pool of candidates, the next step in the HRM process

is to determine who is best qualified for the job. This step is called the selection process. The

enterprise decides whether to make a job offer and how attractive the offer should be. The job

candidate decides whether the enterprise and the job offer fit his or her needs and personal goals.

The process also seeks to predict which applicants will be successful if hired. Success, in this

case, means performing well on the criteria the enterprise uses to evaluate employees


Selection is a long process , commencing from the preliminary interview of the applicants and

ending with the contract of employment.


 To study the recruitment and selection process followed by the organization for their


 To understand the barriers to effective recruitment and selection.

 To understand the present recruitment and selection scenario in organization.


 The research will enable a research to study thoroughly the recruitment and selection


 This research will help the researcher to have a better insight into the recruitment and

selection process followed by organization for their clients.

 This research will help in better evaluation of the recruitment and selection process.

 Feedback received from employees , will highlight present recruitment and selection

scenario in the organization.

The recruitment process of SPECTRUM done for their clients is

explained below:-


A position when opened in FMCG companies (clients) comes first to the recruitment

team of the FMCG department. Various recruitment teams handle various positions of the

different business lines. An appropriate job description helps the recruitment team in

finding the brightest, most competent, flexible, reliable, and multifaceted employees. , the

recruiter himself drafts a job description after listening to the requirements of the

business clients so that it can help them in knowing the required knowledge, skills,

education, experience and capabilities that you are seeking in your new employee. This

job description when further send to the shortlisted candidates will help them in

understanding the duties and responsibilities of the position for which they are applying.


SPECTRUM does job postings for recruiting candidates. They post jobs on the company

websites and also post job openings on various social media sites including linkedIn. The

recruiters search the professional networking sites most of the times to find about a right

candidate mainly when they are hiring for a higher designation.


Sourcing is the process of finding resumes within the recruitment process. Recruiters of

both the third party and corporate’s need to find qualified candidates for their open job

orders, often with some niche requirements. Sourcing is many times used to refer to

highly specialized talent searches. However, sourcing is also more than specialized

resume search and candidate name generation. It is also an integral part of any company’s

overall hiring and talent acquisition strategy. In the recruitment industry, therefore,

sourcing when referred to as a tactic, often means the practice of finding specialized

candidates on the internet or through phone work. When referred to as a strategy,

sourcing can mean a number of different broad hiring initiatives or approaches to labour

requirements in market.

SPECTRUM also follows its own pattern in sourcing candidates. The talent acquisition

team of SPECTRUM mainly follows internet sourcing tactics in recruiting its candidates.

The recruitment team sources candidates from different job portals and also takes help

from recruiting agencies. For sourcing at higher levels and that too for niche positions,

they source candidates from recruiting agencies and from internal links.

 NAUKRI.COM is one of the main and most used job portals of SPECTRUM

recruiting team. Recruiting team posts job openings in SPECTRUM in and invites applicants from various firms with relevant qualification

and experience for the post. There is an employer zone page in which

is used by SPECTRUM, to post and source candidates. The advanced search

criteria in the employer zone page provide the recruiting team to source

candidate’s profile using specific keywords. The page gives the employer options

to specify his requirements and identify and target only particular candidates who

fulfil all the requirements of the employer.

The criteria’s that are specifically mentioned on the page are:


Experience required:

CTC range:

Educational qualifications:



Male/ Female:

Notice period:

Additional information’s:

There are some more options which will help you in sourcing right CV’s. The company

pays a good sum of money as fees to annually to help them source CV’s from

them. By paying that much the company can source up to 35000 annually. The official e-

mail ID of the recruiter is synced with and they will have a unique password

to access the portal and this is the only way to get access to the data. You can download

the CV’s from the portal and even download the CV which is uploaded by the

employees on the sites.


As we all know, LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the

business community. This site allows registered members to establish and

document networks of people they know and trust professionally. SPECTRUM

also takes help of LinkedIn to source candidates and to generate leads and

professional information about candidates for high profile hirings.


Once the job opening is posted or the sourcing is done, then comes the process of

screening or shortlisting the required candidates only. The CV’s are reviewed by the

recruiters and they check that which all candidates fulfill their requirements. Finding out

candidates is not the real task of a good recruiter, finding qualified and talented

candidates is the main task. Even if the right CV’s are identified then also the recruiter

has to find out whether that particular is interested for a new job or is interested in our

particular firm. Screening of candidate is done by different methods but mainly by

telephonic rounds. SPECTRUM also does the first screening by conducting telephonic



Interviews are conducted by almost all organizations to select candidates to fill their job

openings. This method helps the recruiter in identifying who is best and who is not from

the lined up candidates. Not only the educational aspect but other traits of the candidates

are also identified while conducting interviews. Some of the benefits of conducting

interviews are mentioned below:

- Communication skills of the candidates can be checked.

- Can check the confidence level of the candidate.

- The social behaviour of the candidates can be analysed.

- The body language and the smartness of the candidates can be checked.

- It is an excellent way to whittle down large masses.

- Additional information’s can be gathered.

- Expectation’s of the candidates is known.

- The recruiter can explain their job requirements and clarify everything beforehand.

Different interviews are conducted by different organizations depending upon their

requirements. The types of interviews conducted by SPECTRUM are telephonic

interviews, face to face interviews, Skype interviews, technical interviews and written

test interviews.


