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Simchas Torah Songs

By Rabbi Chaim Biberfeld

Grade Level: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School

Over 25 classic Simchas Torah songs to teach your students for Yom Tov! The
sheets include the songs’ sources in Tanach, where applicable, and English
translations. Use these sheets as a reference when teaching your students
songs for Yom Tov. Then, send them home for your students to refer to at their
Yom Tov tables! Alternatively, many of these songs are appropriate for
Haschalas Chumash parties and siyumim.

How to download:
• Download the print-ready PDF file (includes lesson plan/instructions)
• OPTIONAL: Download only the editable DavkaWriter file (without the lesson

Students will become familiar with common Simchas Torah songs. They will be
able to sing these songs in Shul and at their Yom Tov tables.

1. Teach the songs to your students.
2. Discuss their meanings.
3. Send the sheet home with the students prior to Yom Tov.

• Include some or these songs when making a Chumash party.
• Sing these songs as part of your siyum repertoire.
d x¨ F Y z g© n§ U¦ i x¥ i W¦

- (ci,fh mixac) g
© n¥ Ü K`© z̈ii¦ d̈e§ ... Lb¤ g
© A§ Ÿg§ n© Üe§ (1)
You shall rejoice on your festival ... and you will be completely joyous.

(g,hi mildz) .iz¦ R¤ zni

© M¦ g§ n© dp̈n̈`¤
¡ p 'd zEc¥r .Wt¤ p̈ zai
© W¦ n̈ ,dn̈in¦ Y§ 'd zxFY
© (2)
The Torah of HaShem is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of HaShem is
trustworthy, making the simple one wise.

¦ d© on¦ Epl̈c¦ a§ d¦ e§ ,FcFak§ l¦ Ep`¨ x¨A§ W¤ EpwFl
¥ `¡ (`Ed) KExÄ (3)
(oeivl `ae zlitz) .EpkFz
¥ A§ rh© p̈ ml̈Fr i¥ig © e§ ,zn¤ `
¡ zxFY
© Epl̈ oz© p̈e§
Blessed is He our G-d Who created us for His glory, separated us from those who
stray, gave us the Torah of truth and implanted eternal life within us.

(d,cn mildz) .aŸw£ri© zFrEWi§ de¥v

© (4)
Command salvation for Jacob.

(eh,cnw mildz) .eiẅŸl`

¡ 'dW
¤ mr̈d̈ ix¥W§ `© ,Fl dk̈M̈W
¤ mr̈d̈ ix¥W§ `© (5)
Praiseworthy is the people for whom this is so, praiseworthy is the people whose
G-d is HaShem.

(.cr `xza `aa) .zn¤ `

¡ FzxFz
¨ e§ zn¤ `
¡ dWŸ
¤ n (6)
Moshe is truth and his Torah is truth.

(h,gk mildz) .ml̈Frd̈ c©r m ¥̀ U©

§ pe§ m¥rxE
§ ,Lzl̈
¤ g©£ p z ¤̀ Kx¥äE ,Ln£
¤ r z ¤̀ dr̈iWFd
¦ (7)
Save Your people and bless Your heritage, tend them and elevate them forever.

(fv,hiw mildz) .iz¦ g̈iU¦ `id¦ mFid© lM̈ ,Lz

¤ xFz
¨ iY¦ a§ d© `¨ dn̈ (8)
O how I loveYour Torah! All day long it is my conversation.

(.fi zekxa) .FxvFil

§ gEx
© zg©
© p dUFr
¤ e§ ,dxFY
¨ A© Fln̈r̈W
¤ in¦ ix¥W§ `© (9)
Praiseworthy is he whose toil is in Torah, and makes pleasure for his creator.

