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Expanded Protection

Three-phase Pad-mounted COOPER POWER

Transformer Products SERIES

Proven overcurrent protection package

expanded to include 38 kV transformers
Perfect for wind and solar Eaton introduces its Cooper Save time and money Environmental and safety
Power™ series three-phase, benefits
farm applications, Eaton’s pad-mounted transformers with The Bay-O-Net fuse provides
Cooper Power™ series an exclusive, comprehensive, optimal low-current transformer Field replacement of Bay-O-Net
cost-effective and easy-to- protection with easy and fuses significantly reduces the
transformers provide optimal risk of ground and transformer
restore 38 kV overcurrent efficient field serviceability.
transformer overcurrent protection package. contamination.
Now, for the first time,
protection with easy and secondary fault fuse • Integral Bay-O-Net Flapper™
Proven technology valve minimizes the risk of
efficient field serviceability. replacement can occur without
tank cover or hand-hole removal. transformer fluid and
With more than 50 years of use environmental contamination
in 8.3-23 kV systems, the most Replacement now takes minutes
trusted overcurrent protection instead of hours or even days • Significantly reduces the risk
package for transformers is now resulting in: of hot transformer fluid blow-
available up to 38 kV Delta grid back on field technicians
voltages. • Reduced labor costs
• ELSP fuses prevent the
The full-range overcurrent • Reduced service costs operator from closing in the
protection package is comprised • Reduced loss of revenue from BON on a high-current,
of: lost generation internal fault
• Bay-O-Net (BON) fuse holder • Typical payback of initial cost
with externally replaceable after only one Bay-O-Net fuse
low-current expulsion fuse link operation
• High-current Energy Limiting
Submersible Partial-range
(ELSP) current-limiting fuse

Typical transformer with easily replaceable Bay-O-Net fuses.

• Solar and wind farms
• Data centers
• Utilities
• All distribution systems or
collector systems between
23 kV and 38 kV Delta grid

Available application ratings

with optimal protection
• 34,500 V Delta grid voltage –
150 to 3,200 kVA
• 34,500 V Ungrounded Wye grid
voltage – 150 to 3,200 kVA
• 24,940 V Delta grid voltage –
150 to 2,300 kVA
• 26,400 V and 27,600 V Delta
grid voltage – 150 to 2400 kVA
• Any primary voltage that is
between 23,000 V and
38,000 V that is Delta or Y

Easily accessible and field Submersible ELSP fuses

replaceable Bay-O-Net Fuses

To ensure your transformer is fitted with this

optimal overcurrent protection package, be
sure to specify Eaton Bay-O-Net and ELSP fuses

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