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6. Whal documents are required by an exporter to export any product? Define each.

7. Explain the Import Export Process by a diagram.
8. What are the functions of a foreign freight forwar der?
9. Explain different types of Countertrade.
10. Under what conditions exporting is not feasible/ advantageous? Explain in brief.
OR, 'Companies may find more advantages by producing in foreign countries than by exporting
to them'- why?
11. What are the advantages of acquisition?
12. Under what conditions Green Field Investment is advantageous?
OR, Why would companies choose Green Field Investment rather acquisition of existing
13. Point out the General and International motives of Collaborative Arrangements.
14. Distinguish between 'Licensing' and' Franchising'
15. Distinguish between 'Management Contract' and 'Turnkey Contract'.
16. What are the different forms/possible combinations of joint venture?
17. Short Notes: a) Import Broker b) foreign freight forwarder c) FDI d) Green Field Investment d)
Collaborative Arrangement e) Joint Venture

Chapter: nine

1. What are the different Marketing Orientations/Philosophies? Explain in brief.

2. Briefly explain the three approaches of segmentation.
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of serving Niche Market?
4. "The primary reasons behind the tendency of firms to alter their products to meet local conditions
arelegal, cultural, and/or economic in nature" explain.
5. Point out the factors that makes international pricing complex.
OR, What are the potential obstacles that MNCs face while pricing internationally?
6. What factors determine whether to set a fixed price or variable price?
7. Describe different pricing tactics for a company to use in near monopoly markets.
8. Distinguish between 'Push' and 'Puli' strategy.
9. What factors determine whether to set a 'Push' or 'Pull' strategy?
10. 'It is difficult to completely standardize an advertising campaign globally' why?
11. Explain 'Direct Quote' and 'Indirect Quote' with example.
12. Distinguish between 'Forward Market' and 'Future Market'.
13. What are the different risk exposures to foreign exchange? Explain in brief.
14. Distinguish among the three global staffing policies.
15. Short Notes: a) Mass Marketing b) Skimming c) penetration d) promotion e) Spread f) Foreign
exchange g) Forward premium & discount h) Option i) Global staffing

1. Suppose, a US based dealer quotes for the British pound as $1.70/80. a)
What does it mean? b) Calculate the spread.

2. Suppose, the Dollar/Taka rate is Tk 80.21/$1.

a) Which currency is base? b) Which one is the terms currency? C) What type of quote is it
from your
perspective? d) Express it as indirect quote, e) Which currency is base now?