Telephonic interviews are the first round of screening candidates done by many of the

top organizations. SPECTRUM also conducts telephonic interviews to shortlist

candidates on the first level. It is the first level of screening. It is defined as an

interview conducted over the phone by the employer to screen the candidate on the

ground level requirements. A candidate’s answer to phone screening interview

questions can allow you to speedily identify the most promising candidates. Some of

the questions that are mainly asked while conducting telephonic interviews at

SPECTRUM are as follows:

 Tell me a little about yourself

 What reasons do you have for leaving your current or recent job?

 What is a typical day like at your current or most recent job?

 Why do you want this job?

 How do you see yourself contributing for this position?

 What are your current designation and your current CTC?

 What is your overall experience?

 What is your notice period and how soon you can join as if you get selected?

 When is it possible for you to attend a face to face interview?

The candidates shortlisted in this round is then invited for the face to face interview

by the HR by dropping him an e-mail which contains the interview call letter and the

job description.


It can be described as a data collection method where the interviewer directly

communicates with the interviewee and try to find out information’s from him by

putting up different questions before him. This method enables the interviewer to

acquire factual information, attitudes, preferences and other information coming out

of during the conversion with the respondent.

It is a hiring process that requires a systematic approach. The hiring manager who

will be conducting such type of interviews must be completely prepared, and well

organized. He may require good experience into conducting interviews, may ask

relevant questions to the candidate and should have the ability to identify potential


In SPECTRUM , the HR recruiter invites the candidates for the face to face interview

after they have been screened by telephonic interview. The first round of face to face

interview is taken by the HR itself and he/she screens the candidate on their own

basis and then sends the right candidate’s to the concerned person in the concerned

organization (client) for the second round of face to face interview.

In the second round of face to face interview, the interviewer interviews the candidate

and selects the right candidate amongst the lined up candidates and thus informs the

HR about the selected candidates.

Technical interviews

A technical round of interview typically features that are specific to the role you have

applied for. These might include brain teaser questions/ or numerical reasoning



Once the candidates are shortlisted, then the main task before the recruiter is to conduct

the background verification and the references of the candidates. It is noted that many

organizations and recruiters miss this step in the recruitment process. Hiring a wrong

person may prove extremely costly to the organization.

SPECTRUM also does background verification of its employees before placing an offer

to the selected candidates. References, or any other related documents are collected by

the operations team before they give them the offer letter.


Once the background verification is also done then the HR manager offers the OFFER

LETTER to the candidates. It can be said as a contract of employment between the

employee and the employer. It must provide the employee with all the details regarding

his job.


This is one of the most important step in the recruitment process. Some people believe

that recruitment process stops with the employee accepting the offer letter. But the truth

is that recruitment process ends with the follow up process.

In SPECTRUM we take follow up of the candidates to whom the offer letter was offered.

We asked them about their on boarding session ,or any other issue they are facing so that

the candidate easily adjust with the environment of the organization and don’t think about

changing the job.


In SPECTRUM, I was hired as an intern in the FMCG dept. for recruitment.


 My job was to create talent pool for SPECTRUM by uploading the CV’s in the software

called CRM (carrier site manager)

 I had to source candidates from for various profile like sales executive ,Area

sales executive, Junior technical assistance, Graphical designing, Assistant manager

maintenance mechanical, distribution sales executive, assistant manager admin and

security, finance executive , HR officer, Research associate regulatory affairs, assistant

manager marketing analytics, boiler operator, receptionist ,senior manager finance,

welfare officer, territory sales manager.

 To prepare Job Description for the above mentioned profiles and understanding the

responsibilities expected from these candidates.

 To conduct initial round of telephonic round of interviews for the above mentioned

profiles based on the candidates communication skills, their current job role, CTC, and

other basic details

 To draft and send interview call letter for clients for clients by sending E- mails.

 To coordinate in the selection procedures of the above profiles with the client teams.

 To check the joining formalities of the new employees and help then in their document

verification and sorting out their queries.

 To understand the client’s needs to hire for them.

 To source CV’S and conduct initial round of face to face interview for various business


 To prepare Job Description for the above mentioned profiles and understanding the

responsibilities expected from these candidates.


 Learned about the organization’s culture, values, atmosphere, various policies, vision,

mission and goals.

 Gained practical knowledge of creating and maintaining talent pool.

 Helped in understanding how to source candidates for a particular position and how to

conduct telephonic round of interviews for different designations and job profiles.

 Learned to prepare Job description by understanding the client’s requirement from a

particular post

 Got knowledge of how to deal with colleagues and seniors in an organization.

 Got knowledge about the various positions for which I sourced candidates.






Spectrum Talent Management is a comprehensive HR services company offering solutions

spanning the entire talent life cycle including Recruitment, On boarding, Payroll and Flexible


Founded in 2008, we are a continuously growing, yet mature service firm specializing in

recruitment and staffing requirements of global organizations. Our leadership and high

acceptance in the market is evident by the phenomenal growth that we have demonstrated in just

few years of our inception. From Permanent recruitment to Flexi staffing, Payroll management to

RPO, the orbit of the value add that we provide our customers with has always evolved, and

diversified from time to time. This has enabled us to become a preferred vendor with most of our


Key pointers:

 Established in 2008

 6 Offices globally including 5 in India and Dubai

 Presence through partner companies in Australia and Singapore

 Strong credentials in the following industry verticals:


Banking and Financial Services

Consumer businesses (FMCG/CD)

Engineering/Oil and Gas

Information & Technology

Management Consulting and Research


 Offerings Include :

Contingent recruitment

Contract Staffing

Executive Search (PRO-Spect)

Global Migrations/recruitment

Global Recruiter Leasing

IT Staff Augmentation

Payroll Management




1-Contingent recruitment

2-Contract Staffing

3-Executive Search (PRO-Spect)

4-Global Recruitment

5-IT Staff Augmentation

6-Payroll Management


Contingent Recruitment

Sometimes it makes sense to pay only when the process is complete and your new hire is on

board. Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for companies looking to fill mid-level

to upper management positions on a non-confidential basis.

