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Finding Total Cost of Name


YEAR LEVEL: 3/4 STRAND(S): Number and Algebra


Students will use addition strategies to find total cost


Year 3: Represent money values in multiple ways and count the change required for simple transactions to the
nearest five cents ACMNA059

Year 4: Solve problems involving purchases and the calculation of change to the nearest five cents with and
without digital technologies ACMNA080


Year 3: Students correctly count out change from financial transactions

Year 4: Students solve simple purchasing problems.


Students will be able to: • Literacy

• Students can identify the money • Numeracy

values verbally, in concrete models
and symbolic notation • Information & Communication Technology Capability

• Students can perform addition and • Critical & Creative Thinking

subtraction equations using money • Personal & Social capability

• Ethical Understanding

• Intercultural Understanding
Time Teacher Action Student Action Resources required
11:10 Mental Routine - Students will use mini - Mini Shop price
Students will be given a list of ‘little shop price list to solve lists
shop’ items and their prices to share 1 problems using mental
between 2 strategies

They will be asked a series of questions

about the items on the sheet
- How much does water cost
- How much do eggs cost
- What change would I get from
$5 if I bought tuna
- What is the total cost of … and

Then students will be asked to clear up
their desk from the ‘little shop’ and
move to floor for next instruction

11:20 Introduce Activity: - Students will remain on - Maths books

Inform students of learning intention … floor until dismissed to - Whiteboard
to find total cost desks for further - Alphabet costs
instructions sheet
Explain what was noticed in their lunch - Students reflect on the - Pencils
orders, that not many of them can find lunch order lesson and
total cost etc.. listen to the patterns
noticed by teacher
Orient students with alphabet money - Students give feedback
sheet and explain the task on their understanding of
the lunch order lesson
- They will need to find the cost - Students will listen to
of their name using the prices task directions
of each letter on the sheet
- They will then need to work out
who in the class has the most
expensive name
- Then working out the cost of
the alphabet * extension for
those who finished the lunch
order activity quickly

Ask students to move back to their


11:25 Develop - Those struggling will - Play coins and
Once they are all back in their seats watched modelled notes
redirect with modelling how to work addition and those manipulatives
out the cost of someone’s name using confident may continue
SSO name (This modelled sum will be on with their work
left on whiteboard for entire lesson) - Find how much each
letter of their name costs
Some students will be given coins as a - Decide on what addition
result of their ability to use addition strategy they will use to
strategies in prior knowledge find total cost
assessment - Record working out in
maths book
Inform students of the time they have
to complete the task

Provide question time

Ask students while moving around the
- How have you worked out the
cost of your name (with coins,
chunking addition or
- Why did you choose to do it this
- What have you noticed when
adding the cents?

Move around the room to students that

may need help

Provide a 5 minute warning when the

they need to be packing up
11:50 Conclude - Students pack up - Marking Desk
Inform students they need to start following teacher
packing up ensuring instructions
- Books need to be placed on the - Wait on the floor once
marking desk room is tidy
- Their desks are clear and the
room is tidy
Ask students to give a show of thumbs
how they felt about working out total
Thumbs up  completely understand
Thumbs down  I don’t understand at
Half and half  I am understanding it
but I still need more practice
Once they have completed this they
need to sit on the floor and wait to be
walked over to Science
Mini shop resource laminated and double sided
Alphabet Sheet
Mentor Feedback