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Timed Writing Rubric

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Meets all Meets all Meets most Meets some Meets very few Not present in
requirements at a requirements with requirements. requirements. requirements. paper.
high level. some room for
Content Knowledge/Argumentation
 Shows a clear and accurate grasp of the issue, and the arguments involved
 Arguments are well-supported, without generalizations or misinterpretations
 Recognizes and deals with the complexity of the issue, and shows deep thinking about the

 Thesis answers the prompt clearly
 Paragraphs are organized in a clear, effective manner (such as T, E, A, E, A, etc)
 Ideas and paragraphs logically flow in a way that makes sense
 All paragraphs drive towards a clear thesis

 Texts and other sources are used effectively to support your argument
 Evidence used makes sense in the context of your argument
 Quotes are set up correctly

Sentence Craft, Style, and Proofreading

 Meaning of your sentences is clear and easy to follow
 Voice and formality is appropriate for the audience and style of paper
 Paper is carefully proofread for grammar, sentence structure, and spelling errors