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Background (at least three examples with citation)
Importance/Purpose/Significant function
References (APA format)
Personal data
Design and construction aspects of Highway Surfaces and Railways' Guideways; Capacity and Level of
Service of Air, Rail, and Highways. Environmental impacts and their mitigation of transportations
systems; Traffic-Analysis Techniques; Traffic Flow and Control.

Highway Design and Traffic Safety

The topics includes: Statistical analysis and data presentation techniques; Linear Regression Analysis,
Operation Research methodologies like Linear Programming and Network Analysis focusing on
Transportation Networks; Queueing Theory; Simulation – with application to traffic and transportation
engineering problems.

Highway Engineering

Highway administration, transportation planning, highway evaluation; traffic, driver, pedestrian and
vehicle characteristics; geometric design, roadside design, highway mass transit facilities; intersection,
interchanges, terminals; drainage and drainage structures; traffic engineering, highway materials, flexible
pavement design, concrete pavements, high type bituminous pavements; survey, plans, estimates,
contracts and supervision; earthworks, bases and subbases, highway maintenance and rehabilitation.