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Willmar Schwabe

From Nature.
For Health.


Reliability is in our nature 6

A company with tradition 8
Globally operating 10

Innovation is in our nature 12

Innovative and research-driven 14
Experts in phytomedicines 16

Quality is in our nature 18

Developing safe and effective therapies 20
A wide range of Phytomedicines 22

Responsibility is in our nature 24

Taking responsibility 26
A promising future 28

Helping people to lead a

sustainable, productive
and healthy life.

The Ginkgo tree inhabits

earth since 250 million
years. Enough time to
develop the most effective
healing powers.

Dear Reader, in a changing and challenging glo-

Good health is one of today’s most bal market. Our goal is to maintain
important challenges. For more our market leadership in phytomed-
than 140 years Schwabe Pharma- icines by introducing our products
ceuticals has been committed to im- into new markets, expanding our
proving people’s health and quality network of affiliates and distribu-
of life. We do so by researching and tion partners, and providing more
developing plant-based medicines extensive access to our health-care
and health-care products. solutions. Tapping these global
Our goal is to create value through growth potentials will provide our
innovation. We believe that innova- shareholders with an appropriate
tive phytomedicines will become return on investment. This at the
increasingly important over the next same time means job security for
few decades. By influencing several our employees. Their commitment,
target systems in the body at the experience and creativity are the
same time, they may be more source of our success.
appropriate for patients suffer-
ing from complex or age-related At Schwabe Pharmaceuticals we
diseases than is the “silver bullet” share a common vision:
approach of synthetic medicines. “From Nature. For Health.”
In the future, phytomedicines will
help people, worldwide, to lead a I would like to invite you to learn
sustainable, productive and healthy more about this vision and our
life. We are actively shaping the company on the following pages.
company’s international future

Dr. Dirk Reischig,

Chairman and CEO
  Reliability




is in our
We see ourselves as a partner

in health care and are actively

involved in integrated medical

care concepts.
  Reliability




A company
with tradition
For more than 140 years, Schwabe Pharmaceuti- With each following generation, Schwabe
cals has been dedicated to providing innovative Pharmaceuticals continued to grow. Today,
phytomedicines to patients and health care Dr. Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals is the
professionals. In 1866, Dr. Willmar Schwabe leading manufacturer of phytomedicines world-
founded the company in Leipzig. He developed wide but the values of the founder still guide
pharmaceutical standards for medicinal plant the company’s evolution:
extracts, some of which are still valid today.
Reliabilit y
Qualit y
Responsibilit y

These are the principles on which our success

is based.


M i l e s t o n e s i n t h e c o mp a n y ’ s d e v e l o pm e n t

1876 1886 1896 1906 1916 1926 1936

1878 1917
Schwabe’s first phytophar- Pharmacist Dr. Willmar
maceutical product, “Schwabe’s Schwabe II takes over the
hamamelis ointment” – today’s company management.
Hametum® – is
1866 1898
Dr. Willmar Schwabe founds The first company abroad is
the company in Leipzig. founded in Amsterdam, the
Dr. Schwabe’s “Pharmaco-
poeia Homoeopathica Poly-
glotta” is published in several

1935 1965 1982 1996 - 1999

The company manage- Tebonin®, the first Ginkgo Tebonin® forte Schwabe invests in own
ment passes to Dr. Willmar biloba drug, is launched in is launched. companies in China and
Schwabe III, physician and Germany. Russia.
pharmacist, and Dr. Wolfgang The company sets up its own
Schwabe, pharmacist and 1975 Ginkgo plantations in France 2000 - 2003
business executive. Venoplant® retard is intro- and the United States. Subsidiaries are founded in
duced to the German market. the Czech Republic, Slovakia,
1985 and Hungary.
1976 In Germany, Spitzner
1943 Biochemist Dr. Klaus-Peter Pharmaceuticals is acquired. 2004
Crataegutt®, Schwabe becomes managing Nature's Way of Canada Ltd.
a phytomedicine for director. 1985 - 1991 is founded.
heart failure, is launched. Further companies are pur-
chased in Italy, Switzerland, 2005
Spain, Germany and the US. In Singapore, Schwabe
Pharma Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
starts operations.

1946 1956 1966 1976 1986 1996 2006

1946 1977 1992 2006

After losing its headquar- Business executive Dr. Wolf- The Schwabe Pharma AG is Abkit Inc. USA is purchased.
ters in Leipzig Schwabe is Dietrich Schwabe becomes founded in Switzerland.
re-established in Karlsruhe- managing director. Schwabe enters the US herbal 2007
Durlach. medicine market via Nature’s ASI Romania starts operations.
Way, Inc..
1961 2008
The Deutsche Homöopathie- 1994 Schwabe acquires MH Pharma UK.
Union (German Homoeopathic In India Dr. Willmar Schwabe
Union, DHU) is founded, India Pvt. Ltd. is founded.
manufacturing and distribut- Schwabe becomes stakehold-
ing homoeopathic medicines, er of Austroplant Arzneimittel
while the Schwabe parent GmbH, Austria.
The Schwabe group enters
company concentrates all its
the Mexican market via the
research and development
company Farmasa.
activities on allopathic
  Reliability




From modest beginnings, our company has grown to be an
enterprise of international standing. Dr. Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals
aims at further strengthening its leading position in the research, develop-
ment and marketing of phytopharmaceuticals, ultimately benefiting
customers and achieving commercial success.

