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Unit of work: Loving Our Salvation topic: Prayer Human person Topic: Our bodies
Differences are different

Year Level: 2 Students’ Prior Knowledge: (include faith situations/previous

Key Understanding:
In Year One, the students learnt how Jesus uses his body
B1 Jesus treated everyone as special
to show love and how Jesus wants people to use their
bodies in loving ways.

Learning Point(s): In previous lessons, students learnt as followers of Jesus

B1.1 Name ways in which Jesus treated people as that God created the bodies of people different from each
special. other so that everyone can see that each is special to
God. Students understand that God loves each human
person in a special way.

Students have previously used iPad’s in the classroom

and are familiar with the Green Screen application.

Spiritual and Religious Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)
Prudence Justice Fortitude Temperance Faith Hope Charity
eg Right choices eg Right eg Inner strength eg Moderation eg Prayer eg Reconciliation eg Service
General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and Ethical Personal and Intercultural
competence creative behaviour Social understanding
thinking competence
Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Asia and Australia’s engagement with Sustainability
histories and cultures Asia
Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb)
As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:
 Students will recall main features of the stories that show ways in which Jesus treated all human beings
he met as special (Jesus Cures Simon’s Mother-in-law, The Good Thief, Jesus Heals a Deaf Man, Jesus
Cares for the Woman Who Had Done Wrong).
 Students will discuss what Jesus did that showed he saw people as special.
 Students will retell a story where Jesus cares for others (in groups) through the Green Screen iPad
 Students will compose a prayer that tells Jesus how they feel about his love for everyone, sharing one
way they can find love for someone they may find hard to love.
Teacher’s Prior Preparation/Organisation: Provision for students at educational risk:
(include Teacher Witness) Gifted: students use the Green Screen application to film and put
The focus in this unit is Jesus showing that God loves everyone in together their groups story re-tell. Assisting other students to help film,
a special way by the ways he treated everyone, regardless of body etc.
differences. Talk about how I feel loved by God and how I learn to Physical disability: student with a wheel chair – their group will find a
love others like God as Jesus taught, even when it seems hard to. place first and the EA will assist with costumes and moving them into
E.g. through forgiveness, seeing the special things in people. place when filming.

Points to discuss: Encourage students to draw on Jesus’ Extension – Students are encouraged to write almost a full page in their
teachings, treating everyone as special regardless of their prayer journal. Students will assist other group members when filming
differences as God does: the story re-tell.
Engagement – Students will have assistance from an EA to write the
prayer. Students are only required to write half a page in their prayer
• to treat everyone the same no matter what their differences are journal.
• to trust and love God Special Considerations – Students will be assisted when thinking of
• to forgive others mistakes choosing their character, costumes and remembering their parts in the
• never to sin by breaking one of God’s Commandments story when filming. Other students will assist them in using the iPad.
LESSON DELIVERY attach worksheets, examples, marking keys, etc. as relevant
Motivation and Introduction: Resources/References
Settle on the mat in a circle and discuss previous learnt stories that show
ways in which Jesus treated all human beings he met as special:
Students recap the stories as a class; key characters, key points…

 Jesus Cures Simon’s Mother-in-law (the elderly (Peter’s mother- Stories about Jesus (as
in-law) [Mark 1:29-31]), listed).
 The Good Thief (those who did wrong [Luke 23:40-43]),
 Jesus Heals a Deaf Man (people with disabilities [Mark 7:31-37]),
 Jesus Cares for the Woman Who Had Done Wrong (people
rejected by others [Luke 7:36-50]).

Introduce another story, that shows ways in which Jesus treated all Godly play box and materials,
human beings he met as special, through Godly play: Jesus and the including story script.
Children (children [Mark 10:13-16]).
Gradually take out from the Godly play box the elements of the story as
the story is told. (Explained in resources)
Carefully pack story materials back into box and put on the shelf. Ensure
that children are watching so they know how to pack the materials away
and where to find them.

After the story, begin with a wonder question then leave some time for
reflection before the discussion:
I wonder how you feel when adults send you away?
Discuss what it feels like when people treat you differently because of
I wonder why Jesus wanted to be with the little children?
Discuss how Jesus treated all people as equal and special.
I wonder what Jesus meant when he told the adults they had to be just
like little children?
Discuss how children trust and love God…
I wonder how the children felt when Jesus hugged them and blessed
How would you feel if Jesus hugged you and blessed you?
I wonder what you might say to Jesus if you met him?
10 Would you tell Jesus your prayers like you do every day?
Would you ask him questions about his life and travels?

Lead the students to an understanding that Jesus treated everyone as

special regardless of differences.
Encourage the students to identify what Jesus did that showed he saw
the people in the stories as special.

Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions): Stories available for students
Explain to students that in small groups, they will choose a story that we to use.
have read about Jesus caring for others from the story box to retell (one
story mentioned above per group). iPad’s with Green Screen
Tell the students we will be using the iPads to film our story with the application.
Green Screen application.
- Choose who will be which character from the chosen story
(teacher may help allocate roles if the group is having
difficulties). Dress ups and props.
- Using the dress up box, choose your outfits and props for your
story. Green screen.
- Choose the background for your green screen.
- Practice acting out your story before recording in front of the
green screen.
The teacher will call groups to record in front of the green screen and
assist where necessary.
Once filming is complete, students will pack away their props and dress

15 After this, students will participate in Prayerful Ponder. Prayer journals.

minutes The teacher invites the students to journal a prayer that tells Jesus how
they feel about his love for everyone. In their journals, they could also tell
Jesus one way they can show love for someone they may find hard to

Lesson Closure:(Review lesson objectives with students)

Gather the students in front of the smart boards and play the re-tell
stories for the class (if time persists, otherwise play 1-2 and the rest will
be played later).

Tell the students the Godly play box will be available on the shelf for
5 them to access when they would like to.

To conclude: Students may like to read out their prayer in small groups
or to the class.

Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?)

Students pack away RE journals then sit on the mat waiting for
instructions to prepare for recess time. The teacher asks students to
wash their hands, put their hat and sunscreen on then get their lunchbox.
Green faction goes first to do this, red, yellow, blue…

Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will they be

Could the students recall main features of the stories that show ways in Anecdotal notes.
which Jesus treated all human beings he met as special (Jesus Cures
Simon’s Mother-in-law, The Good Thief, Jesus Heals a Deaf Man, Jesus
Cares for the Woman Who Had Done Wrong). Checklist.
Did the students understand what Jesus did that showed he saw people
as special?
How well did the students retell the (selected) story using the Green
Screen iPad application?
Were the students able to identify how they can find love for someone
they may find hard to love.
Explicit and appropriate connections with:

Spiritual and Religious Capabilities:

The Spiritual capability of Justice is covered in the lesson as students are taught to relate to others and become loving of
others and their differences. Students first seek harmony with themselves and their special differences before seeking
harmony with others and their differences, to love all people like Jesus loved all for their special differences. This is
fostered as students work in small groups to complete their task. The Religious capability of Faith is covered through
students writing their own prayers in their prayer journal, reflecting on their relationship with Jesus and how he can help
them love others, even when it may seem difficult.

General Capabilities:
Literacy is covered through students writing a prayer in their prayer journal telling Jesus how they feel about his love for
everyone. Students also write how they could show love for someone they may find hard to love. This fosters students’
writing and grammar skills.

ICT Competence is covered through the use of the iPads to film the story retell using the Green Screen application.
Students will take turns filming different parts of their story and construct it together with the teacher’s assistance.

Personal and Social competence is covered throughout the lesson as students work in groups collaboratively to create
the story retell. Students must choose their story, characters and props as a group which fosters the development of their
teamwork skills and allows them to appreciate what each other offers to the group activity.

Early Years Learning Framework:

This lesson related to the EYLF Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners. The students work
in groups to retell learnt stories, the students are invited to use a form of play to explore the ideas in the
selected story. There is no set script the students must work from, they are free to create the retell as a group
through contributing their own ideas. Ultimately, students are able to transfer and adapt what they have learnt
in the stories about Jesus from one context to another, by performing and recording the retell of the story
through their own interpretations. Through working as a group, students are engaging in learning relationships.
Resource 1 Stories about Jesus treating human beings as special.
Resource 2 Godly Play Script: Jesus and the Children.


Retrieved from:
Student will Achieved Limited Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Recall how Jesus treated human beings as special.

Retell the (selected) story using the iPad.

Identify how they can find love for someone they

may find hard to love.

Activities integrated into the learning environment
Active Game Centre: Red Light, Green Light
- Talk about: In today’s Bible story, Jesus told His friends to let children come to see Him. Jesus loves all
the children! Let’s play a game where we are invited to “Come!”
- The Bible says, “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me”. Jesus said this because Jesus loves all
- A brief prayer, Dear Jesus, thank You for loving us. We love You, too!
- This game can be played standing at a wall in the classroom or standing in a circle when the
teacher/student says “Come!” (participants walk toward the person) or “Stop!” (participants freeze).
This can also be played with a student standing as the wall with a sheet of red and green paper,
showing the coloured papers instead of saying “Come!” or “Stop!”.
Art Centres:
- Print “Jesus loves me” on sheets of paper card, tissue paper in different shapes and sizes, heart
- Students glue pieces of tissue paper on paper card around the words “Jesus loves me”. Trace the
heart shape template and cut out the paper card into a heart shape
- In the story, Jesus told His friends to let the children come to see Him, let’s make pictures to remind us
of Jesus’ love
Unique Finger Prints - class poster:
- Each student’s finger print in a colour of their choice on a large poster that says Jesus loved little
Godly play box available for students to explore with.

Home Corner:
- Have dress ups available for students to role play different events discussed, e.g. Jesus and his
followers, going to Church to pray in God’s house as a family, etc.

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