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FLD-25 3D Printer Filament Extruder Machine

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Company Profile And Applications

Zhangjiagang Friend Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional

company specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic
machines, such as single screw extruders, conical twin screw
extruders, PVC, PE, PP and PP-R pipe extruders, PVC and PE
profile extruders, PVC and PE recycling machines, crushing,
washing and pelleting machines, conveying and mixing machines
for all kinds of plastics and other kinds of auxiliary equipment in the

Our company is well known both at home and abroad for high
quality products and complete service systems. Our products sell
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Sketch Map:
1 Technical Data & Descriptions

1.1 General Technical Data

Device Description
1 Raw material PLA,ABS,HIPS,PA ,PET,ASA,P
2 Capacity 2kg/h

3 Final product Filament 1.75mm,3mm

Diameter +-0.03mm
4 Staff number 1 person

5 Device Size 2600x600x1610mm

6 Power supply: Installed Power: 6.8KW

Power consumption: 4.8KW
Power supply: 120V 60HZ
Single Phase or customized
7 Water System: Water Supplying: 0.1-0.2m³ per
Water pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa
8. Environment Indoor with Altitude < 1000m
required: Temperature: 0°-40°
Relative humidity< 90%
9. Brand Use: Temperature meter: “OMRON”
Japan Brand
Brand Used in the Line:
“Simens” Contactor,
2 Machine List
Item Description Qty Remarks
1 FLD-25 single screw 1 set
2 Mold 2 sets 1.75mm,3mm
3 Hot water tank 1 set
4 Cool water tank 1 set
5 Caliper gauge 1 set Show the
6 Haul off machine 1 set
7 Winding machine 1 set Automatic
8 Free spare parts 1 set

2.1Main Technical Standards:

Model No. Mini 3D Filament Extrusion Line

Extruder Part:
Screw Diameter 25mm
Ratio of L/D 25:1
Screw Material 38CrMoAlA
Hardness of Screw HV900-1000
Depth of Nitrogen 0.4-0.7 mm
Screw Straightness <0.015 mm
Main Motor Power 1.5KW
Heating Method Cast aluminum heating coil
Cooling fan 3 Zones
Maximum Capacity 0.5-2Kg/h
Voltage 220V 50Hz or customized
Rotating Speed 1420r/min
Reducer Part:
Material of Reducer Hard Tooth Surface
Power 1.5kw
Rotating Speed 14r/min
Transmission Ratio 97:81:1
Allowable Torques 250 N.m
Mold Part:
Material Stainless steel
Die size 1.75mm,3mm
Water Pump Part:
Power 90w
Rotating Speed 2850r/min
Voltage 220v 50Hz
Highest Lift 8m
Maximum Flow 0.4m3/h
Current 0.4A
Haul Off Part:
Control Way Servo Motor
Roller Diameter 8cm
Length of Roller 11cm
Power 0.75kw
Caliper Gauge
Diameter Tolerance +-0.03mm
Axle One axle
Winding machine
Motor Servo motor
Brand Parts:
Machine Control Electric control box
Machine Material Stainless Steel
Main Motor AC Motor
Screw and Barrel Jinjiu Screw
Electrical System Siemens Contactor
OmronTemperature Control
Converter ABB Frequency Converter

3 Spare Parts For Free

No. Spare Parts Name Quantity

1. Barrel Air Cooling Fan 1 piece

2. Thermocouple 2 pieces

3. Ceramic Plug 2 pieces

4. Tool Box+ Allen Wrench + Mould 1 whole set

5. High Temperature Wire 5 meters

4 Price And Bussiness Terms

Qty Model Unit price Total
1 FLD-25 single screw 1 set
2 Mold 2 sets
3 Hot water tank 1 set
4 Cool water tank 1 set 8,700.0$
5 Caliper gauge 1 set
6 Haul off machine 1 set
7 Winding machine 1 set
8 Free spare parts 1 set
Remark: If need PLC control,it needs extra cost:1300$
5.Terms & conditions:
Packing: wooden packing or buy customer’s request.
Overseas Engineer: we can provide our engineer with installing and
debugging in customer factory.
Term of Payment: 30% payment shall be paid by T/T for deposit; the
balance shall be paid before delivery.
Time of Delivery: 7 working days.
Warranty: We provide one-year warranty for all the machines for free,
responsible for installing and debugging the production line in your
home country.
Validity: It is valid on the receipt of wirrent confirmation until 30th