.Epz¥ ẄExi§ dẗï dnE

© ,Ep¥lxFb
¨ mir
¦ p̈ dnE
© ,Epw¥ l§ g
¤ aFh dn© ,Epix¥W§ `© (10)
(zixgy zlitz)
We are fortunate - how good is our portion, how pleasant our lot, and how beautiful
our heritage!
£ `© AE
§ d`¨ x§ i¦ aE
§ zn¤ ¤̀ A¤ Lic¤ ar̈
§ l§ ,aFh xv¥
¤ i EpÄ oz¥ e§ (11)
And instill within us a good inclination, to serve you with truth, reverence and love.
d x¨ F Y z g© n§ U¦ i x¥ i W¦

(ci,aw mildz) .c¥rFn `ä iM¦ dp̈p§ g

¤ l§ z¥r iM¦ oFiv¦ mg
¥ x©Y§ mEwz̈ dŸ`© (12)
You will arise and show Zion mercy, for (there will come) the time to favor her,
for the appointed time will have come.

(aixrn zlitY) .dl̈il̈

§ ë mn̈Fi db¤ d¤
§ p md¤ äE ,Epinï
¥ KxŸ¤`e§ Epi¥ig
© md¥ iM¦ (13)
For they are our life and the length of our days, and about them we will meditate
day and night.
,j`©f rhEb
¤ `© fi`¦ `Äd© ml̈Fr (14)
,j`©f xrqr
¤ A¤ `© fi`¦ dxFY
¨ or¤pxr¤l
,K`ï orci¥
¤ i w¤ree`© sx§ `ee
,K`p̈ oE` K`p̈ dxFY
¨ or¤pxr¤l
.j`©f rhEb
¤ `© fi`¦ `Äd© ml̈Fr

The World to Come is a good thing,

learning Torah is a better thing,
throw away every burden (yoke),
learn Torah more and more,
The World to Come is a good thing.

.Ww¥ a© £̀ dz̈F` 'd z ¥̀ n¥ iY¦ l§ `© Ẅ zg © `© (15)

(c,fk mildz) .Flk̈id¥ A§ xw¥ a© lE
§ ,'d m©rFpA§ zFfg©£ l ,i©ig
© in¥ i§ lM̈ 'd zia¥ A§ iY¦ a§ W¦
One thing I asked of HaShem, that shall I seek - that I dwell in the House of
HaShem all the days of my life, to behold the sweetness of HaShem and to
contemplate in His Sanctuary.

¤ n¦ Ep¥rA§ U © ,Lz¤ xFz
¨ A§ Epw¥ l§ g¤ oz¥ e§ ,LizF
¤ v§ n¦ A§ EpW ¥ c§ w© (16)
(h''eie zay - dcinr) .zn
¤`¡ A¤ Lc§ ar̈
§ l§ EpA¥ l¦ xd¥ h© e§ .Lzr̈EWi
¤ A¦ Epg ¥ n§ U© e§
Sanctify us with Your commandments and grant our share in Your Torah; satisfy
us from Your goodness and gladden us with Your salvation, and purify our heart to
serve You sincerely.

(f,`q mildz) .xŸcë xŸc FnM§ eiz̈FpW§ ,si

§ qFY
¦ K¤ln¤ in¥ i§ l©r minï
¦ (17)
May You add days onto the days of the king, may his years be like all generations.

(dny jixa zlitY) .`Ed jix¦ A§ `ẄcEw

§ c§ `c̈a©
§ r `p̈ £̀ (18)
I am a servant of the Holy One, blessed is He.

.`Ed cg
© `Ed Kix¦ A§ `ẄcEw § e§ `z̈iixF`
© e§ l ¥̀ x¨U§ i¦ (19)
(.br ixg` xdef) .dẅEll
§ d© - dxF`
¨ dxFY ¨
The nation of Yisroel, Torah and the Holy One Blessed is He are one.
Torah is (our) light - Hallelu-ya.
d x¨ F Y z g© n§ U¦ i x¥ i W¦
¤ ,cFaM̈d© K¤ln¤ `Faïe§ ,ml̈Fr ig
¥ z§ R¦ E`U§ p̈d¦ e§ mki
¤ W`
¥ x¨ mixr̈
¦ W§ E`U§ (20)
(f,ck mildz)
Raise up your heads, O gates, and be lifted, you everlasting entrances, so the
King of Glory may enter.

b g© d© z l© i r¦ p§
(av,hiw mildz) .ii¦ pr̈
§ a§ iY¦ c§ a© `¨ f`¨ ,ir̈W£
ª rW
© Lz§ xFz
¨ i¥lEl (21)
Had Your Torah not been my preoccupation, then I would have perished in my affliction.

