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INCLS 3 THE INTERCOLLEGIATE MEN'S CHORUSES LIBRARY SERIES Sacred Choruses Russian Contakion of the Departed (Kieff Melody) (Tr. W. J Birkbeck) (Arr. Olaf M. Frodsham) Slow — — / Pie Tey wl ial Ly ae gs SSS aca Give rest O_Chvist_ To Thy ser- vant with_Thy_saints: Where sor -row and pain are no more: Bile J ee) OE Poy = | & Give rest__ Christ "To Thy ser- vant with_Thy saints: Where sor- -row and pain are no more: oo nl) Se) Fine aby =e But life ev-er-tast - = ing, In. | J, Nei - ther sighing, _____ But life ev-er-tast ~~ ing, =v Fe on = ly art_im-mor ‘The Creator and__ Mak - er =~ Thou on-ly art im-mor ~~ tal = ‘The Creator and__ Mak = of Man: re] the earth, And un - 1 earth shall___we _re-tum ' — ‘And we are mor-tal, form - ed__ of i = ep ‘And we are mor-tal, form - ed__ of the earth, And unto earth shall__ we re - tum ‘The term “contakion” originated in the 6th Century as a species of Byzantine poetry a narrative ode in which a short introduction was followed by a sequence of stanzas. Itis one ofthe three main forms of Byzantine hymn writing, a long metrical sermon, often of 20-30 stanzas. By the middle ages, only the introduction was sung. The IMC Library Is for the exclusive use and duplication by active member choruses of the Intercollegiate Men's Choruses, McCain Auditorium, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506 IMCLS 3:12 ne For. so Thou didst_or-dain When Thou c tedst me say - -ing: Flys Dust thou art, and un-to dust shalt_thou re-tur, Pp. For_so Thou didst_or-dain When Thou re -a-tedst me say -ing: Dust thou art, and un-to dust shalt_thou re-turn, = Slower —vs¥ —— 2 a), | ge pe ed T2P St ¥ HE a ee ene et ane eet eee cel =e Bet we tL) Ja ¥ Bai SW) Py) SS) Sh ‘All_we go downto the dust; And weep-ing o'er the grave, we make our song: Al-Ie-lu-ya, al-Ie-Iu-ja al-le-Iu-ya. D.C. al Fine A Prose for Advent: Rorate, Caeli Gregorian chant Mode I (Arr. JH. Amold and Olaf Frodsham) Unison| Drop down ye heav-ens from a-bove,__and let the skies pour___ down right-cous__ ness 1.Be not wroth ver = y sore, © Lord, —nei- ther re-mem-ber in - iq ui- ty for-ev - en; 4s ——S ———- fat & =F i ——- ———— thy ho = ly cit - ies a wil der-ness, Si- on is__ a wil = der ness, Je-m - sa-lem a de - sola + fon; our BOI and oar bea a Buse = z = SSS SS SS SS whee our fa - thes pais e@ Thee, Dropdown, ye eaves, fam — a bore, he * ——— [oe — >= = ee = font == land let the skies pour down right-eous - ness, 2, We have sin-ned, and are as an un-clean__ thing,