The critical success factor in contingency recruitment is in establishing the right specifications

for both job roles and candidate profiles. These specifications include company background and

structure and detailed information about the precise skills required. It’s our experience and the

investment of time at this stage that enables the process to run to pre-arranged interview dates,

times and venues.

At STM, we treat contingency recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion. We

possess an unparalleled national network of candidates, sophisticated technology, rigorous

market research and analytics, a holistic communications process and deep industry knowledge.

The experience of our team ensures quality of service throughout the recruitment process. Our

recruitment consultants are dedicated to understanding both the requirements of the role and each

candidate’s skills and experience. During the in-depth pre-screening we also examine and

document the candidate’s personality and motivation, which is particularly useful to clients, and

normally present no more than four candidates for any one position. This ensures both sufficient

choice and the highest quality of candidates.

Our search methodology separates us from others in the contingency recruiting space and

ensures that you receive the focused insight and dedicated commitment to hiring success that you

and your business deserve. We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your

precise hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for your consideration.

We present top candidates to you through comprehensive profiles, and we arrange interviews for

each candidate you select.

We are retained by our clients to find employees for key positions and are retained to hunt key

resources for further openings. We are the vendors of choice for many companies and stay

committed to serve them whenever and wherever they need. We have over the years developed

competencies to search and recruit key executives spread across multiple skills, domains and

across levels, right from the Junior Executive to Top Management professionals.

We partner organizations in major metros and tier I & II towns, so that you can relax while your

recruitment needs are taken care of. Our delivery capability is spread across sectors as wide as IT

/ ITES, KPO, Automotive, Auto Ancillary, Consumer Businesses, EPC, Pharma, Audit and

Consulting, Infrastructure, Telecom and a few more.


STM works across industry verticals, catering to requirements of leading names in BFSI,

Consumer Durables, Retail, Telecom, Chemical, Manufacturing, e-commerce, Pharmaceuticals

and healthcare sectors. A combination of people, process & technology focus enables us to

enhance business productivity by enabling our clients to outsource their staffing requirements

and allowing them to focus on operating and growing their core businesses.

This has resulted in STM dedicating its efforts towards developing resources and specialist

expertise to source and retain highly-skilled teams for projects of all sizes. Our teams have

employed these essential tools to deliver excellence across various activities in the human

resource industry:

 Recruitment and transfers/migration

 Payroll management

 Statute & compliance management

 Grievance management

 Engagement programs

 Exit formalities

Benefits to the clients:

 Single Window Contact

 Implementation of minimum wages

 Manpower availability at all times

 Help Clients to concentrate on core areas

 Reducing internal hiring cost

 Issue appointment letters

 AOP – Associate Orientation Program

 No permanency claim

 Easy online access to Associate details

 Labour Law Management

 Anytime anywhere access to payroll data through a comprehensive Online Employee Self

Service (ESS) / Mobile app /HRSS which empowers employees and HR teams to view

relevant information

 Centralization and standardization of the entire payroll management process for the

client across multiple locations

 Online document submission for easy and transparent exchange of information

We at STM believe & Follow a phrase that in this competitive Staffing Market : “You’ll never

have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer

service culture can’t be copied.”

We believe in developing a specific & dedicated Client Servicing Team as per Client needs

because we value our association.

We all understand that true strategic advantage is difficult to imitate. Customer service is one of

those things that can deliver strong competitive advantage. We all know the examples of Apple,

Southwest airlines etc.

Flexible to be “perfectly staffed”

Hand Holding employer and employee

No Cash handling.

100% compliance management & Audit Support

Monthly and client specific – PF submission

Dedicated Ops & Sourcing team for each client.

Educating and assisting Associates with all compliance.

Strict 48hr “TAT” for our ops.

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.”

Executive Search (PRO-Spect)

As an organisation, we are enablers. If there are several leaders whom we have helped to move

into their current roles, there are several others who have grown into leadership from the roles

we helped them access years ago. Our approach is to move you into the best path, not just the

best spot – because careers are streams not ponds.

PRO-Spect, the executive search arm of STM is a boutique executive search firm specializing in

CXO and specialist searches across functions and levels for a number of global and Indian


Executive search and selection requires the application of a rigorous methodology, and a

comprehensive approach taking into account and targeting across such factors as specific

competitors, industry, job function, management style and future potential. We differentiate

ourselves by offering our clients a “hands-on”, timely and cost effective approach that

emphasizes client communication and learning, process management and quality control.

We specialise in the search and recruitment of top-notch professionals at middle and senior

management levels across a broad range of industries. With well established offices, widespread

network and a dedicated team of qualified consultants, we help blue-chip world leaders to fill

positions across India and at several international locations.

We manage a limited number of engagements and offer best in class expertise, coupled with

deep local market knowledge and intuition that has been built over a decade of search experience

in India. Certified and compliant, we operate out of offices in Dubai, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru,

Chennai and Pune.

Engagements are personalized and bespoke, and always managed by an experienced consultant

with industry knowledge and extensive networks. Unmatched in the industry, our core team of

partners and researchers has worked together unconditionally, and our research and engagement

team each have between 5-15 years of search experience.

Committed to the diversity agenda, over 15% of all our placements to date have been women and

minorities. We also provide additional bespoke services in the areas of market mapping and

diversity searches.