The group comprises several com- joint ventures or through licence

panies in Germany as well as more partners. As a 100% privately-held,
than 20 subsidiaries and joint ven- independent company we offer
tures around the world. Our com- both exceptional flexibility and swift
pany’s share in the European, Asian decision making. We enjoy a strong
and American markets has been record in establishing and maintain-
increasing since the 1980s. Interna- ing successful business relations
tional business represents roughly with our partners.
half of the total group turnover
and contributes significantly to the We know that sharing of informa-
company’s growth strategy. tion is essential to maintaining peo-
The Schwabe Group is presently ple’s confidence. Schwabe’s Interna-
expanding its marketing activi- tional Division ensures reliable and
ties in five continents. Regulatory fast communication of both busi-
requirements are a major factor in ness and scientific topics and serves
determining the amount of time as the primary point of contact for
and expense related to the success- our international customers. We are
ful development and marketing of a delighted to work with our partners
product. We are experts at adapting in healthcare around the world.
to the changing regulatory needs
and have achieved more than 800
drug registrations world-wide.
Today, our products are available
in over 60 countries either through Dr. Werner R. Busse,
Schwabe’s own companies and Director International Division

Nature´s Way Schwabe Pharma Austroplant VSM Geneesmiddelen Schwabe-Wenex

USA Switzerland Austria Netherlands China

Laboratorios Farmasa Abkit Schwabe Pharma Asia Pacific

Mexico USA Singapore

  Plantations    Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures    Extractions Facilities    Licencees

 Reliability

 innovation



is in our
We take people's needs

seriously and research with

passion to fulfil them.

 Reliability

 innovation



Many plants have hidden
healing power. We make
them available for people.

Hawthorn provides the active

ingredients for Crataegutt®,

a heart failure medication.


Schwabe Pharmaceuticals reinvests a significant amount of annual sales in

research and development of innovative phytomedicines.
Drug development focuses on central nervous system and cardiovascular
diseases as well as on respiratory and urological indications.

The research process starts with the biloba, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn and
screening of new plants. Subse- St. John’s Wort, to name but a few,
quently, special extracts from the has significantly contributed to the
plants are developed. A sophisti- acceptance of science-based phyto-
cated production technology finally therapy in the medical community.
leads to a product in which benefi- Looking back on the long in-house
cial active principles are enriched. At tradition of such studies, Schwabe
the same time, harmful components Pharmaceuticals may be regarded
are eliminated from the extract. as the inventor of evidence-based
phytomedicine. Our dedication
The derived plant extracts are to proving the efficacy and safety
thoroughly screened using relevant of our phytomedicines through
pharmacological and toxicological rigid pharmacological and clinical
models to ensure optimal customer studies is unique. This commitment
safety. The efficacy and safety of to research and development has
Increased blood flow our products are investigated in fostered long-term academic and
following administration of Ginkgo clinical trials prior to their introduc- corporate partnerships.
biloba extract EGb 761®. tion into the markets. Such trials are
performed and monitored by our
own clinical research unit in accord-
ance with the ICH-GCP guidelines.
Schwabe’s clinical research on phy-
tomedicines derived from Ginkgo
 Reliability

 innovation



Experts in
We control the whole
process from harvesting
the plants to the
production of the
finished goods.

On our plantations the raw

material is grown under

controlled conditions.

High quality raw plant materials are mandatory for the production of our
unique phytomedicines.We addressed this issue by establishing our own
plantations in Europe, China, South Africa and the USA. Apart from the
quality aspect, this also helps to avoid over-exploitation of wild populations
of these medicinal plants and contributes to the conservation of

On our plantations, the raw materi- processing steps determine the ex-
als for our products are grown un- act composition of our special plant
der controlled conditions, following extracts. Finally, the plant extract is
the guidelines of Good Agricultural processed into different pharmaceu-
Practice (GAP). During the grow- tical forms such as tablets, capsules
ing period, changes in the levels of or liquid preparations.
active compounds are monitored in
order to harvest at the best possible All manufacturing stages, from
time. raw plant material testing to final
release of the product, are carried
Our special extracts are prepared out on our group’s own premises
using modern pharmaceutical and are documented in accordance
High-speed blistering technology. From the experience with the international requirements
machine derived in pilot plants, scaling-up of the Good Manufacturing Practice
to the industrial extraction process (GMP) guidelines.
is performed in-house. The primary
extracts go through further process-
ing, which increases the concentra-
tion of active principles and re-
duces the quantity of non-desirable
substances. The solvent, the type
and number of purification and
enrichment stages, and many other
 Reliability


 quality


is in our
We want to guarantee

pharmaceutical products that are

as efficacious and well tolerated as

possible and invest in complex

production procedures to this end.

