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02/10/18 Teacher Feedback Name: Adaeze

Current grade: B-
Summer As per Weebly page Good order and use of space Avoiding saying “I like” in your
Task 1 instructions. To include: on your page analysis – instead suggest what is
- Gallery Clear title most successful or what a strength
visits x 3 Full sentences explaining visit The quotes are well selected of the work is and link this to
and artwork using the and support your reflections either visual or written evidence
attached question sheet within your writing to support this, i.e. I find the
Grade for Pictures to illustrate their composition of Banksy’s sculpture
section: C+ work one of it’s most effective elements
Quotes relating to the work to as …….
support reflections and

Summer As per Weebly page Very descriptive annotations Again, avoid “I like” – that’s GCSE
Task 2 instructions. To include: that link your intentions with
- 15-20 of Clear title what you actually managed to Start thinking about how to go
your own Full paragraph explaining achieve beyond my presentational
pictures (minimum 300 words) why templates – use previous student
these images were chosen Beautifully presented in a Weeblys to assist you in how to do
Grade for and what they say about format that supports your this.
section: C+ you. photos clearly.
No slideshow format
You have a good eye;
however you need to consider
the perspective of your
images and the lines in them
(we will go on to this in
lessons next)
CONTEXTUAL Images of her work
LEE BUL Biographical and descriptive A clear demonstration of After introducing your artist once
paragraphs using question independent thought mixed you can then refer to them by
sheets and review given in with research driven ideas. their surname.
lesson linking to the meaning Well done.
of her work You need to be using the
additional resources to push your
Grade for Explanation paragraph A good start, using all annotations beyond the obvious.
section: introducing your photoshoot, keyterms from our lesson and Start considering the why’s more –
using keywords and lesson clearly linked to your why are those materials chosen /
Photos C objectives outcomes but you still need why does her work divide opinion
Writing to push it further – tell us / why even is she a relevant artist
C+/B- about the challenges you to look at and why will her work
faced and your thought shape your own skills – if you are
processes throughout. unsure of the answers then you
CORRECTION – you were can pose these as questions to
using materials to link to Bul’s investigate.
work; correctly composing
your images was your focus as
35 photographs in “gallery” a photographer.
format with 10 different set-
ups / focuses. Good range of ideas explored
in this although you have
been limited by your camera
phone and some slightly
clumsy framing. Remember
every object presents 2
options – central framing and
up-close so push for this in
future tasks.

3 strongest images as Not sure these are your In your annotations always
enlargements with 1 strongest images and they conclude with asking yourself
evaluative paragraph using seem out of focus – do you what you have learned in the
questions from Weebly. need to reshoot to achieve process both technically and
better ones? contextually, both about the artist
and your own work.

Formal All work presented to the Minimal FE description Consider your presentation –
elements format detailed on my Weebly bullet points create gaps.
(FE) Lesson page: Build on your explanation of the
1: Pattern 1. FE description Perfect description of pattern formal elements to suggest why it
and Texture 2. Texture and Pattern and texture and how it links is so important in photography
description to Bul’s work – can you use
3. Macro description, one of your images to visually Slightly out of order – move your
Grade for photos gallery + 3 support this? gallery of images to above your 3
section - enlargements and enlargements and annotation.
evaluation Aperture description is
Writing: B- 4. Aperture description, exactly as needed EXTEND FOR HIGHER LEVEL – can
Photos C+ photos gallery + 3 demonstrating clear technical you write a summary of both
enlargements and understanding macro and aperture tasks to
evaluation assess which you found a) the
5. Clear links to Lee Bul’s Photos outside have a good biggest challenge b) the most
work in writing using range of subject matters and technically skilful and c) the most
all keywords focal points although they are effective as a response to Bul
a touch over-exposed. Try to
limit the light next time.

Where are your macro shots

from inside to compare?

FE lesson 2: 1. Explanation of form Very strong descriptive Myra Greene photos – present in
Form and and tone as FEs introduction of the task and sections, i.e. eyes, nose, lips, hair,
tone 2. Studio lighting studio photography. Keep narrow depth of field, etc.
explanation, and using all ideas discussed in
examples, using class but always try to come Can you attempt to photography
Grade for previous students up with your own too. other parts of the body to push
section: work as baseline this idea forward? Research the
3. Myra Greene Rembrant and side lighting – “rule of thirds” for next lesson’s
Photos B- photoshoot from outstanding descriptions with editing task to move forward and
Writing B++ lesson 3 well chosen, well composed aim for A grades.
4. Myra Greene and varied images – brilliant!
photoshoot from
home Butterfly – perfect
annotations but images are
somewhat repetitive and
don’t fully achieve that
butterfly effect due to camera
Very exciting Greene images
and beautifully chosen