Global Recruitment – MENA

STM has been perennially focusing on people and their knowledge. Specializing in Recruitment

Solutions and business consultancy, STM serves the private and public sectors in the Middle

East and North Africa. Driven by some of the most qualified consultants and recruiters, highly

specialized in their own market sectors, we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding its clients’

demands and needs. Based in India and UAE, STM has a network stretched across the region. It

has also built strategic partnerships with comparable recruitment and training corporations

around the world.

From the very beginning, STM has fostered the spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence

that continues to underlie all of the company’s success and was driven by the belief that quality

is the best route to maximize productivity. Our Middle East office was founded in December

2012, headquartered in Dubai UAE. We deal with clients in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain,

Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt and other key areas in the MENA region. Our consultants’ sector-

specific knowledge and unique understanding of the local market allows us to offer an

exceptional level of service across all divisions.

STM is a well established recruitment firm that provides specialized contingency and retained

recruitment solutions in the following sectors across the MENA region.

 Accountancy and Finance

 Banking Technology

 Energy

 Engineering

 Global Markets

 IT and Media

 Legal

 Oil and Gas

 Sales and Marketing

 Supply Chain

 Telecommunications

We have had the privilege of having enjoyed continuous growth over the past 8 years and a

widely connected network of desirable professionals across the globe. We are prominently

regarded as one the leading executive recruitment consultancies offering unparalleled training,

career progression and support to our consultants. This enables best in class service delivery

across the marketplaces we focus upon.

STM is committed to developing long term business relationships in the MENA region and take

pride in the provision of quality recruitment support to our clients. Firms driven by a need to

attract the best candidates from the local and international community use us repeatedly to gain

competitive advantage in the acquisition of hard to find skill sets across the MENA region.

STM has the most extensive database of experienced and qualified candidates available for

regional deployment. We have been working closely with the region’s leading organizations

providing candidates with excellent career path development and unrivaled employment


Global Recruitment (Far East Asia and Australia)

Spectrum Talent Management serves the Far East Asian countries including Singapore,

Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia And Australia & New Zealand for their local recruitment

needs. We work with our clients to profile the successful candidates by focusing on outcomes not

qualifications. Our proven method for selecting the right talent for the right companies has been

cultivated from 8 years of success. When you work with us, you retain the benefit of our

experience! Whether you need contract personnel, permanent or both we’ll overcome your talent

management challenges.

A thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and a deep-rooted understanding of culture,

lifestyle and business practices in each country has enabled us to introduce and place many

exceptional individuals over the years.

Through our highly-specialized consultants, we have gained the reputation for matching people

and companies together across industries and across the globe.

Our network of branches throughout Asia and in Australia allows us to source the highest caliber

professionals from all over the world for clients, and enables us to find international

appointments for candidates with the aspirations, skills and language ability to work overseas in

today’s global marketplace.

As a major recruitment agency, we make the most of our size and track record, our global

network and our corporate culture to deliver recruitment solutions to our clients.

Seasoned pros, expats, or locals- the fabric of your company is people.

When you have the right people on board, wonderful things happen! Call us to discuss your


Global HR Backend

Corporate recruiting departments and staffing firms have a continual need to lower costs while

increasing recruiting productivity — and some recruiting organizations have turned to

outsourcing. Outsourcing can take many forms including retaining an overseas-based recruitment

process outsourcing firm, sending job orders to staffing agencies, participating in split-fee

recruiter networks, or hiring contract sourcers and/or recruiters.

A less-expensive solution being implemented by progressive U.S. companies is partnering with

an offshore recruiting firm. The cost of an offshore sourcer or recruiter is generally about one-

third to one-half the cost of a Local-based contract sourcer or recruiter. Offshore recruiting firms

allow overseas-based in-house recruiters to offload time-consuming, but important tasks, such as

candidate sourcing and screening. With the additional time, in-house recruiters can work on and

close more open positions, focus on complex tasks requiring the greatest skills, provide a more

positive experience for candidates, and delight hiring managers by presenting higher quality


At Spectrum Talent Management, we provide professional HR outsourcing solutions for your

business with the ideal administrative methods that ensure a smooth progression of your

company’s management.

Our team of expert recruiters at Spectrum Talent Management source CVs of potential talents

from multiple leading Job Boards of the world to match job requirements of your business

precisely. Our team will source candidates from global job boards, internal candidate database

and from the internet to find active candidates to meet the specific job requirements of your

organization’s human resource services to your company. Our effective methods of recruiting

and selection processes; policy development & management; employee training and

development programs, help you gain an efficient ascendancy over your enterprise.


At Spectrum Talent Management our verticals are designed according to industry needs and one

large need of the industry is IT Staff augmentation. This is a separate offering as needs for IT

Staffing in today’s competitive scenario can be very complex

Key Highlights

 Best practices and tools for rapid recruitment

 Automated Resource Management System

 Access to large pool of pre-qualified talent, local and national

 24X7 Global recruiting team with national level network of highly qualified and pre-

screened IT talent

 Robust candidate screening process with in-house technical and business experts

 Focus on delivering customer delight and enhancing employee engagement

STM provides the right talent – at the right time – to enable our customers to meet their IT

staffing needs. Our team screens and interviews all candidates to determine their technical

capabilities, the relevance of their experience for a specific role, and cultural fit within our

customer’s organizations.

Further, the personnel and HR needs of the deployed resources are required to be managed

through the tenure to their utmost satisfaction. Our uniqueness is to ensure meticulous

compliance to statutory requirements and guarantee employee satisfaction by engaging them in

various ways although all of them work at client sites or end-user sites.

