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2nd International Conference on Agricultural Postharvest Handling and

Processing Bali Dynasty Resort, Bali-Indonesia, August 29-30, 2018
+62- 8782 3783 873 (Sandi Darniadi)

+62- 8129 0828 054 (Ayu)

Prof. Phe Be Ding/

Universiti Putra Malaysia
Topic: Fresh Handling Technology

Dr. S. Joni Munarso/ Dato Syed Rahman/

Munarso/Indonesian Center for Agricultural Taman Agro Al Mashoor Malaysia
Postharvest Research and Development Topic: Experiences in Managing Postharvest
Topic: Local Food for Global Market Handling at Cameron Highlands

Shuso Kawamura, PhD/ Prof Purwiyatno Hariyadi/

Hokkaido University Japan Codex Alimentarius Commission
Topic: New Postharvest Technology: Improving Topic: Food Quality and Safety
Grain Quality
Prof Peter Batt/ Jason Green/
Curtin University Australia Foods Asia Singapore
Topic: Supply Chain Management Home
Topic: Global ConsumerOverview
Trends in FoodAbstract
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Prof. Yrjo Roos/

University College Cork, Ireland Anthony Bennett
Topic: Food Processing &Technology (FAO/Thailand)*
Topic: Reducing Postharvest Losses and Waste
in Asia

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Bali Dynasty Resort Registration +62- 8782 3783 873 (Sandi) 2nd International Conference
Address: Jalan Kartika, Kuta,
Registration Rate +62- 8129 0828 054 (Ayu)
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361,
Indonesia Phone: +62 361 752403
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