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Nombre y apellidos, Centro Asociado al que pertenece DN Teléfono. Correo electronico, Responda a las 30 primeras preguntas (tipo test) en la hoja de lectura éptica y al resto en la hoja de examen. 1—Choose the best option: (3 points) 1. My three year-old daughter likes to dress _. She wor't even let me help her. a) she b) her ©) herself <) her own 2. Did you enjoy _ during the trip to Siberia? a) myself b) my ©) ourselves <¢) yourself 3, Romeo and Juliet killed _ a) they ») themselves ©) himself ) myself 4, Ifyou ___me you needed money to pay the rent, | would have lent itto you. a) had told by have told o) tell d) tole 5. She ___some drinks to the party, but she didn’t bring any food. 2) brings ») brought ©) have brought 4) had been bringing 6. My flatmate was so upset that he stood up and __ before we had even finished eating dinner, a) left b) leave 6) is leaving 4) has been leaving 7. lf the accountant continues __late for work, he will be fired. a) be b) to be ©) been 9) getting 8. We wouldn't have been able to extinguish the fire ifthe firemen _. a) wil not arrive ») is not arriving ©) doesn’t arrive 4) hadn't arrived 9, When asked, most grandparents remember __ in the outdoors. a) grow up b) growed up ©) grown up 4) growing up 10. His car does 150 miles __hour. aa byan Or the 11. They had to send Charles home. He had __ terrible headache. ao b) the oa d)an 12, See you on _ Saturday at the fm festivall a)an b) the oa 40 1. Do you know if Acapulco has __ airport? ae ba cjan 4) the 14,___ moving to another country seemed like a good idea but not anymore; | have changed my mind, a) Atthe time b) Intime ) In times. ¢) Attime 15. We had just began to cook ___we noticed that we didn't have any tricity a) as soon as b) when ©) whatever ¢) furthermore 46. She completed the marathon __she had quite a high fever. a)s0 b) nor ©) nevertheless «) although 17. | told her that | could pick her up at her house but she __my offer. a) was denying ») disregard ©) refused d) regretted 18. It was difficult to concentrate on what we were doing because the constant noise from outside was most _ 8) bothered b) disagree ©) disturbing 4) bother 19, Go and talk to Paul while |___ you a drink. a)do b) make ©) did )made 20. Ithink he just wanted __us by teling us how many houses he owned! a) impressing ) to impress c) impress. ¢) impression 21. He has been __ by his brother as captain ofthe football team this season. a) replaced b) to replace ©) replacing 4d) substitute 22, Most of the activities cost only 0.20€, the only requirement __an active imaginationt a)tobe b) are ©) being d) been 3, Come on! Take __ your shoes and join the funt a)at by of ©) out off 24. love this website I's full of recommendations __ideal places to get involved in whatever you're interested. ain b) for o)by d)to 25. He didn’t receive any presents __his sisters __ his birthday. a)by/in ) from / on ¢) from /in é)of/on 26. See you_ Monday __ the office. a) on/on b) in fat oyatrin d)on/at 27. Will you be home __Xmas this year? a)in b) for oat the 4) for the 28. This is scary, there aren't___cars parked in this area, a) no bjafew ©) much d) any 29. Don't worry, they'e young. They still have_to lear. a) many b)afew ) much d) any 30. You should hurry! We only have __ time left before the neighbours get back home. a)afew b)aittie litle 4) alotof Translate the following sentences from Spanish into English: (3 points) a) Yo ya le habia explicado la situacion a mis compafieros antes de que la reunién hubiese empezado. ) Habla inglés y francés mejor que espaficl pero el japonés es, en realidad, el idioma que mejor habla, ) Si nos ponemos de acuerdo en unas cuantas cosas firmaré el contrato. Ml - Composition: (4 points) What do think of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. ..? Write a short essay giving your point of view (about 80 -100 words).