To achieve all the above, we have 3 specialized functionaries working from 5 different locations

across India – Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune

The functionaries at each location consist of a team of Business Development people for close

interaction with clients, a team of Recruiters to locate the right profiles and dedicated operations

teams. They are appropriately supported by corporate Shared services teams that perform

centralized activities from contract reviews and background checks to salary payment and

statutory compliance (PF, ESI etc.) to documentation needs like Appointment Orders and

Release letters.

We help organizations in this augmentation process by placing staff – with positive background

– that can work as turnkey resources and also endowed with the required skill sets and

experience to handle functions from Day One. STM staff has the skills and expertise to support a

variety of technologies and domains, including application development and management,

business intelligence and data warehousing, software engineering, software testing, project

management, business analysis, training, support and more. STM offers high quality staffing

services in the area of information technology to organizations ranging from emerging

businesses to Fortune 100 companies using following engagement models:

 IT Contract Staffing Model

 IT Contract-to-Hire Model

 IT Managed Services Model


Whether you need a vanilla payroll processing capability; or your requirement is that of

integrated, on-demand SaaS based payroll services – Spectrum shall be able to provide you with

a fully compliant managed service along with the necessary technology platforms to suit your

needs. Our team of highly motivated payroll processors believe in delivering payroll on time and

with complete accuracy, thereby ensuring that your HR team can focus on core HR issues and

leave the payroll worries to us!

With our targeted services you can focus on your business and leave the entire payroll process on

us. You can also get in touch with our team to avail our premium online payroll services.

 Processing of salary as per the inputs received from client like Attendance, New Joinees,

Resignee, Salary Increment, Incentive, Advance, Loan etc. thru our own developed in-

house payroll software.

 Managing Attendance record, Leave record, Pay registers etc.

 Calculation of Arrear Salary.

 Calculation of Leave Encashment, Overtime, Bonus, Gratuity etc.

 Preparation of salary registers Department wise, location wise and cost centre wise etc. as

per clients´™ requirement.

 Providing monthly salary slips, Tax Projection sheet & Reimbursement slip to the

individual employees through e-mail.

 Reimbursement Management.

 Providing of Bank Statement file module for salary Transfer as per the Bank´s format.

 Generating monthly salary reports in Excel and PDF file format like Pay register, Pay

Slip, Loan statement, Tax Projection, Reimbursement Slip. YTD, Summary sheet etc.

 Providing of Statutory dues statement like PF Challan thru ECR, ESI challan,

Professional Tax, TDS & LWF amount for deposit.

 Preparation of Full n Final settlement of left employees.

 Preparation Salary MIS reports.

 Handling queries of the employees related to their salary, reimbursement, Tax related

issues etc.

 Assist in interim Payroll audit.

Advantages of Payroll Management Solutions:

 A complete payroll management solution with real-time reporting

 Compliances management solutions

 Single Contract, Single Point of Contact and a Single Centralized Solution for a multi

country environment

 Open Integration Platform and Single Sign on (SSO) for integration with client systems

and In Country Partner

 Saas platform for Employee Self Service (ESS) /Mobile app/HRSS, and Localization

 Secure internet based technology

 High levels of service, support and training

 Management of overall programme plan including In-country Payroll Providers

 Local representation, with multi-lingual capability where required

RPO (Managed Recruitment Services)

 STM offers the most comprehensive recruiting services in the industry. We deliver the

precise, customized blend of people, process and technology to your talent acquisition

function and align those services with your corporate business objectives to ensure you

have the right people to grow your business. Service excellence is the foundation to

service delivery and our client teams have extensive experience delivering recruitment

process outsourcing (RPO), recruitment training, background screening, and recruitment


 STM esteems itself in Recruitment Process Outsourcing support and establishes the

following solutions to meet your needs:

 Dedicated account team, consisting of an Account Manager and Client Relationship

Manager(s) who will consistently support the client Hiring Managers throughout the

duration of the RPO relationship

 Recruiting and sourcing specialists who will use basic and advanced sourcing

capabilities, including the use of major and niche job boards, social networking, ATS and

resume database mining, cold calling, direct recruiting, industry outreach and more to

provide the client with a pipeline of candidates

 Scalable resources that will provide sourcing expertise and transactional support,

including resume review, interview scheduling, phone interviewing, hiring event

logistics, offer processing, pre-employment screening (wherever applicable) etc., to

ensure that hiring activity is effectively supported

 A well oriented recruitment and hiring process, from job profiling through the entire

recruitment process to new-hire on-boardingA customized technology solution utilized

by STM as the RPO-enabling system of record that shall be used to track and report on

the hiring process from end to end.

 STM shall undertake delivery and accountability of entire recruitment function for its

clients, from requisition to on-boarding. As an RPO partner for our clients, we act as the

company’s internal recruitment function and takes entire responsibility of outcomes.

Salient features:-

 Single point of accountability for recruitment.

 Dedicated specialist recruitment team without the headcount cost on balance sheet.

Effective, Scalable and Flexible solutions aligned to meet changes in demand.

 Improving quality, candidate and customer satisfaction

 Reducing HR and Hiring manager time spent on recruitment to focus on more

consultative/strategic activities.

 Leveraging supply chain benefits & best practices across our RPO client base enabling

continuous improvement.

More value for every Rupee spent on recruitment.

 Transparency and control through recruitment metrics and analytics.

 Innovation and continuous improvements

In addition, we will also undertake qualification checks with tertiary institutions, credit and

criminal record checks. The entire process is relevant Labour Legislation compliant. The

production of a short-list is only part of the process for our team. They will facilitate the

interview process to its conclusion. To this end they provide guidance and support to your hiring

managers during the interview process. Reference checking is an integral part of our process.