 Reliability


 quality


Developing safe
and effective
EGb 761®: 14 billion daily
doses of experience.

Bilobalide is one

of the active


in the Ginkgo

biloba extract

EGb 761®.

Since its launch in 1977, our unique Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761® has been
an outstanding product and is widely accepted to be the best-researched
phytomedicine worldwide. It is approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s
disease and for vascular disorders such as tinnitus and vertigo.

EGb 761® is manufactured in a pat- Currently, more than 8.000 patients

ented multi-stage process. One ton are participating worldwide in
(1,000 kg) of the dried leaves yields dementia or dementia prevention
only 20 kg of EGb 761®. trials with EGb 761®. This is the
most important clinical develop-
During the production process, the ment programme for dementia in
concentrations of active principles the early 21st century.
are increased by a factor of up to
100. In addition, potentially harmful
ingredients are eliminated from the
final product.

The efficacy of EGb 761® has been

demonstrated in more than 60
controlled clinical studies. Together
with an excellent safety profile, this
makes EGb 761® a major success in
over 60 countries. Over 14 billion
daily doses have been placed on the
world markets so far.
 Reliability


 quality


Umckalin-7-sulfate 5,6,7-Trimethoxycoumarin

Umckalin Scopoletin

A wide
range of

The unique extract EPs® 7630,
contained in the preparation
Umckaloabo®, is manufactured
from Pelargonium sidoides.

The raw material for this drug is Unlike other cough and cold
produced using advanced cultiva- remedies, Umckaloabo® not only
tion methods. This helps to en- relieves symptoms, but also short-
sure optimal yields of plants with ens the duration of the illness itself.
appropriate quantities of active It has a unique pharmacological
compounds. Schwabe researched profile which is ideal for the treat-
and developed an extract of Pel- ment of respiratory tract infections:
argonium sidoides into a unique, It activates anti-viral defence, fights
clinically and pharmacologically well bacteria and is mucolytic.
documented modern medicine for
upper respiratory tract infections.

St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) Our research into the properties of In addition to this, Schwabe Phar-
St. John’s Wort led to the develop- maceuticals produces a wide range
ment of WS® 5570, indicated for the of phytomedicines indicated for
treatment of depression. Several diseases such as decreasing heart
controlled clinical trials published performance, venous insufficiency,
in prestigious medical journals benign prostatic hyperplasia or
have shown that WS® 5570 effec- sleep disturbances.
tively treats depression in a unique All of these products share the
and novel way and is much better common features of our drugs:
tolerated than standard synthetic Outstanding and reliable quality,
antidepressants. documented efficacy proven in our
own clinical studies and excellent
 Reliability



 responsibility

is in our
We protect our

environment and respect

nature and the communities

in which we work.
 Reliability



 responsibility

We take responsibility
and follow a path of
sustainable development.

Our most important task is to help success not only as an end in itself,
patients throughout the world but also in order to provide em-
achieve the best possible health and ployment for the people working
quality of life. We supply physicians, with us, as well as security for their
pharmacists, patients and caregiv- families.
ers with phytomedicines of highest
quality and also provide compre- The excellent teamwork and com-
hensive information and training mitment of our staff is fundamental
services on these products. To- to our company’s success; their
gether with recognised experts, we expertise, drive and creativity is our
support integrated concepts for the most valuable asset.
treatment of severe illnesses such as
Alzheimer’s disease. Remembering this, and by making
therapeutic advances and providing
We are committed to environmen- new solutions for health problems,
tal protection and conservation of the Dr. Willmar Schwabe Group is
natural resources. Our large-scale actively shaping the future and car-
cultivation of medicinal plants as- ing for the health of both present
sists in the preservation of natural and future generations.
habitats and protects native plants
from further decimation.

The Schwabe Group is one of the

phytopharmaceutical industry’s
most competitive companies. We
aim for economical and financial
 Reliability



 responsibility

A promising
Our investigations
of medicinally active plants
take place on a global scale.

The immense biological diversity In several projects we are exploring

of plant species in tropical and new paths in plant research, taking
subtropical regions suggests an local knowledge into account. The
almost inexhaustible source of underlying concept includes fair
pharmaceutical substances. In this benefit sharing between all the
context, close collaboration with parties involved. Newly identified
local experts is highly important medicinal plants are subsequently
for the success of these research tested with regard to their therapeu-
efforts. Our co-operation contracts tic action by means of high perform-
are based on the guidelines of the ance screening systems.
Bio-diversity Agreement of Rio de
Janeiro (1992), according to the
principles of a fair partnership with
developing countries.

• We operate in an ethical and trustworthy manner

• We listen and respond to people’s needs and concerns
• We respect the communities in which we work
• And we care for the protection of the environment.

This is, and will always be, a fundamental part of what and who we are.

Welcome to Schwabe Pharmaceuticals.

From Nature. For Health.

© Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG, 2008
All rights reserved. No part of this corporate brochure may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or photocopy,
without permission in writing from Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG,
Marketing Information Management.
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