(2x) ,dxFY
¨ d© zg © n§ U¦ A§ oiw¦ qFr § e§ oiw¦ qFr§ e§ l ¥̀ x¨U§ i¦ oia¦ z©
§ i cM© (22)
(2x) ,di¥lic¦ `ïl § n© R© l§ xnF`
¤ ,xnF`
¤ `Ed jix¦ A§ `ẄcEw §
(2x) ,iai
© a¦ g© i©pÄ i©pÄ i©pÄ ,Efg © Efg ©
(2x) .ili
¦ c¦ `z̈eëc§ g
¤ A§ oiw¦ qFr § e§ ,oFdli§ c¦ `x¨r § v© A§ oig¦ M§ Y© W§ n¦ c§
When the naton of Yisroel is involved in the joy of [learning] Torah;
The Holy One Blessed is He says to His heavenly court;
Look! Take note at My Beloved children;
How they forget about their personal pain, and involve [themselves] in My Delight.

,Epi¥lr̈ mg ¥ x© ,mg¥ x©n§ d© ,on̈g £ x©d̈ a`¨ d̈ Epia¦ `¨ (23)

,liM¦ U§ d© lE
§ oia¦ d̈l§ EpA¥ l¦ A§ oz¥ e§
,zFU£rl© e§ xFnW§ l¦ cn© ¥ llE§ cFnl§ l¦ r © FnW§ l¦
.däd£ `© A§ Lz ¤ xFY
¨ cEnl§ z© ix¥a§ c¦ lM̈ z ¤̀ m¥iw© lE §
¤ v§ n¦ A§ EpA¥ l¦ wA¥ c© e§ ,Lz ¤ xFz
¨ A§ Epi¥pi¥r x ¥̀ d̈e§
(y''w zkxa zixgy) .Ln ¤ W§ z ¤̀ d`¨ x§ i¦ lE
§ däd £ `© l§ Epa¥ äl§ cg©
¥ ie§
Our Father, the merciful Father, who acts mercifully, have mercy upon us,
instill in our hearts to understand and elucidate,
to listen, learn, teach, safeguard, perform,
and fulfill all the words of Your Torah’s teaching with love.
Enlighten our eyes in Your Torah, attach our hearts to Your commandments,
and unify our hearts to love and fear Your Name.

(h''eie zay - aixrn zlitY) .mFlẄe§ mii

¦ g© e§ min¦ g
£ x© zM© qª Epi¥lr̈ UFxtE
§ (24)
And spread over us the shelter of mercy, life and peace.
d x¨ F Y z g© n§ U¦ i x¥ i W¦
ml̈Frd̈ iI¥ g © l§ Ep«M¥ l§ n© Lzl̈Ef
§ oi ¥̀ e§ ,d¤Gd© ml̈FrÄ ,EpiwŸ¥ l` ¡ 'd ,Ll§ KFx£r oi ¥̀ (25)
.miz¦ O¥ d© zI© g¦ z§ l¦ Ep«r ¥ iWFn
¦ LN§ dnF ¤ C« oi ¥̀ e§ ,gi
© W«¦ Öd© zFnil¦ Ep«l¥ £̀ FB LY§ l§ A¦ qt¤ «¤̀
(y''w zkxa - zay zixgy)
There is no comparison to You , Hashem ,our G-d, in this world; and there will be
nothing except for You, our King, in the life of the World to Come;
There will be nothing without You, our Redeemer, in Messianic days; and there will be
none like You, our Savior, at the Resuscitation of the Dead.

r¤piin¥ b§ K`©lrhii
¤ xA ¥ oEt r¤pii¥lw `© r¤l'dM̈Eq `© (26¦)
§ n¤© rb r¤l'dM̈Eq `© xin¦ Ki`¦ A`d̈
Kk© q§ r¤lrqi¤ A¦ `© hin¦ K`c© ic¦ hwr§ c`
¤ A©
§ p iiA© r¤l'dM̈Eq oi`¦ xin¦ Kifvi
¦ f¦
A small Sukah, made from wooden boards
I made for myself a Sukkah’le
I covered the roof, with a little S’chach
I sit in the Sukkah’le at night.