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4-H Newsletter September 2018

Dear 4-H members and leaders,

Inside this issue:
I hope everyone had a great summer vacation! 4-H summer events were very suc-
Clewiston/LaBelle 0 cessful. All our summer camps and day camps were very productive and fun!!
We are so excited about the upcoming year! You may register online! You may
join at one of our open house dates or sign up online at
Introduction 1
I would like to remind everyone that we do have a web page for Hendry County
LYLAS Steer Weigh-In 2 4-H ( as well as Facebook.
The 4-H staff is looking forward to seeing everyone at their first club meeting in
Exhibitor Reminders 2 August/September. Don’t forget to check your calendar for the time and place of your first
meeting. For more information, please contact the 4H office at 863-674-4092 or 863-983
Swine Weigh In Dates 2
LYLS Record Books 2
Replacement Heifer 2

4-H Open House 2

Forest Ecology Contest 3

Sonja C. Crawford
Livestock Ethics 3 4-H/Livestock Agent
Shooting Sports 3

Pollinator Garden Info 3 Hendry County 4H
Photography Workshops 3
New Members select: Create profile
LYLAS Photo Contest 3 Current Members select: Use current password or
select forgot password
Or use your current password
Hall of Fame 4/5
For information contact:
863/674-4092 or 863/983-1598
New Swine Regulation 6

Open House
LaBelle Clewiston MINIMUM WIEGHT: 550 lbs.
Wednesday Tuesday
MUST HAVE: Entry Fee, Ethics Certificate, Official Entry Form , Bill of
August 29, 2018 August 28, 2018
Sale, Eight (8) Prospective Buyer’s Letters. Letters must be hand written.
3:30-6:00pm 3:30-5:30pm Letters must be in stamped, sealed & addressed envelopes. Two (2) pictures
1085 Pratt Blvd 475 E Osceola Ave one of each side of the animal. See rulebook for more information.
Extension Office Back of Adm Bldg
Pioneer TIME & PLACE: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M. @ LABELLE RODEO GROUNDS
August 28th 2018 MINIMUM WIEGHT: 550 lbs.
4:00-5:00 MUST HAVE: Completed Entry Form and Bill of Sale. See Rulebook for more
910 Panama Ave information.
Community Center

HCF Swine Weigh In : October 8, 2018 4 — 6 PM

at Clewiston Fairgrounds. See Rule Book for more infor-
LYLAS Swine Weigh In: November 3, 2018 8 — 10 AM
at LaBelle Rodeo Grounds. See Rule Book for more infor-
You can pick up your last CALENDERS FOR THE HENDRY / GLADES
year’s project record book
by stopping by the Labelle Sweet South Swine Classic
Extension Office. Prospect Show on
December 8, 2018
LaBelle Rodeo Grounds

As a reminder, 4H/FFA members may be eligible to sell a replacement heifer during the LaBelle Youth Live-
stock Show! The heifer must be at least 16 months of age and not older than 30 months of age at show time.
The recommended weight is 600 pounds or more with an acceptable body condition score. Exhibitor may
only be able to sell one animal at the sale.

Page 2 Hendry County 4-H Happenings

Anyone interested in attending 4-H Photography
If you’re a new member showing in the Hendry County Fair or your
Workshops let us know so we can start a list. We
certification has expired you must attend an Ethics course in order will be meeting on several of the early release and
to show. Please read your rulebook for deadline. If you are unable teacher planning days throughout the school year.
to attend, please look at other dates on the Florida State Fair web- We have plans for field trips and several different lessons on how to
site. Exhibitors may preregister at http://http:// take great photos. So be sure to contact us at 863-674-4092 or 863- 983-1598 to get signed up and on the list.
The Date for Workshops is:
September 25th 4-7 @ Clewiston Christian School
October 13th 4-7 @ LaBelle Extension Office
LYLAS Photo Contest
This year the LYLAS is once again having a Pho-
to contest open to all 4-H and FFA youth in
the county. The categories are People, Animals, Plant -
Flora, Scenic, Black & White and LYLAS Theme. Remem-
Come join us for shooting sports. We will again teach the
following disciplines to youth at ages 8—18 as of September
ber to take pictures this year and enter your best ones
1, 2017: archery, air rifle and shotgun (must be age 10). during LYLAS show. The contest rules and prizes are listed
The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18th at in the LYLAS rule book which is available on-line at the
4 pm at the LaBelle Extension Office. It is important to Hendry County 4-H web site. Leaders and parents can
attend this meeting as all information will be presented in also enter great pictures for display only during contest..
order to attend the meetings at the range. Transportation
will be provided from Clewiston and LaBelle to the Range on
a first come first serve basis. One must be at the transporta-
tion site at 3:30 pm to travel to the Range. Meetings begin at
4 pm. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact
us at 674-4092 or 983-1598. Forest Ecology Teams are made up of three
to four 4-H members in each age group
(Juniors: 8-10, Intermediate 11-13 and
Seniors 14-18) So bring a friend and be
part of a team. You will learn about trees,
plants, wildlife and forest health of the Florida Forest
and how to use maps and a compass. In April, you and
your team members will use this knowledge to compete

Pollinator Garden against other teams at the State 4-H Forest Ecology
Contest at Austin Cary Forest in Gainesville. First
Meeting is September 20th from 4-5pm. Mr s.
Margret England, the leader, and Ms. Tricia, 4-H staff,
As the LaBelle Nature Club we will be continuing have fieldtrips, mock contest, study sessions and fun
“Pollinator Garden.” We will be turning the front games to help youth prepare for the competition. For
yard of the LaBelle Extension Office into a garden information about this team, contact the Hendry County
paradise for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. 4-H Office at 863-674-4092 or 983-1598.
We will learn about pollinators needs. We will be
planning, designing and planting the garden. Or-
ganizational meeting is Monday September 6th, 4
pm at the LaBelle Extension Office, 1085 Pr att

Page 3 Hendry County 4-H Happenings

Patricia Ann Bosley began her 4-H experiences in 1978 in a small
community between Clewiston and LaBelle. Patricia enrolled her three
older children in the local 4-H club, but soon the volunteer leader
moved away. Instead of disbanding the club, Patricia became the new
volunteer leader for the Pioneer Arts and Crafts 4-H Club. Presently,
Patricia is the 4-H leader of the Pioneer Sewing 4-H Club and the Pio-
neer Small Animal 4-H Club. Previously, she served as the Pioneer Dairy
Goat 4-H Club leader.
In addition to being active in the Hendry County 4-H Club Program,
Mrs. Bosley is strongly involved in her community. For 16 years she has
held the position of secretary for the Pioneer Neighborhood Watch
Organization. Moreover, Patricia has been an outstanding 4-H club
leader for 41 years in Hendry County. She has helped numerous youth
in the Pioneer Community to overcome many barriers to help them
achieve their goals in 4-H and in life. Learning to work with a diverse
group of youth, Patricia has learned to adapt to difficult situations and
circumstances while maintaining balance and conformity within the
Hendry County 4-H Club Program.
Patricia was awarded the Hendry County 4-H Outstanding Leader Award
in 1980, 1987, and 1997. She was also awarded FAE4HA Friend of 4-H in
2001 and captured the National 4-H Council Lifetime Volunteer Award in
2003. Congratulations on being inducted in the Florida 4-H Hall of Fame on
August 1, 2018.
Page 4 Hendry County 4-H Happenings
Thank you for your loving dedicated service through the generations.
We appreciate you!

Page 5 Hendry County 4-H Happenings

New Federal Swine Regulation. Please read.

Page 6 Hendry County 4-H Happenings