Our belief is that a candidates historic behavior patterns are likely to be repeated. To this end we

undertake comprehensive reference checks to validate our interview findings. The thoroughness

of the process reduces, significantly, the likelihood of any surprises once a candidate commences

duties and therefore reduces the risk inherent in every new hire.

Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – Why it is a good idea

 Ability to Measure the Activity – Provides an opportunity to manage by the numbers

(such as time to hire, candidate flow, screenings, interviews, etc.)

 Cost Reduction and on Demand Service — RPO can accommodate your needs on your

timetable and minimize your recruiting costs and business headaches

 Improved and Relevant Reporting — Ability to better manage the recruiting efforts in

real time by using information that matters

 Optimize the Best Technology — Eliminates the need to update existing systems or

make a sizable investment in acquiring a new one

 Enterprise-Wide Coordination — Reduce confusion and add efficiencies by keeping

candidates, hiring managers and executives well informed

 Predictable and Reliable Results — Take the guess work out of recruiting functions

and gain more control over planning, forecasting and budgeting

 Uniformed and Centralized Process — Provides a consistent approach to recruiting

that applies to all team members, at all levels and in one location

 Broaden the Talent Search — By increasing your reach you can attract a greater range

of candidates across more areas (regional, national and even internationally)

 Compliance — Meet industry and governance regulations

 Dedicated and Knowledgeable Professionals — Let the experts perform their magic to

find you the best talent, and reduce unneeded stress and additional work for your

managers and key employees



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The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for the spectrum talent management has been

tabulated below-


 Recruitment assistance for employers.

 Accessibility in the region.


 Lack of brand identity.

 Lack of marketing exposure.


 Growth in world wide IT sectors.

 Companies moving more towards outsourcing their recruitment practices.


 Increasing competitions.

 Decrease in market demand due to demonetization leads to less recruitment of




A research design is the specification of methods and procedures for acquiring the information

needed to solve the problems. It is the overall operational pattern or framework of the project

that stimulates what information is to be collected from which source and by what procedure. On

the basis of major purpose of my investigation the EXPLORATORY RESEARCH was found to

be most suitable. This kind of research has the primary objective of development of insights into

the problem. It studies the main area where the problem lies and also tries to evaluate some

appropriate courses of action.


Primary Data:

The data that is collected firsthand by someone specifically for the purpose of facilitating the

study is known as primary data. So in this research the primary data is collected from

respondents through QUESTIONNAIRE.


The data required for the study has been collected from employees working at SPECTRUM.

Secondary data:

Secondary data refers to information gathered by someone other than the researcher conducting

the current study. Such data can be internal or external to the organization and accessed through

the internet or perusal of recorded or published information.

Secondary sources of data provide a lot of information for research and problem solving. This

data is mostly qualitative in nature.


The secondary sources have been collected from:

a) Internet and websites.

b) Research journals


Data Collection in the form of questionnaires




50 employees working at spectrum.



Analysis is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling data with the goal of

highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. It has

multiple facets and approaches, encompasses diverse techniques under a variety of names, in

different business, science, and social science domains.


It is a communication process, designed to reveal meanings and relationships of our cultural and

natural heritage, through involvement with objects, landscapes and sites.



1) Is there a well defined Recruitment Policy in your organization?


1 Strongly agree 10

2 Moderately agree 9

3 Disagree 1

4 Can’t say 0



An organization must have a well-defined recruitment policy corresponding to the company and

vacancy requirements. Existing employees can give a fair feedback on the suitability

of the policy. 50% employees feel thatthe organization’srecruitment policy is strong & well

defined. And 45% employee feel that the organization recruitment policy is moderately agree .

Majority of employees feels that policy is well defined which is a great morale victory on the

part of management.

Q2) Principle of right man on the right job is strictly followed/a detailed job-analysis is

done prior recruitment?


1 Strongly agree 9

2 Moderately agree 10

3 Disagree 1

4 Can’t say 0



Job Analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to theoperations and

responsibilities of a specific job. The immediate products of thisanalysis are job descriptions and

job specifications. Recruitment needs to bepreceded by job analysis. The objective of employee

hiring is to match the rightpeople with the right jobs. The objective is too difficult to achieve

without havingadequate job information.Responding to detail job analysis prior recruitment, 45

% employees say that theprinciple of right man on the right job is strictly followed prior to

recruitment.Job Analysis is useful for overall management of all personnel activities. In

presentscenario company should focus on job analysis as around 5% employees believesthat

detailed job analysis is not being done prior recruitment which in futureaffects performance of

new recruit.

Q3) Do you think the need for manpower planning is given due consideration inyour

organization and the manpower requirement is identified well in advance?


1 Strongly agree 4

2 Moderately agree 8

3 Disagree 2

4 Can’t say 1



Human Resource Planning is understood as the process of forecasting anorganization’s future

demand for, and supply of, the right type of people in theright number.27% say that manpower

planning is given due importance and manpower requirement is identified in

advance. 13% employees disagree. They think that nodue consideration is given to manpower

planning in advance.

(Q4) Which internal source of recruitment is followed by the company and givenmore



1 Internal 11


2 Employee referral 0

3 Transfer 1

4 Job posting 3





Internal Recruitment seeks applicants for positions from those who are currently employed.

Responding to above asked question, 73% employees tell that company

Prefers internal promotion as internal source of recruitments. And rest 20% say that Job

posting is preferred. Majority of employees actually thinks that internal promotion is given

priority and followed by company as internal source of recruitment.

