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339 Namer Index Noz Class: Jurong West Secondary School 7 End-of-Year Examination 2013 /50 Subject : Mathematics (Part 1) Level/Stream. : Secondary Two Express 4016/1 Date : 30September 2013 (Monday) Time 2 0800-0915 Duration : Thour 15 minutes Instructions to candidates 1 Oo not turn over the Question Paper unless you are asked to do so. 2. Write your name, class and index number in the Space provided at the top of this page. 3. Answer ALL questions. 4. Write your answers in the spaces provided on the question paper. ALL essential working must be shown in the space provided. Omission of working will result in Joss of marks. 5. The number of marks is given in brackets [] at the end of each question or part question. 6. Calculators may NOT be used in this Paper. After checking of answer script eee Checked | sicnature | Date if the degree of accuracy is not specified by | in the question and if the answer is not exact, r the answer should be given to | three significant fiqures Suidents | Answers in degrees should be given to | one decimal place. 1 Parent ‘This question paper consists of 11 printed pages, including this page. 2 WSS End-of Year Examination 2013 nT he price of a funfair ticket is $8: Mathematics (Part 1) (a) Find the total price for x tickets. 3 ‘Secondary Two Express {), Bob has $130 to spend on tickets. Find the maximum number of Expand and simplify @) () funfair tickets he can buy. 7x —2( ~3y) (-7x + Sy)* Ans: (a) (b) Ans: (a) (yee Page 2 of 11 ee — I A 121 3an 3 (JWSS End-of-Year Examination 2013 Mathematics (Part 1) Solve the simultaneous equations Sx~2y = 21 y-Wx48=0 Page 3 of 11 ___ Secondary Two Express