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OUTCOMES (Shape +method... how) (Teaching (Shape)

(Students will...) cues/questions)
I Tag Chasey
t Listen carefully for teacher’s In a half-court basketball Position your body
r calls and instructions area, all students will have 1 so that your tags are
tag each tucked into their hard for defenders
Participate positively waist with the majority of the to steal
d tag hanging out. The aim is to
u collect as many tags as Move quickly to
c possible by stealing other steal other tags and
t students’ and avoid yours avoid losing your
I from being taken. own.
n Variations:
- include point values for
different colour tags (yellow
=1 point, green = 2 points)
D Demonstrate the ability 4v2 Go for Goal with Jump In attack:
e to dribble and pass while Shot -draw the defender
v keeping eyes up and Students will work in 4 groups -find open space to
e scanning the court. of 6, each group having 2 run into and receive
defenders and 4 attackers. In the ball
Apply game sense to seek the a half-court area, the -scan the field
o attackers will work the ball -support with width
best passing option
p down the field by passing and
m Demonstrate the dribbling whilst keeping it In defence:
technique of throwing, away from the defender. -stay goal side
e catching and dribbling When they are near the goal -delay ball carrier
n during weighted number area they can shoot for goal. -provide support and
t games The defender is to be communicate with
Learning episode: changed after every attack each other
Create space directly in and the person scoring the What’s the easiest
front of goals by drawing goal must be varied. position to score
the defenders wider Attackers can take 3 steps, from? How do we
carry the ball for 3 seconds, leave this space
but may not bounce. open to move into?
Incorporate jump shot (give
demonstration) on taking off
before the goal line and
releasing the ball in mid-air.

D Apply game sense to seek the European handball

e best passing option (6v6 Go For Goal)
v In defence:
e Demonstrate the ability With 6 players on each team, - apply pressure and
to dribble and pass while move the ball down the court attempt to intercept
keeping eyes up and by passing and dribbling and opposition passes
o attempt to throw the ball into - approach the
scanning the court.
p the goal. One goal keeper, attackers to delay
m Demonstrate agility by moving rotated after each minute. - stay goal side
quickly and changing direction 5 minute games then swap - NO contact
e with the ball/to receive the ball teams
n in small sided games In attack:
t Rules – (free throw awarded - lead towards ball
Communicate and for rule breaking) and into space to No entry into the red zone surrounding the
cooperate with others – No contact (1m away) receive the pass goals.
especially during partner 1v1 defending - use voice and body
and team activities No entry into goal area language to call for
3 seconds with ball max ball
Learning episode: 1 dribble allowed - move the ball
Demonstrate clear quickly
understanding of the key *INCORPORATE AND - use jump shot
rules and implement ENCOURAGE THE JUMP SHOT
them in a game scenario
C Debrief/Spoken Closure
l  Bring students in
o  Each team to share
s positive and area of
u improvement
r  Pack up equipment and
e take back to hall.