Q5) Which external source of recruitment is followed by the company and givenmore



1 Advertisements 1

2 Online job portals 13

3 consultancy 1

4 Employment 1






External Sources of recruitment lie outside the organization87% employees think that Online

job portals source is given more priority and 7%employees tell that consultancy is preferred .

Q6) Which source of recruitment is relied upon when immediate requirementarises?


1 Internal 9

2 External 6



Every organization has the option of choosing the candidates for its recruitmentprocesses from

two kinds of sources: internal and external sources.Responding to recruitment source question,

almost all the employees tell thatinternal sources are relied upon when there is any immediate

manpower requirement in company.Analysis clearly represents that 80% say that internal sources

are better to beopted for immediate opening in organization as company can have

sufficientknowledge about the candidate and it is less costly.

Q7) Do you think succession planning is done in advance in your organization?


1 Strongly agree 5

2 Moderately agree 4

3 Disagree 4

4 Can’t say 2

4th Qtr


Succession Planning is the process of identifying, developing, and tracking keyindividuals so

that they may eventually assume top-level positions.In respond to Succession Planning question,

almost 27% employees actuallybelieve that no succession planning is done in advance in

organization.Only 33% employees think that succession planning is done in advance.

Q8) The sorting of candidate applications is done by some pre set criteria?


1 Strongly agree 6

2 Moderately agree 6

3 Disagree 1

4 Can’t say 2



Majority of employees, 40% believe that there is some pre-set criteria according towhich sorting

of candidate application is done. 7% feel that sorting is not done byany preset criteria. Rest 13%

can’t say about it.

Q9) Which are the parameters on which candidates are evaluated (give ratings outof 10)?


1 Intelligence 4

2 Aptitude 4

3 Skills 5

4 Experienced 10



Responding to this question, 22% weightage is given to experience first thensecond most

weighted parameter is skills then process knowledge and aptitudeand lastly attainments are


Above analysis represents that employees believe that experience and skills aremostly preferred

parameter for evaluating candidates.

Q10) To identify the employee’s capabilities and aptitude, psychological testing is

done. Do you think it is a useful technique?


1 Strongly agree 9

2 Moderately agree 5

3 Disagree 1

4 Can’t say 1



Responding to this question, there is approximately same percentage of oppositeopinion of

employees regarding psychological testing.

56% of employees believe that to identify employee’s capabilities and aptitude,

psychological testing is done and 6% think that no psychological testing is carried

out. 6% employees can’t give opinion on asked question.

Q11) What type of interview is taken while selection?


1 Patterned 8

2 Stressed 2

3 Depth 5

4 Others 0



ThePATTERNED INTERVIEWformat has, a structure to it. There is a set of pre-determined

questions that will be asked from each candidate for a position. TheSTRESS INTERVIEWis the

interview in which theinterviewerstry to 'discomfort' thecandidates in various ways and observe

how they react to various difficultsituations. AnIN-DEPTH INTERVIEWis a qualitative research

technique that allowsperson to person discussion. It can lead to increased insight into

people'sthoughts, feelings, and behavior on important issues. This type of interview isoften

unstructured.Responding to the type of interview 53% employees think that patternedinterviews

are generally taken. 33% employees have the opinion that depthinterviews are often used. Rest

believes that stress or any other type of interview is being taken.

Q12) The view of the concerned department head is given special attention whileselecting

the employee of the department?


1 Strongly agree 6

2 Moderately agree 8

3 Disagree 0

4 Can’t say 1



Above analysis clearly shows that almost all the employees believe that the viewsof concerned

department head is given special attention while selecting theemployee of the department.Only

40% employees agree for giving due consideration to concerned departmentalhead opinion.

Q13) Is the physical examination necessary after final interviews?


1 Strongly agree 9

2 Moderately agree 2

3 Disagree 4

4 Can’t say 0



Most of the employees think that physical examination is necessary after finalinterview.27%

employees feels that it is not so important and rest 60% employees feel thatphysical examination

is important .

Q14) What is the weightage given to the following (out of 100%)?


1 Written test 55

2 Group discussion 15

3 Final interview 30



Responding to this question, maximum weightage is given to Written Test. GroupDiscussion is

given the least weightage among the three available options.

Q15) Is Induction as well as a training program conducted after joining of employees?


1 Yes 14

2 No 1



Induction is planned introduction of employees to their jobs, their co-workers andthe

organization.Almost all the employees admit that induction as well as training program

isconducted after joining of employees. It is healthy sign for any organization.7% employees tell

that no orientation programme is conducted in company for newjoinees.

Q16) Doyou think the present selection process is feasible for selecting theemployees?


1 Strongly agree 6

2 Moderately agree 8

3 Disagree 1

4 Can’t say 0



Selection is a long process, commencing from the preliminary interview of theapplicants and

ending with the contract of employment.Responding to selection process, 7% employees think

that the present selectionprocess is not feasible for selecting the employees. 40% employees

believe thatthere exists a feasible and adaptable selection procedure in company.


 Internal Promotions and Job Portals( are mostly used recruitment source for

searching the best candidates for the profile.

 Written test is given weightage during selection process because it is a tool to analyse

their technical skills and know how about the work.

 To some extent company has preset-criteria for sorting the candidate’s


 Concerned departmental head is given special attention while selecting acandidate of the

department because the head of the department has the deep knowledge about the

specification of individual skill regarding the job.

 Employees are in the favor of physical examination and reference check afterselection of


 Orientation is given to new joineesstill employees are in favor of itsimprovement.

 Present selection process need improvement in terms of its procedure, testsand interview



 Unwillingness and inability of respondents to provide information.

 Due to time constraint in-depth study could not be carried out.

