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General Information Service Safety .. Model Identification . Emission Control System . . Metric Conversions....... N.P.S. Part Numbers. . TOONS wie ces vice vente General Information Service Safety Pay special attention to statements pracedad by these symbols: WARNING: Indicates & stiong possibility of severe pecsanal injury or loss of life if instructions are not followed, CAUTION: Indicates « possibility of personal injury or equipment damage it instructions are not followed. WaARNIN| © When the engine must ba running for sorvico make suro the area is well ventilatad. Naver run the angine in a closed ox, the axhaust contains poisonous earbon monoxide gas. © Gasoline is extromoly flammable and is explosive under certain conditions. Dent amoke or allow flames or sparks in your working ar © Tha battery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid. Protect your eyes, skin end clothing, In coxeot contact. flush thoroughly vith water and call a doctor if your eyes ware expose © The battery generates hydrogen gas which can be highly explosive, Bo not smake or allow flames or sparksnear the battery, especially while charging it IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Botailed descriptions of standard workshop procedures, safety principles and service operations are not included. It is Important to note thet this manual contains some viamings and cautions against some specific service mathods which could ‘eause PERSONAL INJURY to service personnal or could damage a vahicla oF render it unsafe, Pleasa understand that those ‘warnings could not cover all conceivable ways in which sarvice, whether or not recommandad by Handa might be done orof ‘the possible hazardous consequences of each conceivable way, ner could Honda investigate all such ways. Anyone usieg service procedures or taols, whethar or not resommended by Honda must satisiy himself thoroughly that neither persanal safety nor vehicle safety veil be jeopardized by the service mathod or tools selected, Model Identification ‘The frome serial number iz stamped on the right side of the steering hewd. The Vehicle Idantitication Number (VIN) is on the safoty ceniicatios labol on the loft side of tha steering head. The engine sesial numbor is stamped on the top right side of Ihe crankcase, The tinat drive sorial number is on the loft side of the ease near the pinion flange, ‘The corburetoridonsitication numbers an Uke loft side ofthe carburetor body