 As the sample size was small, hence conclusions cannot be generalized.

 As the strength of the company is big, it was not possible to draw samplefrom each and

every department.


After analyzing the collected data, the following recommendations were madeto improve the

present recruitment and selection scenario in the organization.

 First of all the management should review their recruitment policy and look forthe areas

of improvement for ensuring the best hiring.

 Management should structure and systematically organize the entirerecruitment


 Recruitment management system should facilitate faster, unbiased, accurateand reliable

processing of applications from various applications.

 Recruitment management system should helps to reduce the time-per-hire andcost-per-


 Recruitment management system should helps to incorporate and integratethe various

links like the application system on the official website of the company,the unsolicited

applications, outsourcing recruitment, the final decision making tothe main recruitment


 Recruitment management system should maintain an automated activedatabase of the

applicants facilitating the talent management and increasing theefficiency of the

recruitment processes.

 Recruitment management system should provides and a flexible, automatedand

interactive interface between the online application system, the recruitmentdepartment of

the company and the job seeker.

 Management should offers tolls and support to enhance productivity, solutionsand

optimizing the recruitment processes to ensure improved ROI.

 Recruitment management system should helps to communicate and createhealthy

relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment process.

 Management should follow a systematic process for HR Planning.

 Present employee should be encouraged to refer their friends and relatives.This source is

usually one of the most effective methods of recruiting becausemany qualified people are

reached at a very low cost to the company. And referredindividuals are likely to be

similar in type to those who are already working for thecompany. Management can

propose a scheme for EMPLOYEE REFERING.

 Internal Promotions should be done on regular basis during specified time-period.

 All selection tests i.e. Ability tests, Aptitude tests, Personality tests, Interesttests, written

tests, should be given equal weightage during selection process.

 Salary structure should be in match with company’s same level present

employee and market value.

 Physical examination and reference check should be given due considerationafter

selecting a candidate.

 Induction should be properly done for selected candidate. The idea is to makethe new

selected employee feel at home in the new environment.

 Effectiveness of the selection process should evaluate on regular basis forensuring

availability of competent and committed personnel. In order to do so, aperiodic audit can

be done.


Every company looks for an employee , who can work effectively. They are in search of a person

who has the maximum skill required for the job. After selecting the right person , the company

main aim is to place that person at the right job. The main strength of any company is its

employees .effective worker are the best route to success . For this reason , companies strives to

attract and hire the best , and to provide the best place to work .

Some of the biggest and most constant challenges that plague organization is people related

Because they don’t place more emphasis on getting the recruitment process right . If they get

right person at the right job at the right time , bottom line and many other business benefits are

immediate , tangible and significant. If they get the wrong person in the wrong job, then

productivity, culture and retention rates can all take a hit in a big way.

Spectrum talent management has competent and committed workforce , still there are scope for

more improvements. To ensure that company recruits the right people, it has to identify essential

skills and behaviors that applicants should demonstrate . For each position there should be a job

description outlining typical duties and responsibilities and a person specification defining

personal skills and competences. The emphasis should be on matching the needs of the

company to the needs of the applicants .this would minimize employee turnover and enhance

satisfaction .

It is important for the company to have a clear and concise recruitment policy in place , which

can be executed effectively to recruit the best talent pool for the selection of the right candidate

at the right place quickly . creating a suitable recruitment policy is the first step in the efficient

hiring process . A clear and concise recruitment policy helps ensure a sound recruitment process.

Management should structure and systematically organize the entire recruitment processes. It

should offers tolls and support to enhance performance, solutions and optimizing the recruitment

processes to ensure improved ROI . The recruitment management system (RMS) should be such

that it helps to save the time and costs of the HR recruiters in company and improving the

recruitment processes.



 Human Resource and Personnel Management , K. Aswathappa .

 Human Resource Management , Khanka







SPECTRUM employee information handbook .


Q1) Is there a well defined Recruitment Policy in your organization?

a) Strongly agree

b) Moderately agree

c) Disagree

d) Can’t say

Q2) Principle of right man on the right job is strictly followed/a detailed job-analysis is done

prior recruitment?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q3) Do you think the need for manpower planning is given due consideration inyour

organization and the manpower requirement is identified well in advance?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

(Q4) Which internal source of recruitment is followed by the company and givenmore priority?

a) Internal promotion

b) Employee referral

c) Transfer

d) Job posting

Q5) Which external source of recruitment is followed by the company and givenmore priority?

a) Advertisements

b) Online job portals

c) Consultancy

d) Employment exchange

Q6) Which source of recruitment is relied upon when immediate requirementarises?

a) Internal

b) External

Q7) Do you think succession planning is done in advance in your organization?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q8) The sorting of candidate applications is done by some pre set criteria?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q9) Which are the parameters on which candidates are evaluated (give ratings outof 10)?

a) Intelligence

b) Aptitude

c) Skills

d) Experienced

Q10) To identify the employee’s capabilities and aptitude, psychological testing is

done. Do you think it is a useful technique?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q11) What type of interview is taken while selection?

a) Patterned

b) Stressed

c) Depth

d) Others

Q12) The view of the concerned department head is given special attention while selecting the

employee of the department?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q13) Is the physical examination necessary after final interviews?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree


d)Can’t say

Q14) What is the weightage given to the following (out of 100%)?

a) Written test

b) Group discussion

c) Final interview

Q15) Is Induction as well as a training program conducted after joining of employees?

a) Yes

b) no

Q16) Doyou think the present selection process is feasible for selecting theemployees?

a) Strongly agree

b)Moderately agree

c) Disagree

d)Can’t say